Viewfinder Latin America 2014 Open Call

Viewfinder Latin America, the Al Jazeera English documentary program, opens its call for 2014.

Estreno del documental Cuba Calling

Lunes 24 de febrero 2230 GTM, live stream del segundo documental de la serie Viewfinder Latinoamérica de Al Jazeera English.

Ticket to Paradise premiere

On Monday 17 February at 2230 GMT will be premiered the first documentary of Latin America Viewfinder series from the Al Jazeera English network through Live Stream.

DocMontevideo 2014 Opne Calls

DocMontevideo opened its 2014 calls for Market, Hackathon and Documentary Week.

Viewfinder Latin America 2014 Premiere

Al Jazeera English will program from Monday February 17 the 8 documentaries produced from the Viewfinder call made in 2013, on it’s strip Witness.

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