Rough Cut Lab

Rough Cut Lab

ROUGH CUT LAB is an activity that takes place at DocMontevideo aimed to editors with the focus of reflecting on the assembly process and the role of editor, from the analysis of two documentaries in postproduction.


The editing workshop, Rough Cut Lab, its a training program for 2 documentary films in post-production and a maximum of 35 observer editors. The RCL 2020 will be online and the activities will be programmed between 6th to 30th July. The call for first-cut films are open until June 10th. The registrations for observers will be open until sold out.

Mentor: Yäel Bitton

Yäel Bitton

Yael lives in Paris, she has been making films for over 20 years. She received a masters degree in filmmaking from INSAS film school in Brussels. She has directed two feature length documentaries : Not for Sale, 2003; The Rabbi’s 12 children, 2007. From1995 to1999 she worked as a script supervisor on various feature films in the USA, including Lisbon story by Wim Wenders, Girlfight by Karin Kusama, Hamlet by Michael Almereyda… She currently works as an editing tutor at the HEAD in Geneva, as well as an editing and story consultant for Dok Incubator and Rough Cut Services, hosted by Ikka Vehkalahti. Her latest editorial credits include: Radio Silence by Juliana Fanjul; Las fantasmas del Caribe by Felipe Monroy; Disappearances by Anat Even and Machines by Rahul Jain.

July: Online screening of Film 1 and Film 2

In the online edition of DocMontevideo, the observer editors and the mentor will receive an screening link of the film to watch before the start of the workshop.

July : Analysis of Film 1 and Film 2

Date and time to be confirmed | Duration: 1 hour per film | Format: Zoom conference with RCL participants.

This activities is built by 2 film analysis sessions by Yaël Bitton. In each session the mentor will give a feedback about the editing of the film and she will have a dialogue with the editor and director of the documentary.

July : Master Class | Yaël Bitton

Date and time to be confirmed | Duration: 2 hours | Format: Webinar in the DocMontevideo’s web/app

July: Dialogue between editors

Date and time to be confirmed | Duration: 1 hour per film | Format: Zoom conference with RCL participants.

Dialogue between Yaël and the editors participants of the RCL.

The registration on the RCL offers access to: – Rough Cut Lab in 2 different ways 1) with a first cut film or 2) as observer editor. And access to all Documentary Seminars.


Selected films for the Rough Cut Lab: USD 180- | It includes 3 accreditations (1 Seminars Accreditation for the editor, 1 Industry accreditation for the director and Industry + accreditation for the producer). The film is also selected for the Meetings and the organization will coordinate one on one meetings with the market players.

Observer editors: USD65- | It includes 1 Seminar Accreditation and the access to the RCL activities.


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2019 Selected Projects



Brasil / 80

At 82, Eneida is on a journey into her past. With her daughter Heloisa, she explores hard truths with wisdom and grace, refusing to let personal tragedy define her.
Eneida’s story is ultimately about the joy of living in the face of great loss.  Inspired by her love for her grandchildren, she looks to her past with hope for the future.

Director: HELOISA PASSOS / Producer: ELIANE FERREIRA - HELOISA PASSOS / Editor: TINA HARDY / Production companies: MAQUINA FILMES / MUIRAQUITÃ FILMES / Country: Brasil / Duration: 80 / Language: Portuguese

Awards and festivals:
- Prodav 01 - BRDE/CINEBRASIL - Fondo del Sector Audiovisual,
- Selected at Brasil CineMundi - 8th International Coproduction Meeting ( DOC BRASIL MEETING).


by José Barahona

Brazil - Portugal / 80

Along the deep Amazon forest, a Portuguese director searches for a language that was imposed to the indians by his ancestors. Through this mixed language, Nheengatu, and sharing the filming with the local population, the film is built through the meeting of theses two worlds.

Director: José Barahona / Producer: Carolina Dias / Editor: Jordana Berg / Production company: Refinaria Filmes / Country: Brazil - Portugal / Duration: 80

Awards and festivals:
Edital de Cinema do BNDES - Documentário - 2015
Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual / ANCINE (PRODECINE 05/2015)

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