The DocMontevideo Meetings are a space for the commercialization of finalized contents for television in one-off or series formats.

The Meetings consist of twenty-minute one-on-one meetings between the project producers and representatives of television companies, sales agents or others decision makers. The focus of the market is Latin America, with presence of the United States and Europe.The selected contents will participate in one of the two Meeting sessions. The accreditation to the Meetings includes the entrance to Documentary Seminars and the Documentary Week.

Meetings will take place online between July 27th and July 29th.

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Content type


by Lucas Gallo

Argentina / Brasil

history, creative documentary, politics


Consisting Almost entirely of excerpts from the TV programs 60 Minutos and 24 Horas por Malvinas, among other materials, 1982 summarizes the media campaign that took place over the 74 days of the Malvinas/Falklands War. Archival footage is the actual research subject of the film, rather than the war itself. 1982 dated aesthetics and the 80s editing style do not hide, though, the contemporary relevance of media manipulation for political ends.

Director: Lucas Gallo / Producer: Santiago Guidi / Aurelio Tomás / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Aurelio Tomás / Production company: Chango / Country: Argentina / Brasil / Genre: history, creative documentary, politics / Duration: 90’ / Format: DCP / Language: Spanish, English (Subtitles: Spanish, English)


by Juan Gabriel Estellano


cultura, temas actuales, documental de creación


Sergio Condori grew up on the shores of Lake Titicaca, dreaming of climbing the mountains, guardian deities for their original culture. After the death of his mother he went to live in the city of La Paz. The film Achachilas (which means both ancestors and mountains in the Aymara language) tells the story of Sergio living the contradictions of being a professional mountaineer in a society that crumbles the beliefs of his grandparents.

Director: Juan Gabriel Estellano / Producer: Ingrid Schulze / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Juan Gabriel Estellano / Production company: El desnivel / Country: Bolivia / Genre: cultura, temas actuales, documental de creación / Duration: 65’ / Format: 2K / Language: Español / Aymara (Subtítulos: Inglés)

Asteroid 2518

by Amanda Rutllant


biografia, temas actuales, historia


Upon discovering an asteroid bearing her last name, Chilean documentary filmmaker and sociologist Amanda, embarks on a journey that leads her to her greatgrandfather, a controversial astrophysicist who attempted to build the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere in Chile. As she discovers his darker sides, sheʼll challenge his legacy; Almost at the same time that her country begins to question its own dark legacies.

Director: Amanda Rutllant / Producer: Karla Falcón / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Amanda Rutllant / Production company: 8 cuadros / Country: Chile / Genre: biografia, temas actuales, historia / Duration: 70’ / Format: 4K / Language: Español


by Javier Izquierdo


biografías, historia, cultura


Barajas explores the tragic death of Angel Rama, Marta Traba, Manuel Scorza and Jorge Ibargüengoitia on a plane crash near the Madrid airport in 1983. Through the archival footage of these four authors –each one from a different part of Latin America- the film explores this continent´s history in the second half of the 20th century, full of dictatorships and exiles that influenced a whole generation.

Director: Javier Izquierdo / Producer: Tomás Astudillo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Tomás Astudillo Javier Izquierdo / Production company: OSTINATO CINE / Country: Ecuador / Genre: biografías, historia, cultura / Duration: 65’ / Format: Prores/ H264 - 2k / HD - DCP 2K / Language: Español

CLOBA (With big open eyes)

by Caro Deveras


Kids, Educational, Culture

16 episodes


MICA tells her friends a story about a terrible nightmare , MATEO in love with her, thinks it’s a good idea for a horror film. BRIAN has to make a documentary to succeed in biology, that let him know a little more about himself and his friends too. ANA finds a magic book with animation clues that takes her to IGOR, a mystery kid. THE UNCLE PEPE, and THE TEACHER MAGAY, help them to become their stories into short films.

Director: Caro Deveras / Producer: Isabel García / Pancho Magnou / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Isabel García - Caro Deveras / Production company: Montelona / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Kids, Educational, Culture / Duration: 14’ / Episodes: 16 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

Closed for World Cup

by Brian Urbano Soto

México, Uruguay, Argentina, USA

Creative documentary, current affairs, social issues

A Journey of Passion and Search, Directed by Brian Urbano Soto, who encapsulates his documentary debut film in this project inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s love of Football. On a deeply divided continent and with a team of Latin American filmmakers, he ventured to collect emotions Collectives, feelings, thoughts and urban discussions crossed by political and social reality during the World Cup month of Russia 2018.

Director: Brian Urbano Soto / Producer: Brian Urbano Soto, Mitzi García, Marinés Rodríguez Da Costa, Eleonor López. / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Brian Urbano Soto / Production company: Bonan media docs / Country: México, Uruguay, Argentina, USA / Genre: Creative documentary, current affairs, social issues / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English) / Year: 70’

Coal Skin

by Alejandro Ceballos


Temas sociales, Derechos humanos, medio ambiente


In the middle of the Colombian Andes, an old artisanal miner is months away from finally receiving his pension, but this event confronts him with his past and the need to continue working to fulfill the promise he made to his youngest son before it dies, while struggling with the pain of accepting the damage caused to its ecosystem due to mining and the possibility of being able to recover the ecosystem and leave a better field for its own.

Director: Alejandro Ceballos / Producer: Mónica Mendoza / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alejandro Ceballos Monica Mendoza / Production company: ALCE Audiovisual / Country: Colombia / Genre: Temas sociales, Derechos humanos, medio ambiente / Duration: 83’ / Format: 4K, 2K y FHD / Language: Español (Subtítulos: Inglés)

Cycles of Silence

by Alice Lanari

human rights, current affairs, social issues


Fátima, Brandy, Ana and Cecília have different ages, backgrounds and skin colors, but they are all Latin American women who were affected by violence. CYCLES OF SILENCE is a documentary feature film that tells stories of vulnerability and strength, lived in Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and Argentina. Stories that, with all their contrasts, talk and rhyme with each other.

Director: Alice Lanari / Producer: Alberto Graça, Luciana Boal Marinho y Daniel de Souza. / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alice Lanari Luciana Boal Marinho / Production company: MPC Filmes / / Genre: human rights, current affairs, social issues / Duration: 90’ / Format: digital / Language: Spanish and Portuguese

Depois da Primavera

by Isabel Joffily y Pedro Rossi


Current affairs, human rights, social issues


The brothers Adel and Hadi fled in 2013 from conflicts in Syria in their late teens, when they were fighting for freedom. In Rio de Janeiro, they changed and adapted. After 5 years without seeing father and mother, the family finally reunites in 2018, in a deeply changed Brazil that takes Adel and Hadi back to the streets, but now in the country where they chose to live.

Director: Isabel Joffily y Pedro Rossi / Producer: Isabel Joffily / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Isabel Joffily / Production company: Coevos Filmes / Country: Brasil / Genre: Current affairs, human rights, social issues / Duration: 83’ / Format: DCP / Language: Arab, Portuguese (Subtitles: English)

Doctor Brain

by Gonzalo Argandoña

Colombia, Chile, USA

Science & Tech, Culture


Why do we feel fear, pain or pleasure? Are we all creative and smart? Why do scents bring back memories? Join the journey in search of the secrets of the human mind, accompanied by fascinating scientists, researchers and artists. TV series of 8 x 50 ́

Director: Gonzalo Argandoña / Producer: Diego Rojas, Marcelo San Martín, Andrea Feuillet / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Gonzalo Argandoña / Production companies: Cábala Producciones / RTVC - Señal Colombia / Country: Colombia, Chile, USA / Genre: Science & Tech, Culture / Duration: 50’ / Format: 4K y HD / Language: Spanish: (Subtitles: English)

Dos Tiempos

by Pablo Francischelli


Creative documentary, music, culture


After a long time apart, Brazilian guitar player Yamandu Costa and his Argentine master Lucio Yanel meet again on a nostalgic road trip back to Corrientes (AR), Yanel’s hometown.

Director: Pablo Francischelli / Producer: Caio Jobim / Production company: Doblechapa Cinematografia / Country: Brazil / Genre: Creative documentary, music, culture / Duration: 105’ / Language: Portuguese, Spanish (Subtitles: Portuguese, Spanish, English)


by Miguel Antunes Ramos


historia, política


Based on reflections revolving around the iconic image depicting Brazil’s independence, the documentary DRAGONS looks into how each epoch constructs and is constructed by its images. What image will remain of the complex moment the country is going through today?

Director: Miguel Antunes Ramos / Producer: Julia Murat Antunes / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Miguel Antunes Ramos / Production company: Esquina Produções Artisticas / Country: Brasil / Genre: historia, política / Duration: 90’ / Format: HD / Language: Portugués

Eight stories about hearing loss

by Charo Mato

Argentina / Uruguay

biographies, creative documentary, science & tech.


At the age of 23, after losing all of her hearing as a result of a hereditary, progressive and severe auditory condition, Charo decides to unlock and overcome the doubts and fears of her family by having an operation in order to recover her hearing. At this point, she realizes all the things that she had lost along with sounds, and begins questioning herself: How do those who cannot hear, hear?

Director: Charo Mato / Producer: Charo Mato, Eugenia Olascuaga, Valentina Baracco / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Charo Mato / Production company: Monarca films / Country: Argentina / Uruguay / Genre: biographies, creative documentary, science & tech. / Duration: 98’ / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

El viaje de Javier Heraud (The Journey of Javier Heraud)

by Javier Corcuera

Peru - Spain

Biographies, Creative documentary, Politics


Ariarca, grandniece of the poet Javier Heraud, opens the trunk of memories and discovers a story to tell: His great-uncle, poet and guerrilla fighter was murdered at the age of 21 in the jungle of Peru in 1963. Despite from his young age, Javier Heraud left a fundamental poetic work for Peruvian poetry. Ariarca is the same age as when his great-uncle died.

Director: Javier Corcuera / Producer: Sergio García Locatelli, Hugo Carmona, Ray Carmona / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Sergio García Locatelli - Lourdes Endara / Production companies: Quechua Films Perú / La Mula Producciones / Tamboura Films / Country: Peru - Spain / Genre: Biographies, Creative documentary, Politics / Duration: 96’ / Format: HD / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English, French)

En revolutionær familie (A Colombian Family)

by Tanja Wol Sørensen


Creative documentary, Politics, social issues


A mother – Ruby – and daughter – Yira – confront the past after years of civil war in Colombia, but end in the difficult dilemma between family reconciliation and political ideals. As the peacetime death toll continues to rise, Ruby is faced with a difficult dilemma. If she chooses her daughter, she gives up on her people.

Director: Tanja Wol Sørensen / Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Rikke Tambo Andersen / Production company: Bullitt Film / Country: Denmark / Genre: Creative documentary, Politics, social issues / Duration: 80’ / Format: DCP / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: Danish, English)


by Moara Passoni


Creative documentary, politics, current affairs


An elliptical portrait of a young girl experiencing both rapture and torture starving herself as a way to find a place in a brutal uncertain world.

Director: Moara Passoni / Producer: Moara Passoni, Petra Costa, Margo Mars, Sara Dosa / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Moara Passoni / Production company: Busca Vida FIlmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Creative documentary, politics, current affairs / Duration: 75’ / Language: Portuguese (Subtitles: English, Spanish)

Far Away From Home

by Carlos Hernández Vázquez


temas actuales, temas sociales, juventud


A group of children and teenagers from different Latin-American countries wait for an answer after submitting a petition for asylum in the U.S. The await is long and uncertain, their childhoods are at pause.

Director: Carlos Hernández Vázquez / Producer: Gabriela Gavica Marrufo / Carlos Hernández Vázquez / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Carlos Hernandez Vazquez Gabriela Gavica / Production company: Mandarina Cine / Country: México / Genre: temas actuales, temas sociales, juventud / Duration: 80’ / Language: Español

Ginger’s Paradise

by Alejandro Quirioga


Environment, Music, Social Issues


The musician Christopher and his wife Sol settle in the Bolivian jungle, form a family and conquer the dream of an alternative life, far from the system and on their own principles. As Christopher prepares for a visit from his mother whom he has not seen in decades, a sudden illness on his son breaks the family balance and he is forced to make decisions that change the course of their lives again.

Director: Alejandro Quirioga / Producer: Alvaro Olmos, Alejandro Quiroga, Harold Céspedes y Melanie Michel / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alejandro Quiroga / Production company: De otro cuento films / Omuni Cine / Empatía Cinema / Country: Bolivia / Genre: Environment, Music, Social Issues / Duration: 71’ / Format: DCP / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English)

High Seas

by Ernesto Jara Vargas


Temas sociales


Elí and three fellow fishermen spend a month out at sea in search of tuna and shark. The work is risky and the weather temperamental, but the three men stubbornly resist in their small boat: being the last gear in the fishing industry, they must secure a large catch to make any profit. The return to land forces them to face a reality marked by the scars of absence and the daily tensions of marginality.

Director: Ernesto Jara Vargas / Producer: Giulia Clerici, Ivette Liang / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Ernesto Jara Vargas Giulia Clerici / Production companies: Producciones La pecera / Galaxia 311 / Country: Español / Genre: Temas sociales / Duration: 75’ / Language: Español


by Carlos Eduardo Magalhães


Culture, Current Affairs, Social Issues

13 episodes


TV serie is about the Indigenous peoples from this century. By intertwining stories and ways of life it deconstructs the idea that inhabits the imagination of most of the population. Far from being wild, lazy, indolent or desinterested, the 18 characters that build up the serie dramaturgic tissue are highly connected to technology, to many different ways of living urban life and at the same time very close to their people and their culture.

Director: Carlos Eduardo Magalhães / Producer: Tiago Tambelli / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Carlos Eduardo Magalhães - María Fernanda Ribeiro / Production company: Tiago Tambelli / Country: Brazil / Genre: Culture, Current Affairs, Social Issues / Duration: 26´ / Episodes: 13 / Language: Portuguese and indigenous languages ​​(Subtitles: English)

It might be funny (Puede ser gracioso)

by Juan Ignacio Gorelik / Florencia Román Facciano


Biographies, Culture, Youth


The film gathers the most representative comedians of the local scene to talk about comedy, from the creation of a bit, the search of the inner voice, te staging, and the meeting with the audience. It goes deep in a genre that fits perfectly in Argentinean culture, so arrogant as it is self-critical, so over psychoanalyzed and, at the same time so empathic. It explores the theory behind the genre in an exercise of looking back on our own humanity

Director: Juan Ignacio Gorelik / Florencia Román Facciano / Producer: Martín Granados / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Juan Ignacio Gorilek / Production company: Obol / Country: Argentina / Genre: Biographies, Culture, Youth / Duration: 71’ / Format: FullHD / Language: Español

La danza de los Mirlos

by Pablo Polanco, Alvaro Luque


music, culture


The most recognized band of Amazonian Cumbia, Los Mirlos represents a synthesis of a musical genre that arises from ancestry, family and the exploration of other rhythms like 1960’s psychedelic rock. Together with their leader and singer, Jorge Rodriguez, his son Coqui, and the memory of their greatest guitar player, Gilberto Reategui, we undertake a journey into the heart of Latin America.

Director: Pablo Polanco, Alvaro Luque / Producer: Nicolás Carrasco / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Nicolás Carrasco / Production company: Saturno Films / Country: Perú / Genre: music, culture / Duration: 70’ / Format: DCP 2K, HD / Language: Español (Subtítulos: Inglés)


by Antón Terni


Creative Documentary


Pablo is a thirty-four year old blind man who lives by himself in a remote house by the uruguayan coast. While working on his craft liquors, he records his thoughts on a casette player and sometimes goes back to his own old stories. Valeria and Oscar are his friends, also blind, with whom he goes camping at the ocean side and enjoys rock n’ roll music and concerts. Together they transport us to a sensory world that transcends the image.

Director: Antón Terni / Producer: Patricia Olveira / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Patricia Olivera - Johanna Tonini - Pau Brunet / Production companies: Halo / Amplitud / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creative Documentary / Duration: 70’ / Format: HD / DCP / Language: Spanish


by Joaquín Uribe Martínez


Documental de Creación, temas sociales, política.


Ómar is a 60-year-old man who gets, after eight years in jail, the benefit of 72-hour leaves. At the beginning I naively planned to follow him in his search for a place and a “nest”, but I ended up being devoured by an ambiguous, untamable character.

Director: Joaquín Uribe Martínez / Producer: Amaranta Fiquitiva Contreras / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Amaranta Fiquitiva Contreras Joaquín Uribe Martínez / Production company: Caliban Produções Cinematograficas / Country: Colombia / Genre: Documental de Creación, temas sociales, política. / Duration: 90’ / Language: Español

My Darling Supermarket

by Tali Yankelevich

Brazil, Denmark

Creative documentary, politics, current affairs


In the midst of executing extremely repetitive tasks, workers of a supermarket find space to express their doubts and affections, their fears and unlikely dreams. Humor, drama, mystery, romance and quantum physics coexist alongside milk cartons, meat cuts, bar codes and security cameras. Steeped in the confined space of a supermarket, these workers don’t allow their routine to hijack their spirit

Director: Tali Yankelevich / Producer: Minom Pinho / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Minom Pinho / Production company: Casa Redonda Produções Culturais Ltda / Country: Brazil, Denmark / Genre: Creative documentary, politics, current affairs / Duration: 80’ / Format: proress 1920x1080 and mp4 / Language: Portuguese (Subtitles: English, Spanish)

My nazi neighbour

by William Hicklin

Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile y Perú



This is the extraordinary story of the escape and exile of some of the most wanted members of the Third Reich. Told through the eyes of neighbours, family members and collaborators as they lead their seemingly innocent double lives in South America.

With unique access to previously untold stories, unseen documents and Nazi artefacts; this investigation spans Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Peru.


Director: William Hicklin / Producer: Coli Whewell / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: William Hicklin / Production company: Griyo SRL / Country: Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile y Perú / Genre: Historia / Duration: 47´ / Format: 4k Ursa Mini Pro or similar / Language: Inglés y Español

Night Shot

by Carolina Moscoso


Creative documentary


Eight years after having been raped at a beach near Santiago, a young filmmaker tells the story of the assault, the re-victimizing judicial processes, and the friendship that helps her heal, in dozens of video-diary entries that comprise an artfully crafted, intimate documentary. A question remains: What is a rape, really, and when does it end?

Director: Carolina Moscoso / Producer: Macarena Aguiló / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Macarena Aguiló / Production company: El espino films / Country: Chile / Genre: Creative documentary / Duration: 80’ / Format: DCP, BlueRay, Digital / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English, French)

Once upon a time in Venezuela

by Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

Brazil, Austria, United Kingdom, Venezuela

Human rights, creative documentary, current affairs

99’ / 52’

The village of Congo Mirador is preparing for parliamentary elections. For streetwise local businesswoman and Chavist party representative Tamara every vote counts, fought by all means. For opposition supporting teacher Natalie, politics is a weapon attempting to force her from her job. Little Yoaini, however, sees her community sinking from sedimentation, and her childhood and innocence with it. How can a small fishing village survive corruption, pollution and political decay – a reflection of all the flaws of contemporary Venezuela.

Director: Anabel Rodríguez Ríos / Producer: Sepp Brudermann / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Diana Karklin / Production company: Spiraleye Productions Ltd. / Country: Brazil, Austria, United Kingdom, Venezuela / Genre: Human rights, creative documentary, current affairs / Duration: 99’ / 52’ / Format: Prores 422 HQ 1920 x 1080 / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English)

One for us

by Soledad Castro Lazaroff


Biographies, Human Rights, Creative Documentary


For forty years, a petite woman faced giants. More than forty years ago, Belela Herrera dedicated her life to saving the lives of others. The persecuted politicians, those displaced by civil wars, refugees are their concern and vocation. Her story is also that of a woman who invented herself and twisted the destiny reserved for her.

Director: Soledad Castro Lazaroff / Producer: Yvonne Ruocco / Matilde Michanie / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Yvonne Ruocco / Monica Caffa / Production company: Yvonne Ruocco / Monica Caffa / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Biographies, Human Rights, Creative Documentary / Duration: 83’ / Format: DCP / Language: Idioma: Español (Subtítulos: Inglés)

Restless Soul

by Matías Guerreros y Eli-u Pena


Music, Biographies.


Restless Soul is a documentary feature on the life of Uruguayan musician Gustavo “Príncipe” Pena. A look back at his remarkable private universe through his art and different moments fellow musicians, relatives and close friends shared with him over the years. Featuring never seen before footage, radio interviews, music and videos.

Director: Matías Guerreros y Eli-u Pena / Producer: Matías Guerreros y Eli-u Pena / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Matías Guerreros / Production company: Rodriguez / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Music, Biographies. / Duration: 83’ / Format: Online - DCP - H264 / Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)


by Paola Ochoa

Colombia, EUA

Creative documentary, Current affairs, social issues


Every summer my aunts and mother, four women in their 60’s, spend vacations together at their family home. After living full romantic lives, all of them are either divorced or never married. As I document one particular summer the desire to further investigate my own family history grows deeper. Through my aunts heartfelt and often hilarious discussions about life and love, a portrait of resilient womanhood in contemporary Colombia is revealed.

Director: Paola Ochoa / Producer: Juan Sebastián Sarmiento, Paola Ochoa, Pau Brunet, Jana Díaz-Juhl, Axel Shalson / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Paola Ochoa Juan Sebastián Sarmiento Jana Díaz / Production companies: Extranjero Films / Amplitud / Country: Colombia, EUA / Genre: Creative documentary, Current affairs, social issues / Duration: 75’ / Format: DCP, HD / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English)

That Breath

by Valentina Baracco


biographies, creative documentary, current affairs


My grandfather Fernando, wants us to make a film together. Although we live more than 20 years together, it is through the camera that I see it as never before. “That Breath” is an intimate portrait of the relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter, in the process of making this film, showing what happens when we go through a separation, and we must find another way of living, but above all things, our desire to be alive.

Director: Valentina Baracco / Producer: Andrés D’Avenia, Eugenia Olascuaga y Valentina Baracco. / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Andrés D'Avenia - Valentina Baracco / Production company: Monarca Films / Country: Uruguay / Genre: biographies, creative documentary, current affairs / Duration: 75’ / Format: HD 1920x1080 25fps. / Language: Spanish

The guardians of the colour

by Janina Möbius

Alemania / México

Cultura, Biografías, Educativo


In the south of Mexico, the dye indigo has been obtained from the indigo plant for centuries. The indigenous women in the mountain village of Hueyápan use this pigment to dye their traditional clothing. Their clothing is an expression of their cultural identity.

But now the blue gold is in crisis, because climate change, lack of rain and poor harvests threaten further cultivation – and with it the traditional knowledge and traditions of the dyers in the Sierra Norte de Puebla. But the women in Hueyápan don’t give up …

Director: Janina Möbius / Producer: Irene Höfer / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Janina Möbius / Production company: Medea Film / Country: Alemania / México / Genre: Cultura, Biografías, Educativo / Duration: 43’ / Format: 4K HD 16:9 / Language: Español (Doblaje: Alemán / Francés)

The Other One

by Coraci Ruiz


Creative documentary, Biographies, Social Issues


Two men live in isolation in a shack by the sea. While one spends the day diving and hunting, the other just wants to spend his time reading. They are both struggling to keep the peace, but something makes us suspect that these two men are really just one, deeply disturbed. One day, one of them expels the other from the house. But loneliness gives way to madness and ends up pleading with the other to return. Better crazy than alone.

Director: Coraci Ruiz / Producer: Julio Matos y Rodrigo Diaz Diaz / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Daniela Raviola Francisco Bermejo / Production company: Juntos Films / Country: Chile / Genre: Creative documentary, Biographies, Social Issues / Duration: 77’ / Format: Full HD / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: English, Spanish)

The Samba that Lives Here

by Vítor Rocha


Music, History, Culture

12 episodes


“The Samba that Lives Here” reveals how Brazilian samba emerged from the African diaspora to the beaten backyards of Bahia and became one of the strongest forms of black cultural resistance. From Salvador de Bahia, samba was first criminalized and persecuted before it gained worldwide popularity. The series explores the rhythmic structure of samba and shines light on Bahian sambistas from different generations.

Director: Vítor Rocha / Producer: Laís de Araújo Macêdo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Vítor Rocha / Production company: Caranguejeira Filmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Music, History, Culture / Duration: 26´ / Episodes: 12 / Format: HD / Language: Portuguese (Subtitles: English)


by Pablo Martins


Educational, Culture, Science & Tech.

+800 episodes


“The Why: Everything has a reason” is a cultural, scientific and educational magazine that teaches and entertains at the same time. The program starts with questions on the most varied topics, which are exposed and solved in an attractive format: Why it rains? Why do we always see the same face of the moon? Why do we sleep? Why do we think ?, etc. We will discover that curiosity and the desire to learn is not just a childhood property.

Director: Pablo Martins / Producer: Pablo Martins / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Pablo Martins / Production company: Mandarina / Country: ARGENTINA / URUGUAY / Genre: Educational, Culture, Science & Tech. / Duration: 60´ / Episodes: +800 / Language: Spanish

Things we dare not do

by Bruno Santamaría Razo


Creative documentary, youth, human rights


Arturo is a teenager who dances, runs, and plays with the free spirit of the younger kids he hangs around in his small Pacific coast village. But when a violent situation disrupts the seemingly idyllic atmosphere, with its suggestion of corrosive machismo, Arturo bravely takes the bold step of coming out to his parents, telling them he wants to dress as a woman.

Director: Bruno Santamaría Razo / Producer: Abril López Carrillo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Bruno Santamaría / Production company: Ojo de vaca productora / Country: Mexico / Genre: Creative documentary, youth, human rights / Duration: 73’ / Format: HD, 2k, 4k / Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)

This is what I do

by Rolando Muñoz Umaña


Biographies, Culture, Creative documentary

11 episodes

This is about people who embraces and follow their path… and their instincts! It’s not about success stories, but we focus on unique and successful characters: Those who listen to their inner voice. Peculiar people who broke from the mainstream to explore and thrive upon non-conventional projects and careers… mainly, as a way of life. This is about empowerment:Who you are, what you like, and what you do about it… THIS IS WHAT I DO.

Director: Rolando Muñoz Umaña / Producer: Zhamira Alvarado Rojas / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Rolando Muñoz Umaña / Production company: emotions films&post / Country: COSTA RICA / Genre: Biographies, Culture, Creative documentary / Duration: 3´ / Episodes: 11 / Format: Full HD / Language: Español (Subtitles: English)


by Coraci Ruiz


Creative documentary, Youth, Social Issues


“Threshold” is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her son, capturing the various phases he goes through in a deep search for his identity. At the same time, the mother, revealed behind the camera through her voice talking to her son and through a first-person narration, goes herself through a process of transformation required by the situation life presents her.

Director: Coraci Ruiz / Producer: Julio Matos y Rodrigo Diaz Diaz / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Coraci Ruiz Julio Matos / Production company: Laboratorio Cisco / Country: Brazil / Genre: Creative documentary, Youth, Social Issues / Duration: 74’ / Format: Dcp - Digital / Language: Portuguese (Subtitles: English)


by Adriana Bernal Mor, Ginna Ortega


biografías, cultura


While he was in prison for drug trafficking, Hernando Toro found in photography the possibility of reinventing himself. From the confinement he took stunning portraits that celebrate marginal beauties. This documentary explores his life and his work, revealing the irreverence of an artist who, in his last years of life, refuses to be forgotten.

Director: Adriana Bernal Mor, Ginna Ortega / Producer: Jorge Caballero / Production company: Gusano Films / Country: Colombia / Genre: biografías, cultura / Duration: 75’ / Format: DCP / Language: Español

Two Piles of Burnt Ashes

by Diego Rodríguez García

México, Estados Unidos

Derechos humanos, historia, temas sociales.

Derechos humanos, historia, temas sociales.

Last year I got many boxes with old film rolls, slides, and documents from a guy I met on Facebook. He started telling me they belonged to a German marriage who had migrated to the US after World War II. He also told me that her father was a Nazi general and that he had dealt with schizophrenia and apparently had killed her and then committed suicide by burning his house down with him still inside.

Director: Diego Rodríguez García / Producer: Maja Alejandra Moguel / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Diego Rodríguez García Andrea Rabasa Jofre Maja Moguel / Production company: Pocket Change / Country: México, Estados Unidos / Genre: Derechos humanos, historia, temas sociales. / Duration: Derechos humanos, historia, temas sociales. / Language: Inglés

Una de nosotras


by Juan Duran


medio ambiente, cultura, temas sociales,


Peru’s pre-columbian civilizations grew up on a foundation of respect for water and land. How do women and men of Peru’s coast, highlands and jungle relate to it today, and what does water mean in their lives? A journey through scenarios of spectacular beauty from the sea, crossing snowy peaks and amazon basins, will show us their fishing tasks, working the land in the high andean countryside, plowing the rivers in the amazon thicket.

Director: Juan Duran / Producer: Paulo Puerta / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Paulo Puerta Roberto Barba / Production company: Huaca Rajada Cine SAC / Country: Perú / Genre: medio ambiente, cultura, temas sociales, / Duration: 52’ / Format: 4K, FULLHD / Language: ESPAÑOL - QUECHUA - ASHENINKA (Subtitles: ESPAÑOL - ENGLISH)

Welcome back, farewell

by Marcos Yoshi


social issues, human rights, history


In mid-2013, my parents returned from Japan after more than a decade as workers in our ancestors’ country. When they left, I was a teenager; When we met again, we were strangers. Starting from the affective approach process with my father, I reflect on my family’s immigration experience, evaluating the physical and emotional impacts related to these human journeys.

Director: Marcos Yoshi / Producer: Eduardo Chatagnier, Heitor Franulovic, Lucas Barão, Marcos Yoshi, Paulo Serpa / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Heitor Franulovic Marcos Yoshi / Production company: Meus Russos / Country: Brazil / Genre: social issues, human rights, history / Duration: 100’ / Format: 4K / Language: Portuguese (Subtitles: Spanish, English)

What does Latin America say?

by Amanda Puga Salman


Política, Derechos Humanos

8 episodes


Eight Latin American women filmmakers take their cameras on a trip with a mission: Discover the different realities of their continent. Traveling in a country different from their own, through their perspective, socio-political situations are revealed from the critical vision of its inhabitants, revealing social situations which are not shown by media, and generating essential questions about life and the different ways of perceiving reality.

Director: Amanda Puga Salman / Producer: Germán Gerardo Liñero Arend / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Amanda Puga Salman / Production company: Praxia producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Política, Derechos Humanos / Duration: 52´ / Episodes: 8 / Format: 4K UHD en formato MPEG-4 H.264 / Language: Español (Subtítulos: Inglés)


Who killed my father?

by Camila Larrea Endara y Lourdes Endara Tomaselli


Human rights, Creative documentary, Politics


Lourdes intends to find out the truth about her father’s death, who died a month before she was born. The clues are scarce: there is no police record or autopsy protocol and even his identity record has disappeared. The only place where there is proof of her father’s existence is in the cemetery. Lourdes decides to carry out the forensic analysis of her father’s remains to discover the truth: was it indeed a suicide or is it a murder coverup?

Director: Camila Larrea Endara y Lourdes Endara Tomaselli / Producer: Lourdes Endara Tomaselli y Camila Larrea Endara / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Camila Larrea - Lourdes Endara / Production company: Luciérnaga Producciones / Country: Ecuador / Genre: Human rights, Creative documentary, Politics / Duration: 96’ / Format: DCP, 2K / Language: Spanish (Subtitles: Spanish, English)


by Jakob Krese

Alemania, Brasil, México

Temas sociales, derechos humanos, política


¡VAMONOS! is the story of LILIAN and her four kids travelling with the migrant caravan from Guatemala to the Mexican-US border in search for a better life. LILIAN leaves her abusive husband but on the dangerous travel through Mexico she is confronted with the same male domination she is fleeing from. The film establishes a connection between their individual fates and the collective experience of what is now called the Central American Exodus.

Director: Jakob Krese / Producer: Annika Mayer / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Annika Mayer / Production company: Majmun Films / Country: Alemania, Brasil, México / Genre: Temas sociales, derechos humanos, política / Duration: 90’ / Format: 4K / Language: Español (Subtítulos: Inglés)

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