The DocMontevideo Meetings are a space for the commercialization of finalized contents for television in one-off or series formats.

Meetings Online 2023

The MEETINGS consist of twenty-minute one-on-one meetings between producers and representatives of television stations, sales agents, festivals and other decision makers in the audiovisual market. The focus of the market is Latin America, with the presence of the United States and Europe. The selected productions will have pre-scheduled meetings between August 1-3. The meetings are coordinated by the organization with the aim of integrating, on the one hand, the interests of potential buyers or other players and the needs of the participating producers.


Selected Contents

Content type

A game of our own

by Julia Martinez Heimann, Natalia Laclau

Argentina / France

Social issues, Creative Documentary, Politics


A game of our own links the stories of three women from the football’s world in Argentina, connected with the feminist movement. Juliana, a feminist football coach from “La Nuestra”; Luciana, a teenage player of Villa 31; and Lorena, a player of the National football Team, cross their paths pursuing a common goal: no more generations of women without a field to play in.

Director: Julia Martinez Heimann, Natalia Laclau / Producer: Julia Martinez Heimann, Natalia Laclau / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Julia Martinez Heimann, Natalia Laclau / Production companies: ACÁ: Asociación de Cultura, Arte y Educación (ARG) / C-P Productions (FR) / Country: Argentina / France / Genre: Social issues, Creative Documentary, Politics / Duration: 75' / Format: DCP / 2K / 4K - 5.1 Stereo / Language: Spanish

A whisper of a seed

by Gabriela Dominguez Ruvalcaba



Enedelia is expecting her third daughter with the hope that her husband will not have to go to the United States again. She lives in Chamic, a rural border town in southeastern Mexico that is a stop and refuge for migrant women. The arrival of a rival criminal group threatens the life of the town. Fear spreads like a deaf, vague and continuous noise between the roads, the mountain ranges and the mighty rivers until it disrupts the dreams of its inhabitants.

Director: Gabriela Dominguez Ruvalcaba / Producer: Alex Noppel / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alex Noppel Country: Mexico / Duration: 80' / Language: Spanish

Ana Rosa

by Catalina Villar


Social issues


All I knew about my grandmother was that she played the piano and her lobotomy was authorized by her son, my “anti-psychiatrist” uncle. This movie is my way of understanding why.

Director: Catalina Villar / Producer: Cristina Villar Rosa / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Cristina Villar Rosa, Catalina Villar / Production companies: Perrenque Media Lab / L'Atelier Documentaire / Country: Colombia/Francia / Genre: Social issues / Duration: 93' / Format: ​​DCP / Language: Spanish / Year: 2022


by Diego González Cruz

Colombia / Spain

Biographies, LGBTI+


Barbie is a transgender diva who leaves her native Colombia to seek a better future in Europe, where reality is not as she imagines.

Director: Diego González Cruz / Producer: Simon Acosta / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Diego González Cruz, Simon Acosta / Production company: Plot Studio / Country: Colombia / Spain / Genre: Biographies, LGBTI+ / Duration: 75' / Format: 4K and Fullhd / Language: Spanish / Year: 2022

Bastard. The legacy of Pinochet

by Pepe Rovano

Chile / Italy / Sweeden

LGBTI+, Human Rights, Politics


Bastard, he is the son of a criminal who tries to repair his past. At the age of 35, he discovers that his biological father, whom he has never seen, is convicted of crimes against humanity, so he decides to travel to meet him and live with him, the last years of his life. A long journey of repair, which will lead him to break with his genocidal family heritage and meet the victims of his father.

Director: Pepe Rovano / Producer: Kamila Veliz / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Pepe Rovano, Kamila Veliz / Production companies: Totoral Films / Media Lab XR / Country: Chile / Italy / Sweeden / Genre: LGBTI+, Human Rights, Politics / Duration: 82' / Format: DCP - FullHD / Language: Spanish / Year: 2022


Brick by brick

by Victoria Alvares, Quentin Delaroche

Brazil / France

Current Issues, Social Issues, Creation Documentary


On the outskirts of Recife, Brazil, Cris has the feeling that everything is hanging by a thread. She and her husband lost their jobs during the pandemic, as well as the house they lived in with their 3 children, due to the risk of collapse. Pregnant with her fourth child and trying to get a tubal ligation, she works as a digital influencer while trying to rebuild her house and restructure her life

Director: Victoria Alvares, Quentin Delaroche / Producer: Victoria Alvares, Quentin Delaroche / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Victoria Alvares, Quentin Delaroche / Production company: Revoada Produções / Country: Brazil / France / Genre: Current Issues, Social Issues, Creation Documentary / Duration: 96' / Format: HD / Language: Portuguese


by Ernesto Gillman

Uruguay / Argentina

Current Affaires, Culture, Creative Documentary


Juan and Olga produce tomatoes, milk, bell peppers, cheese, meat. Chacra is a documentary film portraying the transforming work they do in their environment and their bonding love. This circle of life contains the sacrifice of the animal or plant, for food. Away from nature’s rhythms and processes, our modern culture tends to forget this unity.

Director: Ernesto Gillman / Producer: Germán Ormaechea, Pedro Barcia / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Germán Ormaechea / Production companies: Nadador Cine / Verde Audiovisual / Animista Cine / Country: Uruguay / Argentina / Genre: Current Affaires, Culture, Creative Documentary / Duration: 70' / Format: 4k / Language: Spanish / Year: 2023

Earth Community

by Paulina Ferretti, Juan Tamayo


Current issues, Social issues, Environment

8 episodes


Television series of 8 episodes, which portrays the experiences and motivations of people and intentional communities that lead sustainable processes and respectful lives with the environment throughout Latin America. A journey through our continent and projects that seek to face the current environmental crisis of the planet.

Director: Paulina Ferretti, Juan Tamayo / Producer: Guillermo Migrik / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Paulina Ferretti / Production companies: Diente de León / Tercermundo / Country: Chile / Genre: Current issues, Social issues, Environment / Duration: 25' / Episodes: 8 / Format: 4K .MOV Apple Pro Res HQ / MXF XDCAM HD 6Oi / Language: Spanish / Year: 2022

Green Kids

by Pedro Nishi


Social issues, Youth, Music


Green Kids is a hip-hop group formed in Japan by young Brazilians, children of dekasseguis. They grew up under social stigmas and xenophobia. Inverting prejudices, they create rap in the tension between being Latino and Japanese. They don’t yet make a living from music, they are factory workers, like their parents. They want to change their lives and come to Brazil and to Latin America to perform

Director: Pedro Nishi / Producer: João Pedro Bim / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Pedro Nishi, João Pedro Bim / Production company: TERRA ESTRANHA / Country: Brazil / Genre: Social issues, Youth, Music / Duration: 90' / Language: Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese

Invisible Bodies

by Quézia Lopes


Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary


The documentary “Invisible Bodies” addresses the social erasure of black female bodies from the personal and artistic experience of eleven black women, who debate identity, collective memory, ancestry, affections and motherhood.

Director: Quézia Lopes / Producer: Quézia Lopes / Rossandra Leone / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Quézia Lopes / Production company: Outubro Filmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary / Duration: 76' / Format: Digital: ProRes 4444; h264; DCP / Language: Portuguese / Year: 2023


by Jota Loyola


Current Issues, Social Issues, Environment, Politics


After the death of a renowned Lonko, or Mapuche leader, his children must decide who will continue to lead their community. Whoever wins this ‘succession story’ must face up to the encroaching problems of Catholicism, a troubled relationship with the Chilean State, as well as the repossession of their stolen lands and the palpable legacy of their father.

Director: Jota Loyola / Producer: Juan Ramirez / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Juan Ramirez / Production company: La Ventana Cine / Country: Chile / Genre: Current Issues, Social Issues, Environment, Politics / Duration: 85' / Language: Spanish, Mapudungun

Not Dead

by Isaac Donato


Current Issues, Creation Documentary, Music


In Brazil, land of Samba, old black punk rockers resist and live with autonomy.

Director: Isaac Donato / Producer: Marília Cunha / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Marília Cunha / Production company: MAA - Movie Ações Audiovisuais / Country: Brazil / Genre: Current Issues, Creation Documentary, Music / Duration: 71' / Language: Portuguese

On remembering

by Laura Gabay

Switzerland / Uruguay / France

Human Rights, Creative Documentary, Politics


After the coup in Uruguay in 1973, thousands of intellectuals and artists fled the country. My father was among them and went to Europe. After his death three years ago, I found Super 8 films and audio files that he had recorded. Through these archives, I started to build a new family history, trying to reveal and understand the silent pain of exile.

Director: Laura Gabay / Producer: Eugenia Olascuaga Fierro / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Laura Gabay, Eugenia Olascuaga / Production companies: Ecran Mobile / Monarca Films / Les soeurs Jaouen / Country: Switzerland / Uruguay / France / Genre: Human Rights, Creative Documentary, Politics / Duration: 61' / Format: Full HD / DCP / Language: Spanish / Year: 2023



by Matias Borgström


Social issues, Culture, Human Rights


120 artists from different countries live and produce in Ouvidor (São Paulo), the largest Latin American art squat, where they resist constant eviction threats and face internal disagreements caused by the entry of Red Bull sponsoring their Art Biennial.

Director: Matias Borgström / Producer: Paula Pripas, Matias Borgström / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Matias Borgström, Paula Pripas / Production company: Salga Filmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Social issues, Culture, Human Rights / Duration: 75' / Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English / Year: 2023

PAX IN LUCEM, The universal fire of Joaquín Torres García

by Emiliano Mazza De Luca

Uruguay / Spain

Biographies, Culture, Creation Documentary


The PAX IN LUCEM mural returns from the flames. The restoration carried out by his great-grandchildren revives the life of the Uruguayan-Catalan painter Joaquín Torres-García 150 years after his birth.

Director: Emiliano Mazza De Luca / Producer: Emiliano Mazza De Luca / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Adriana González / Production companies: PASSAPAROLA / COLOSÉ PRODUCCIONES / Country: Uruguay / Spain / Genre: Biographies, Culture, Creation Documentary / Duration: 80' / Format: 4K | DCP | COLOR & ByN | 5.1 | Stereo / Language: Spanish

Portrait of my father

by Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe


Biographies, Creation Documentary, Music


My father was found dead at the beach with psychotropic medication among his things. Despite suicide being a possibility, my mother -a psychiatrist- deemed performing an autopsy unnecessary. I was eight years old. Thirty years later, I embark on an obsessive quest for the truth, regardless of oblivion, shame, and my mother’s misgivings.

Director: Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe / Producer: Carolina Campo Lupo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe, Carolina Campo Lupo / Production companies: Pájaro Dorado / Hoppe Films / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Biographies, Creation Documentary, Music / Duration: 99' / Format: DCP 2K - MOV 4K / Language: Spanish / Year: 2022


by César Charlone

Uruguay / Brazil

Current Issues, Biographies, Politics


Partido accompanies Fernando Haddad throughout his run for the presidency of the Republic of Brazil in 2018. The documentary presents an intimate account of the months that preceded the election of Jair Bolsonoro as President of Brazil.

Director: César Charlone / Producer: Sebastian Bednarik / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Sebastian Bednarik / Production companies: Coral Cine / Opy Filmes / Country: Uruguay / Brazil / Genre: Current Issues, Biographies, Politics / Duration: 82' / Language: Portuguese / Year: 2023

Severa Flor

by Maria Jimena Sánchez


Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary


Admist the process of reintegration from a women’s shelter in Bogotá, a group of street-dwelling women use the medium of film to heal their open wounds and build a story around the importance of memory through even the toughest of circumstances.

Director: Maria Jimena Sánchez / Producer: Laura Castillo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Maria Jimena Sánchez, Laura Castillo / Production company: Abril Cine / Country: Colombia / Genre: Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary / Duration: 82' / Language: Spanish

Space Knight

by Cássio Oliveira


Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary


The air force convoy circulates through the rural communities announcing the launch of the rocket. At the same time, the selection of young people to form the Space Knight Squad is underway. Kléver wants to apply to be one of them, like his uncle Servulo once was. But not all the people are unanimous about the effects of the rocket base. Servulo himself is one of those who oppose it.

Director: Cássio Oliveira / Producer: Camila Machado / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Cássio Oliveira, Camila Machado / Production company: Trotoar / Country: Brazil / Genre: Social issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary / Duration: 90' / Language: Portuguese

Stronger Together

by Tania Claudia Castillo


Current Issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary


A group of young activists in alliance with Yan Maria Castro, a pioneer of the feminist movement in MexIco, are organizing to achieve the decriminalization of abortion in all the states of the country and to fight against the growing wave of violence against women. A documentary that portrays the rise of the feminist movement in Mexico in recent years.

Director: Tania Claudia Castillo / Producer: Carlos Hernández, Gabriela Gavica, Tania Claudia Castillo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Miguel Ángel Sánchez / Production company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica / Country: Mexico / Genre: Current Issues, Human Rights, Creative Documentary / Duration: 90' / Format: ​​Digital / Language: Spanish / Year: 2023

The fable of the tortoise and the flower

by Carolina Campo Lupo

Uruguay / España

Current Issues, Social Issues, Creation Documentary


Eliana (37) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Carolina, her friend since she was a teenager, decides to accompany her through this process and make a film together. As Eliana’s body changes, they both explore the meaning of life when death is no longer the end but the beginning of a new world.

Director: Carolina Campo Lupo / Producer: Valentina Baracco Pena / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Carolina Campo Lupo, Valentina Baracco Pena / Production companies: Monarca Films / Pájaro Dorado / Alejandra Linn / Country: Uruguay / España / Genre: Current Issues, Social Issues, Creation Documentary / Duration: 83' / Format: DCP - Archivo digital / Language: Spanish

The road ahead

by Carla Valdés León


Creation Documentary, Policy


I accompany my parents on a return journey, from Havana to Minsk, the city where they fell in love 40 years ago. We travel in search of Andrei, their Soviet friend, and the traces of their past youth. The contrast of memories and present and the dismantling of the utopias of yesterday force us to ask ourselves what happens when the homeland of affection is fractured.

Director: Carla Valdés León / Producer: Rosa María Rodríguez Pupo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Carla Valdés León, Rosa María Rodríguez Pupo / Production company: GatoRosa Films / Country: Cuba / Genre: Creation Documentary, Policy / Duration: 90' / Language: Spanish / Russian

The Robert´s Way

by Raul Cruz Gabe


Social issues, Human Rights, Politics


With the aim of unraveling her own identity, a young woman, granddaughter of the disappeared detainee Roberto Aranda during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, undertakes an investigation into the figure of her grandfather. Her mother will be her guide and together they will discover how his absence marked the family that remained.

Director: Raul Cruz Gabe / Producer: Francia Aranda Aliaga / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Raul Cruz Gabe, Francia Aranda Aliaga / Production company: Lunadelsur producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Social issues, Human Rights, Politics / Duration: 77' / Format: Proress HQ 2K / Language: Spanish


The tasks

by Victoria Andino


Current issues, LGBTI+, Human Rights

8 episodes


The tasks follows a day in the life of different characters who must solve domestic and care tasks, highlighting the existing tension between private life and public life, the historical construction of gender roles and how this dynamic impacts on the economy.

Director: Victoria Andino / Producer: María Eugenia Lombardi / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: María Eugenia Lombardi / Production companies: TAL Audiovisual / 80 mundos / Country: Argentina / Genre: Current issues, LGBTI+, Human Rights / Duration: 26' / Episodes: 8 / Format: 4K, HD / Language: Spanish

This was our punishment

by Luis Cintora

Preu / Spain

Social issues, History, Human Rights


The high Andean community of Hualla was one of the first areas controlled by the Shining Path when it began its armed struggle against the Peruvian State in the early 80s. But Hualla would soon pay a very high cost for having become a support base for subversion.

Director: Luis Cintora / Producer: Sinuhé Muñoz / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Luis Cintora / Production company: AV2MEDIA FILMS / Country: Preu / Spain / Genre: Social issues, History, Human Rights / Duration: 88' / Format: ​​DCP - ProRes - H264 / Language: Quechua / Spanish / Year: 2023


by Francisca Silvia Bravo

Chile / France

Current issues, Human Rights, Environment


Aboriginal communities summon activists from all over the world to carry out a 200 km anti-nuclear walk through the Australian desert. As we listen to Aboriginal voices resisting the nuclear industry, the directors reflect on the direction Humanity is taking, threatening land, lives and culture.

Director: Francisca Silvia Bravo / Producer: Alessandra Cristina / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Francisca Silvia Bravo, Alessandra Cristina / Production companies: Cetaceas Audiovisuales / Chilko / Country: Chile / France / Genre: Current issues, Human Rights, Environment / Duration: 71' / Format: Digital / Language: English, Spanish, French / Year: 2023

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