Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching involves a training path for 12 participants with projects from Latin America. The aim is to boost their creative possibilities and provide opportunities for obtaining finance and positioning their products in the international market.


Online Writing Workshop 

Duration: From July 12 to 21 – 40 HOURS
Hours: 4 hours a day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Col / 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Uy-Arg / 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Bcn (These 4 hours include viewing time and a half-hour break each day).

The aim of this workshop is to scrutinize and revise the proposals so each one will emerge in its best possible version. This workshop will work during 40 hours of immersion in writing where there will ben an analysis of the narrative construction of each project and in-depth work on the relation between the materials that make them up and the impulse that determines what the writer wants to say.

Each project will work a total of 4 hours in which:
– Viewing and presentation of the project
– Questioning, analysis and reconfiguration of the project
– Preparation for pitch presentation
– Pitch test

The work with each project will be done with the presence of the rest of the participants, so it is essential to have availability throughout the workshop. The pitching script review and correction will be individual via email.

Mentor: Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. In 2004 she founded Estudi Playtime in order to devote her time to producing creation documentaries. Her last production “Amanecer” was awarded as best Colombian film at FICCI. In 2017 she founded Walden a documentary training residence. In 2004-2005 she coordinated a Spanish documentary cinema retrospective for Cinéma du Réel. She analyses documentary scripts for the Centre de Desenvolupament Audiovisual.  She has a degree in audiovisual communication and a master’s in creation documentary from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Training for Pitching

Prior to the Pitching, the participants will train their presentations under the guidance of the writing tutors so as to identify the key points of their projects and the best ways of putting them forward.

Documentary Pitching

Each of the 10 participants will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives from television channels and decision makers. The panel has seven minutes to give a response, raise doubts and ask questions.

Meetings with representatives from TV channels and decision makers

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between the participants and the decision makers will be arranged.

July 31st: Award ceremony

The prizes for the projects in the Documentary Pitching will be awarded.

Application is now closed. Good luck!

2020 Documentary Pitching selected projects


IDFA award for the most promising project: For the Director of the project. Support for the flight ticket up to € 900, 5 night of hotel, IDFA Forum pass (to assist the pitchings), IDFA Festival pass (to acces the film program), support of the festival for the activity schedule and meetings with decision makers. In the case that the producer attends IDFA, he or she will be offered with the IDFA Festival pass.
Winner: Lost Time, by María Álvarez.

DokLeipzig Award: Selection of one project for DokLeipzig’s Co-production Meetings. Includes: Support of € 1.000 for travel expenses for the invited team, 4 hotel nights and acreditation.
Winner: Roaring Lambs, by Andrés Ramírez.

DOCSMX Award: Selection of one project for the DOCSMX 2018 Pitching  (includes hotel and acreditation).
Winner: The Black Box, by Elisa Barbosa.

MiradasDoc Award: Selection of one project for the MiradasDoc Pitching at Canary Islands (includes hotel, acreditation and 500 € support for the flight ticket).
Winner: Quarries, by Brunna Laboissiere.

WEMW Award: When East Meets West will offer to one project representative industry accreditation and 4 night accommodation in Trieste. The invited producer or director will have the chance to attend the full WEMW programme, meet key European decision makers and network with more than 450 film professionals from more than 40 different countries.
Winner: Moto, by Gastón Sahajdacny.

ChileDoc Conecta Award: Accreditation for the third international documentary industry meeting ChileDoc Conecta; selection in the industry activities of the event; and a grant of USD 400 to support the purchase of tickets, accommodation or food for the representative.
Winner: The inventory, by Ilana Coleman.

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