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Workshop documental

Documentary Workshop

The DOCUMENTARY WORKSHOP is an initiative to provide conceptual tools and practical contributions for reflection about the creative process and producing documentary films.

Rough cut Lab

Rough cut Lab

ROUGH CUT LAB is an activity that takes place at DocMontevideo aimed to editors with the focus of reflecting on the assembly process and the role of editor, from the analysis of two documentaries in postproduction.

Impact production workshop

Impact production workshop

Two-day training to explore the ecosystem of impact applied to shorts and feature films together with the different actors who can participate in the making of films or their campaigns to reach audiences and commitment to them.




The DocMontevideo Meetings are a space for the commercialization of finalized contents for television in one-off or series formats. They consist of fifteen-minute one-on-one meetings between the project producers and representatives of television companies, sales agents or decision makers. The focus of the market is Latin America, with presence of the United States and Europe.

Pitching Documental

Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching involves a training path for 12 participants with projects from Latin America. The aim is to boost their creative possibilities and provide opportunities for obtaining finance and positioning their products in the international market.

Pitching Series

Series Pitching

The Series Pitching is geared to generating possibilities for financing series projects in Latin America that have partial funding in their own country and are seeking to complete their budgets through international acquisitions or co-productions.


ReuniĆ³n anual de asociados a la red TAL

TAL network associates annual meeting

In 2010 the first meeting of the television channels that are members of the TAL network was held at DocMontevideo. The aim was to strengthen the network, present new lines of work and improve cooperation among these television channels. Since then there have been annual meetings at DocMontevideo. This event has become consolidated as a space for discussion and for setting up international co-production projects among the public Culturel television channels in the network.

Premios TAL

TAL Awards

The TAL Awards aim to recognize and promote excellence and quality in the production of content being made public and Culturel television continent. The main objective of this action is to strengthen the link between broadcasters that make up our network and create a space that allows us to know and recognize, along with the Latin American audience what we are producing today.

Eventos de Networking

Networking events

Networking at DocMontevideo. Relaxed spaces for meeting where participants can create and enhance opportunities for exchange and co-production in Latin America.


La semana del documental

Documentary Week

Documentary Week is a DocMontevideo space for showing films. Every day a new film will be presented by its director or team member and shown. At the end of each film showing is held a participative dialogue between the film makers and members of the audience.

Alternate Realities

Alternate Realities

Sheffield Doc/Fest and British Council presents Alternate Realities. An Exhibition of interactive and virtual reality films from around the world.

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