Rough cut lab

Rough cut lab

ROUGH CUT LAB is an activity that takes place at DocMontevideo aimed to editors with the focus of reflecting on the assembly process and the role of editor, from the analysis of two documentaries in postproduction.


The editing workshop, Rough Cut Lab, its a 3 days training program for 2 documentary films in post-production and a maximum of 30 editors. This year the mentors will be Eduardo Escorel y João Moreira Salles.

Applications for observers are now open! Apply here.
Applications for projects are closed.
Application has no cost. For the selected proyects and editors, the participation has a cost of USD 150 to have access to the Documentary Seminars (for members of ASOPROD, CADU, EOU, Gremio Cine, and studens from UTU, UDELAR, ECU, UM, the cost is USD 100 only).


Eduardo Escorel

Eduardo Escorel (Brazil). Director: “1937-45 Images of the Estado Novo” (2016); “Paulo Moura – Brazilian Soul” (2013); “The time and the place” (2012). Author: Adivinhadores de água (Water diviners, 2005). Academic coordinator and teacher of Fundação Getúlio Vargas’s MBA on Documentary Film; Film critic: Piauí magazine’s site; Editor: Terra em transe (1967), Cabra marcado para morrer (1984), Santiago (2006), No intenso agora (2017).

João Moreira Salles

João Moreira Salles (Brazil) was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962. Founder of VideoFilmes, where he has produced and directed several documentaries that have been awarded worldwide, including “América” (1989), Blues (1990), Nelson Freire (2003), Entreatos (2004) and “Santiago” (2007), which was recognized as Best Film in Cinéma du Réel, Miami Film Festival and Alba Film Festival and Best Documentary of the Year by the Brazilian Film Academy. His last film “No intenso agora” (2017), was launched at Berlinale. Since 2006 he has published the monthly magazine ‘piauí’ which is devoted to long-form journalism.


Morning: Dialogue by Eduardo Escorel and João Moreira Salles.

Afternoon: Meeting with Eduardo Escorel.


Morning: Analysis by João Moreira Salles

Afternoon: Analysis by Eduardo Escorel


Morning: First session of 90mins talking with director João Moreira Salles. Second session of 90mins talking with editor and director Eduardo Escorel.


Selected Projects IN 2017

When They Left

by Verónica Alexandra Haro Abril

Ecuador / 00:50:00

Rosario and Rosalino, my grandparents, were born and lived in Plazuela, a small Ecuadorian town. The grandfathers have been dying, the sons migrated, and we, the grandchildren, grew up. And just like that, nowadays it has become a town inhabited only by old widows. I return to portray the life of the grandmothers, which with their memories, wisdom, and wittiness, give the meaning back to this space that will disappear along with them.

Director: Verónica Alexandra Haro Abril / Producer: Diego Mondaca / Production company: Abril Films / Country: Ecuador / Duration: 00:50:00 / Format: HD

Field of Memory

by Juan Pablo González

México, Estados Unidos / 01:10:00

El Lugar de la Memoria follows the Bolaños family through their process of mourning, constructing a deep meditation on memory and grief. We hear multiple perspectives of each family member as they recount the incident of Nando’s death, the youngest son. Memories of Nando are reawakened by the sudden suicide of María F. Bolaños, Nando’s cousin. This is the second suicide in the Bolaños family and the sixth in the village of Milpillas, Jalisco.

Director: Juan Pablo González / Producer: Toiz Rodríguez / Production companies: Sin Sitio / Teonanacatl Audiovisual / Country: México, Estados Unidos / Duration: 01:10:00 / Format: HD / 4K

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