Rough cut lab

Rough cut lab

ROUGH CUT LAB is an activity that takes place at DocMontevideo aimed to editors with the focus of reflecting on the assembly process and the role of editor, from the analysis of two documentaries in postproduction.

The activity will be held on July 23-25 and will be conducted by Andrea Lucía Kleinman.

Andrea Lucía Kleinman

Andrea Lucía Kleinman (Argentina). Nominee by the National Academy Award to Best Editing for NEY. Best Editing Award together with Marcone for Raidos (BAFiCI). Jonas e o Circo sem Lona (IDFA), Papirosen, Ramón Ayala and Süden were nationally and internationally multi-awarded. Board member of SAE (Argentinian Editors Society) and founding member of EDA (Argentinian Editors Asociation). Teacher at UNA, ENERC, UBA and EICTV (International Film and TV School at Cuba).



» Master Class
» Master Class, part II

Master Class

Sunday 23,
09:30 to 13:00

Centro Cultural de España

Workshop / Accreditation

Masterclass with Andrea Lucía Kleinman. For a whole day we’ll dwell into the work of the editor on documentary films, through the experience and career of the mentor.

Master Class, part II

Sunday 23,
14:30 to 18:00

Centro Cultural de España

Workshop / Accreditation

Second part of the masterclass with Andrea Lucía Kleinman.



» Viewing and Feedback
» Viewing and Feedback, part II

The first day of work will focus on the analysis of the selected projects, establishing a dialogue between filmmakers and mentor.

Viewing and Feedback

Monday 24,
10:00 to 13:30

Centro Cultural de España

The viewing of the rough cut of one of the participating films, will lead to a dialog between the director and the editor and the mentor, in which they discuss the construction of the story from the editing.

Viewing and Feedback, part II

Monday 24,
15:30 to 19:00

Centro Cultural de España

In the afternoon the dynamic is repeated, working with the second of the selected films.



» Dialogue with editors

The second instance will focus on a dialogue between the mentor and the participant editors.

Dialogue with editors

Tuesday 25,
15:00 to 17:00

Centro Cultural de España

On this instance, the mentor will share, on an even dialogue with the editors, his experience.

Selected Projects

When They Left

by Verónica Alexandra Haro Abril

Ecuador / 00:50:00

Rosario and Rosalino, my grandparents, were born and lived in Plazuela, a small Ecuadorian town. The grandfathers have been dying, the sons migrated, and we, the grandchildren, grew up. And just like that, nowadays it has become a town inhabited only by old widows. I return to portray the life of the grandmothers, which with their memories, wisdom, and wittiness, give the meaning back to this space that will disappear along with them.

Director: Verónica Alexandra Haro Abril / Producer: Diego Mondaca / Production company: Abril Films / Country: Ecuador / Duration: 00:50:00 / Format: HD

Field of Memory

by Juan Pablo González

México, Estados Unidos / 01:10:00

El Lugar de la Memoria follows the Bolaños family through their process of mourning, constructing a deep meditation on memory and grief. We hear multiple perspectives of each family member as they recount the incident of Nando’s death, the youngest son. Memories of Nando are reawakened by the sudden suicide of María F. Bolaños, Nando’s cousin. This is the second suicide in the Bolaños family and the sixth in the village of Milpillas, Jalisco.

Director: Juan Pablo González / Producer: Toiz Rodríguez / Production companies: Sin Sitio / Teonanacatl Audiovisual / Country: México, Estados Unidos / Duration: 01:10:00 / Format: HD / 4K

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