Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching involves a training path for 13 participants with projects from Latin America. The aim is to boost their creative possibilities and provide opportunities for obtaining finance and positioning their products in the international market.


Last April 15th we closed the call for documentary projects from Latin America. Before the end of May we will communicate the selection.

18 to 22 July: Writing Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to scrutinize and revise the proposals so each one will emerge in its best possible version. In these five days of immersion in writing there will ben an analysis of the narrative construction of each project and in-depth work on the relation between the materials that make them up and the impulse that determines what the writer wants to say.

Confirmed mentors: Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili in Tarragona. In 2004-2005 she coordinated a Spanish documentary cinema retrospective for Cinéma du Réel. She analyses documentary scripts for the Centre de Desenvolupament Audiovisual. In 2004 she founded Estudi Playtime in order to devote her time to producing creation documentaries. She has a degree in audiovisual communication and a master’s in creation documentary from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

23 and 24 July: Training for Pitching

Prior to the Pitching, the participants will train their presentations under the guidance of the writing tutors so as to identify the key points of their projects and the best ways of putting them forward.

25 July: Documentary Pitching

Each of the 12 participants will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives from television channels and decision makers. The panel has seven minutes to give a response, raise doubts and ask questions.


26 July: Meetings with representatives from TV channels and decision makers

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between the participants and the decision makers will be arranged.


27 July: Award ceremony

During the closing ceremony, the prizes for the projects in the Documentary Pitching will be awarded.

2017 Documentary Pitching selected projects



by Lucas Isidro Gallo


Politics, Creative documentary, History


1982, the Argentine military government invades the Malvinas Islands. Using only television footage generated by the official media of the time, the film tries to reflect on the need for power to create epic conflicts and how it manages to manipulate society. The film only shows one side of the story, and there lies the provocative intent of the film.

Director: Lucas Isidro Gallo / Producer: Patricio Cummins / Production company: LSD Live SA / Country: Argentina / Genre: Politics, Creative documentary, History / Duration: 01:20:00 / Language: Spanish

4K: The Invisible Border

by Alejandro Quijano


Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues


Poncho is a barber, an assassin, and the leader of the ‘Los 13’ gang. He lives in a community immersed in a cycle of violence. After a murder attempt where he was shot 7 times, he depends on crutches for walking. Faced with the impossibility of surviving in this new condition, he is forced to look for a new way of living for the first time and try to cross the invisible border. Will he be able to give up crime and its power?

Director: Alejandro Quijano / Producer: Nicolas Van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf / Production company: Casatarántula / Country: Colombia / Genre: Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues / Duration: 01:15:00 / Format: FullHD / Language: Spanish


by Gian Cassini

Mexico, United States

Current Affaires, Social Issues. Biography


Inspired in the classic of Mexican literature “Pedro Páramo”, “COMALA” tells a man’s journey for knowing his absent father story, a failed hitman killed some years ago.

Director: Gian Cassini / Producer: Gabriel Guzmán / Production company: IMAGYX Entertainment / Country: Mexico, United States / Genre: Current Affaires, Social Issues. Biography / Duration: 01:30:00 / Format: HD / Language: Spanish, English


by María Victoria Pena


Creation Documentary


Delia kept Jorge, her husband alive, sending him a letter each week to the prison where he was imprisoned, while keeping herself writing poems that only she read. But those poems and letters look like two different women, One that promised hope and another that did not know if after everything she was living, she could be happy at some point in her life.

Director: María Victoria Pena / Producer: Eugenia Olascuaga / Production company: Libélula Cine / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary / Duration: 01:25:00 / Format: 2K / Language: Spanish


by Natalia Imery Almario


Creation Documentary, Youth, Current Affaires


When Natalia was 18 years old, told her parents about her female sexual preferences. She is now 27 and rebuilds all what it has meant for her and her family. Her mother doesn´t accept it. Her father who belonged to leftist groups is now ill and swims everyday to keep his mobility. The swimming pool becomes the slot for conversation, reflexion and fight along with his daughter.

Director: Natalia Imery Almario / Producer: Oscar Ruiz Navia, Ángela Trejos Collazos / Production companies: Contravía Films / Oh my Gómez Films / Guazú Media / Country: Colombia / Genre: Creation Documentary, Youth, Current Affaires / Duration: 01:10:00 / Format: FullHD – 4k, HD, 28mm, 2K / Language: Spanish

Maiden’s Tower

by Susanna Lira


Human Rights, Politics, History


The documentary Maiden’s Tower tackles the years in which Brazil was ruled by a military dictatorship, specifically addressing the resistance of female political prisoners who occupied a single cell, commonly dubbed Maiden’s Tower, in the Tiradentes penitentiary in São Paulo, among the prisoners was Brazil’s former President Dilma Rousseff. The stories of the women who were imprisoned in this cell are the film’s main narrative thread.

Director: Susanna Lira / Producer: Nuno Godolphim / Production company: Modo Operante Produções / Country: Brasil / Genre: Human Rights, Politics, History / Duration: 01:11:00 / Format: HD / Language: Portuguese


by Francisco Ríos Flores


Creation documentary, Social issues, Current affaires


It is a sweltering day in Buenos Aires, Miserere square and the railway station are packed. Almost unnoticed, a group of guys prostitute themselves for very little money. Their thoughts emerge, deadening the oppressive hustle and bustle of the square and the station.

Director: Francisco Ríos Flores / Producer: Lucía Rey / Production company: LumaDoc / Country: Argentina / Genre: Creation documentary, Social issues, Current affaires / Duration: 01:10:00 / Format: Full HD / Language: Spanish

My father’s dreams

by Juan Ignacio Fernandez Hoppe


Creation Documentary, Social Issues, History


When I was eight years old my father commited suicide, and the subject of his life was barely ever discussed in my family. The discovery of a box containing his belongings starts me off on a journey to reconstruct his image. As I learn more about him, I come closer to discovering the ultimate bond between us –perhaps a common fate.

Director: Juan Ignacio Fernandez Hoppe / Producer: Carolina Campo Lupo / Production company: Hoppe films / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary, Social Issues, History / Duration: 01:30:00 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish


by Paula Gomes, Haroldo Borges


Creation documentary, Youth, Human Rights


Samuel is 14 years old. Like most boys of his age, he goes to school, flirts, confronts his parents, writes and draws, to externalize what he feels. But Samuel has a not so common goal: he wants to be recognized as a man, even though physically and biologically, he has a woman’s body. As he struggles for that, he will cross the frontier of adolescence, leading us to confront our own fragmented identities.

Director: Paula Gomes, Haroldo Borges / Producer: Marcos Bautista, Ernesto Molinero / Production company: Plano 3 Filmes / Country: Brasil / Genre: Creation documentary, Youth, Human Rights / Duration: 01:20:00 / Format: 2K / Language: Portuguese


Sugar Island

by Johanné Gómez Terrero

Dominican Republic

Creation Documentary, Social Issues, Human Rights


Ana Ingrid’s pregnancy occurs parallel to the time of zafra. Her teenage body is growing, while the machete cuts the long fields of sugar cane. The harvest ends and a sugar cane worker is born. The newborn’s bawl joins the sugar cane blossoms.

Director: Johanné Gómez Terrero / Producer: Johanné Gómez Terrero / Production company: Mackandal / Country: Dominican Republic / Genre: Creation Documentary, Social Issues, Human Rights / Duration: 02:05:00 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish, Creole

The Champion Of The World

by Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro


Creation Documentary


Antonio Osta, 43 years old, ex bodybuilding world champion, trains hard and dreams with winning again before his retirement. But in a visit to the doctor he is diagnosed severe kidney damage that threatens his life. Urged to abandon bodybuilding competition and radically change his daily habits he still claims: “there is no plan B, plan B is an open door for failure”.

Director: Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro / Producer: Pancho Magnou Arnábal / Production company: Montelona Cine / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary / Duration: 01:15:00 / Format: HD / Language: Spanish

The Trees Tell Us

by Carlos David Sepúlveda González


Environment, Social Issues, Creation Documentary


Countryside and industrial parks, home and factory, the daily life and the apocalyptic, give testimony of the town of Ventanas, through a team of soundmen that walk trying to capture diferents kind of noises. During their journey, they know MARÍA (70) a jovial agricultorist afflicted by a pulmonary disease produced by chemical pollution. She, who offers to be a guide, will immerse us into magical spaces where the trees and her past come to life.

Director: Carlos David Sepúlveda González / Producer: Macarena Cristina Monrós Núñez / Production company: Buena Cosecha Producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Environment, Social Issues, Creation Documentary / Duration: 01:10:00 / Format: Full HD / Language: Spanish


by Ana Costa Ribeiro


Science and Technology, Creation Documentary, Medio ambiente


The documentary investigates mysteries of the world through the scientific trajectory of Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro, my grandfather and one of the fathers of experimental physics in Brazil, when discovering the thermodielectric phenomenon. The film takes us to landscapes as a carnauba palm plantation in Ceará, an experimental physics laboratory in São Paulo, a mineral extraction field in Minas Gerais, and an astrophysical observatory, in the Andes.

Director: Ana Costa Ribeiro / Producer: Alice Lanari / Production company: Gaivota Studio / Country: Brazil / Genre: Science and Technology, Creation Documentary, Medio ambiente / Duration: 01:30:00 / Format: 4K / Language: Portuguese, French


IDFA award for the most promising project: For the Director of the project. Support for the flight ticket up to € 900, 5 night of hotel, IDFA Forum pass (to assist the pitchings), IDFA Festival pass (to acces the film program), support of the festival for the activity schedule and meetings with decision makers. In the case that the producer attends IDFA, he or she will be offered with the IDFA Festival pass.

DokLeipzig Award: Selection of one project for DokLeipzig’s Co-production Meetings (includes 4 hotel nights and acreditation).

MiradasDoc Award: Selection of one project for the MiradasDoc Pitching at Canary Islands (includes hotel, acreditation and 500 € support for the flight ticket).

DOCSDF Award: Selection of one project for the DOCSDF 2016 Pitching  (includes hotel and acreditation).

DOCSP Award: Selection of one project for the Co-production Meetings at the DOCSP (includes 4 hotel nights in São Paulo and acreditation).

Colour Award: 20hrs Dosage color + 2k DCP Generation (The prize does not include the cost of scratch artist). The award will be defined between the participating projects of the Documentary Pitching and the Rough Cut Lab.

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