Series Pitching

Series Pitching

The Series Pitching is geared to generating possibilities for financing series projects in Latin America that are seeking to complete their budgets through international acquisitions or co-productions.


On April 15th we closed the call for doc series from Latin America will be open. Before the end of May we will announce the selected projects.


June: Distance Tutoring

The producers of the selected projects will participate in distance tutoring with Mariana Oliva in which they will get a written response that will serve as the basis for their work in Montevideo.

Mariana Oliva

Mariana Oliva (Brazil), producer and director of documentaries. Degree in journalism from PUC-SP and Master in documentary filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh. She worked as coordinator of co-productions and special projects in the TAL network, where she developed nine international co-productions with television channels from 20 countries. She was curator of Documentários de Invenção series for Canal Curta! and Miradas for Canal Brasil. She worked on the articulation, production and distribution of the Why Poverty project in Latin America, broadcasted in over 60 TV channels. She is training coordinator of DOCSP and international consultant for DocMontevideo. Her documentary Piripikura was awarded at IDFA and Rio Film Festival 2017.

21, 22 and 23 July: Writing and Pitching Workshop

The project producers will take part in a workshop geared to giving advice about markets and training for Pitching mentored by Verónica Fiorito and Belisario Franca.

Verónica Fiorito

Verónica Fiorito (Argentina) has a solid career in the field of producing and directing TV & Film, her training is consolidated with a degree in Audiovisual Production and Management. She has developed a career in cultural management becoming Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. She directed and took part in the team that designed and launched the Pakapaka channel, the signal dedicated to children and Canal Encuentro.

24 July: Series Pitching

Each of the producers will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives and decision makers from television companies. The panel has seven minutes to make its response, raise doubts and ask questions.

26 July: Meetings with representatives from television channels and decision makers

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between project producers and decision makers will be arranged.



80 Destinies

by Alice de Andrade

Brazil, Cuba

Culture, Creation Documentary, History

13 episodes


The transformations of Cuban society through the prism of 40 couples’ love stories, revisited 20 years after an extraordinary casting.

Director: Alice de Andrade / Producer: Patrick Leblanc / Production company: Cinematográfica Superfilmes / Country: Brazil, Cuba / Genre: Culture, Creation Documentary, History / Duration: 26' / Episodes: 13 / Format: Digital HD/4K / Language: Portuguese, Spanish



by Ismael Egui Saad


Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues

12 episodes


Backyard is a transmedia project in which an intimate journey is made across different stories of sexual and gender diversity that become visible in different latin American Cities.

Director: Ismael Egui Saad / Producer: Ismael Egui Saad / Production company: Icaro Films / Country: Colombia / Genre: Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues / Duration: 11' / Episodes: 12 / Format: Digital / Language: Spanish

Horizons – South America

by Rubens Crispim


Current Affaires, Environment, Social Issues

13 episodes


After riding his bike around the world, Arthur Simões goes on a new trip, this time to learn about different ways in which people relate to nature, culture, technology and to each other. He will discover alternative policies, techniques and life styles than can serve as inspiration to a more collaborative and sustainable world. His bike ride starts on South America, showing how the region is setting examples through cutting-edge initiatives.

Director: Rubens Crispim / Producer: Priscila Andrade, Raphael Bicesto / Production company: RB6 Produções Ltda - ME / Country: Brazil / Genre: Current Affaires, Environment, Social Issues / Duration: 26' / Episodes: 13 / Format: HD / Language: Portuguese, Spanish


I’m a boy

by Lorena Zilleruelo Jorquera

Chile, France

Human Rights, Social Issues, Youth

6 episodes


An enormous commotion racks to my family, when with only 13 years, my cousin Andrea decides to change her genre. An intense and painful process of comprehension, duel and acceptance starts, which little by little allows the birth and consolidation of David, a happy and selfconfident teenager.

Director: Lorena Zilleruelo Jorquera / Producer: Amalric De Pontcharra, Elisa Sepúlveda Ruddoff / Production companies: Capicúa Films / Amalric de Pontcharra / Country: Chile, France / Genre: Human Rights, Social Issues, Youth / Duration: 45' / Episodes: 6 / Format: HD 1.66 / Language: Spanish


Latin Wars, the series

by Alice Lanari, Pedro Asbeg


Creation Documentary, Socia Issues, Human Rights

6 episodes


América Armada is an original series showing the different forms of violence in Latin American. Whether it is for the deaths that we count, for the weapons that invade our countries, for the news we read or the songs we listen to, violence is today part of the daily lives of millions of people living with it in a trivial way. Our series will tackle the complexity of the tools people use to resist and survive.

Director: Alice Lanari, Pedro Asbeg / Producer: Tereza Alvarez / Production companies: Palmares Produções / Gaivota Studio / Country: Brazil / Genre: Creation Documentary, Socia Issues, Human Rights / Duration: 45' / Episodes: 6 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish, Portuguese, English

Los Angeles Expedition

by Diego de Godoy, Facundo Cantelmi

Uruguay, Brazil

Music, Social Issues, Culture

6 episodes


“Los Angeles Expedition” is a unique and exclusive documentary that will bring to the public an inspiring and relevant story. The series deals with contextual issues that legitimize the reasons and reasons for which the music taught in the Jesuit missions of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay was in fact the most flourishing art, A brand in a new generation of musicians and apprentices.x

Director: Diego de Godoy, Facundo Cantelmi / Producer: Adriana Copetti / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Adriana Copetti, Nelson Wainstein / Production company: Bardot Films / Country: Uruguay, Brazil / Genre: Music, Social Issues, Culture / Duration: 00:29:00 / Episodes: 6 / Format: HD / Language: Portuguese

New World, Street Art in Latin America

by Juan Luis Tamayo Rubio


Culture, Social Issues, Youth

8 episodes


Where there is a wall, there is a territory. Where there is a territory, there is a dispute over its use and control. “New World” is a documentary tv series, which explore and tries to understand Latin America through its street art, rediscovering episodes of the continent´s history that have determined their street´s memories and had filled of colors the walls of its present.

Director: Juan Luis Tamayo Rubio / Producer: Guillermo Migrik Villa / Production company: Tercermundo Producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Culture, Social Issues, Youth / Duration: 52' / Episodes: 8 / Format: AVC4K / Language: Spanish

The Beat

by Carolina del Mar Fernández, Irene Lema


Music, Culture, Creation Documentary

7 episodes


“The Beat” stages the best of contemporary colombian music. In each chapter, an urban band and a traditional master, meet together to vindicate the latinoamerican identity in a musical phenomenon that is conquering the world. “The Beat” is an immersion in the creative moment behind the origins of music.

Director: Carolina del Mar Fernández, Irene Lema / Producer: Consuelo Castillo / Production company: Ojo De Pez Digital / Country: Colombia / Genre: Music, Culture, Creation Documentary / Duration: 52' / Episodes: 7 / Format: HD / Language: Spanish

Women Across Borders

by Clarisa Navas

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay

Social Issues, Culture, Education

8 episodes


Women Across Borders is a series of eight chapters addressing the issue of border relations in the area of the region of northeastern Argentina and its links with the countries of Paraguay and Brazil. Women as protagonists recount their everyday experiences exchange between neighboring countries , and from their realities shaped in such contexts of cultural hybridity , we rethink the concept of borders and their.

Director: Clarisa Navas / Producer: Maria Laura Buslemen / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Maria Laura Buslemen / Production company: Yagua Piru Cine / Country: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay / Genre: Social Issues, Culture, Education / Duration: 26' / Episodes: 8 / Format: Full HD / Language: Spanish, Portuguese, Guaraní


DOCSP Award: Selection of one project for the Co-production Meetings of DOCSP (includes 3 hotel nights in São Paulo and accreditation).

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