Travis Wilkerson in La Semana del Documental – DocMontevideo

Travis Wilkerson (Denver, USA), an exponent of political essay film, will present in La Semana del Documental – DocMontevideo two of his iconic features. Using minimal resources and assuming a multiplicity of roles in his own films, Travis denounces in his cinema the bad public and private practices of different sectors of his country.

In his last film, Did You Wonder Who fired the Gun? (2017), which will be screened on August 5th, the director explores the structural racism in the US. Acting as narrator and guide, Wilkerson investigates the murder of a black man which was killed by director´s great-grandfather in 1946.

An Injury to One (2003) is one of the first films of the director and also a cinematographic manifest for labour rights in capitalism. The feature, that will be screen on August 7th, chronicles the mysterious death of Wobbly organizer Frank Little in the mines of Montan, in 1917.

Travis Wilkerson will offer a masterclass in the Documentary Seminar of DocMontevideo. The call for entries is open in the following link.

La Semana del Documental – DocMontevideo 2019 will be held on August 2nd-8th. The complete programme will be announced on the following days.

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