Documentary Seminar

Documentary Seminar

The DOCUMENTARY SEMINAR is an initiative to provide conceptual tools and practical contributions for reflection about the creative process and the production of documentary films.


It is an instance that seeks to provide conceptual tools and practical contributions for reflection on the creative and production process of documentary cinema. The program offers, through master classes and case studies, an immersion in documentary narrative by leading filmmakers.

There will be 10 Master Class to be held between July 20 and 31.

They will take place virtually through webinars, live streaming with interaction through chat. The user may also have access to the recording of the Seminar on the online platform. It will have simultaneous translation into Spanish and English.

The cost of accreditation to the Documentary Seminar will be USD 35.

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» Case Study "Honeyland" Tamara Kotevska

Case Study "Honeyland" Tamara Kotevska

Monday 20,
11h00 (UTC-3) - 13h00 (UTC-3)

Tamara Kotevska

Tamara Kotevska (Macedonia) is a filmmaker and writer. Honeyland. Honeyland was a winner of three awards at the Sundance Festival and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary.



» "For Sama" Waad Al-Kateab Case Study - Edward Watts

"For Sama" Waad Al-Kateab Case Study - Edward Watts

Tuesday 21,
11h00 (UTC-3) - 13h00 (UTC-3)

Waad Al-Kateab

Waad Al-Kateab, Syrian filmmaker, journalist and activist, lives as refugee in the UK. She learned to film on her own with the aim of recording the Syrian civil war. She began reporting to the UK’s Channel 4 News on the Syrian conflict, work for which she received numerous awards, including the 2016 International Emmy Award for breaking news coverage. Her film For Sama (2019), directed with the British Edward Watts, is the result of the five years that she was documenting her life in Aleppo. It is also a letter to her daughter Sama who was born in the middle of the war. For Sama won the L’Œil d’or Award for Best Documentary at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Best Documentary at the British Academy Film Awards and received a Best Documentary Film nomination at the 2020 Academy Awards. She currently continues to work with Channel 4 and spends time on her advocacy campaign, Action For Sama, which focuses on raising awareness of the situation in Syria and seeks accountability for war crimes committed there.

Edward Watts

Edward Watts, an English filmmaker, has directed more than twenty narrative and documentary films. His films include The Mega Brothel (2015), “Escape from ISIS” (2015) and “For Sama” (2019), which he made with Waad Al-Kateab and for which they won the L’Œil d award. ‘or of the Cannes Film Festival, the BAFTA award for best documentary and obtained a nomination for the Oscars 2020.



» Master Class Yaël Bitton

Master Class Yaël Bitton

Wednesday 22,
11h00 (UTC-3) - 13h00 (UTC-3)

Yäel Bitton

Yael lives in Paris, she has been making films for over 20 years. She received a masters degree in filmmaking from INSAS film school in Brussels. She has directed two feature length documentaries : Not for Sale, 2003; The Rabbi’s 12 children, 2007. From1995 to1999 she worked as a script supervisor on various feature films in the USA, including Lisbon story by Wim Wenders, Girlfight by Karin Kusama, Hamlet by Michael Almereyda… She currently works as an editing tutor at the HEAD in Geneva, as well as an editing and story consultant for Dok Incubator and Rough Cut Services, hosted by Ikka Vehkalahti. Her latest editorial credits include: Radio Silence by Juliana Fanjul; Las fantasmas del Caribe by Felipe Monroy; Disappearances by Anat Even and Machines by Rahul Jain.





Thursday 23,
17h00 (UTC-3) - 19h00 (UTC-3)

Everardo González

Everardo González (United States, 1971) is a Mexican director whose work is considered one of the strongest in Latin America. His work is characterized by the concern to capture social problems and everyday situations, all within the same plane. His films have been shown at festivals such as IDFA, Locarno International Film Festival, BAFICI, Guadalajara International Film Festival and FICM



» Master Class - Claudio Hughes

Master Class - Claudio Hughes

Friday 24,
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Claudio Hugues

Born in Uruguay, he lives in France where he has been editing and consulting for 25 years, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, England and the Netherlands. He has been a tutor at IDFA summer school, Dok Incubator, DPI Korea, Docs by the Sea Indonesia and Berlin Talent Campus. Selected in Cannes, Locarno, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin and IDFA with two opening films: A Family Affair and Stranded that won the Joris Ivens prize for Best Documentary.



» ESTUDIO DE CASO " A media Voz "

ESTUDIO DE CASO " A media Voz "

Monday 27,
11h00 (UTC-3) - 13h00 (UTC-3)

Patricia Pérez Fernández

Havana, 1978. Graduated in Cinematographic Direction from the International School of Cinema in Cuba and Graduated with a Gold Diploma in Theater Direction from the Superior Institute of Art in Cuba. Since 2003 she lives and works in Spain.
Her latest documentary “A Media Voz” has just received the Best Documentary Award at IDFA, Amsterdam (2019) and at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana (2019).

Heidi Hassán

Cuba, 1978. Currently lives and works between Switzerland and Spain. She graduated from Photography Direction at EICTV- Cuba, 2002, and from Cinematographic Direction at HEAD-Switzerland, 2008.
Her works have been presented at prestigious festivals and received numerous distinctions, among which the Best Documentary Award at IDFA, Amsterdam and at the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana for “A Media Voz” should be highlighted.



» Master Class - Anne Fabini

Master Class - Anne Fabini

Tuesday 28,
17h00 (UTC-3) - 19h00 (UTC-3)

Anne Fabini

Anne Fabini (Germany-Rumania) is an editor, editing tutor in international documentary workshops and a member of the Rough Cut Service. She is the winner of the prestigious German Film Critics Award for Best Edition. Her work has been nominated several times for Best Film Edition at the German Film Awards. Her most recent work is the documentary nominated for the Academy Award for Parents and Children by Syrian director Talal Derki.



» Master Class - Janice D'Avila

Master Class - Janice D'Avila

Tuesday 28,
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