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Shooting of “Glances” – Viewfinder 2012

The international network Al Jazeera English broadcasted on Witness the 6 documentaries produced on 2012 Viewfinder Call.

On may 2012 took place in Uruguay, with the support of DocMontevideo, the first Latin American edition of Viewfinder, an Al Jazeera English series that seeks fresh perspectives from an untapped corps of filmmakers anchored in the emerging regions of the world. 287 filmmakers from all Latin America applied for this first Call. 11 filmmakers from 9 countries were chosen to participate in a documentary Workshop.

As a result of this first Call, 6 documentaries from 4 countries of Latin America were produced thar are available to watch online for free.
We now share Viewfinder’s 2012 programming:

Acting Lessons – Manuel Contreras/ Russ Finkelstein (Colombia) – A HIV positive, ex-prostitute takes to the stage to tell the story of Colombia’s women today.

Glances – Alfonso Gastiaburo (Mexico) – A young pair of amateur astronomers use the stars to re-awaken a cultural sense of self across Latin America.

Garbage Homes – Paola Gonsalvez (Bolivia) – Ingrid gets busy building homes in Bolivia using empty plastic bottles.

Over the Wheel – Juan Pablo Rojas (Mexico) – Guadalajara faces the toxic consequence of too much growth, too fast. Activists see one key solution in the form of a bicycle.

Homeless World Cup – Luciana Freitas Silva and Susanna Lira (Brazil) –  Thank you FIFA and the IOC for demolishing our homes in Rio.

Brazil’s Promise – Fernanda Polacow and Juliana Borges (Brazil) – How the dream of streets paved with gold for migrants from Africa to Brazil are dashed by economic reality and racism.

The full programming can be seen at:

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