Release of Viewfinder Latin America 2015


Next sunday the 24th of may Al Jazeera English releases the series Viewfinder Latin America 2015 through their documentary range Witness.

The programme aims to find fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe, to speak about the transformation processes that take place in their societies. These films focus on the power of storytelling to bring about a deeper insight into the impact of global events on local communities.

In this latest series of the Al Jazeera series, Viewfinder Latin America, we travel across the region to bring you stories of passion, personality and the desire for change. These six stories stretch from Argentina to Mexico and take you into the lives of people working hard to transform themselves as well as their communities through art and self-expression.

As a result of the open call carried out in partnership with DocMontevideo during 2014, six documentaries of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico were produced. These will be available online after the release also available through live streaming in Al Jazeera English.

Following screenings:

Little Princess | Sunday, May 31st
Director: Tupac Saavedra (Bolivia)

In ‘Little Princess’ we meet Maria, caught up working in the sex trade on the streets of El Alto, Bolivia. She wants to change her life and leave those streets behind, to find a path to a better future for herself and her young son. Through the efforts of a local shelter for underage sex workers and their own staging of ‘The Little Prince’ she seeks out security and stability but she can she overcome the lure of drugs and the ways of her past.

Invisible Mothers | Sunday, June 7th
Director: Ana Cacopardo (Argentina)

For young mothers serving time behind bars in Argentina there is the special pain of being separated from your child. But in one such prison there is hope. Young mothers are given precious time with their children but also encouraged to create stories for the stage, talking about their experience being on the inside, being ‘Invisible Mothers’

Paz Paz Bus | Sunday, July 14th
Director: Sergio Blanco Martin (Mexico)

On the back roads and dusty streets of Mexico we board the ‘Paz Paz Bus’ as they take their musical tale of environmental activism to small villages and rural communities. With fanciful performances touting the glories of poop Liliana and Enrique are on a mission to raise ecological awareness in the children they meet along the way.

Eugenio’s Close Up | Sunday, June 21st
Director: Soledad Ahumada (Argentina)

Buenos Aires is a massive, sprawling city with nearly 15 million people, many of whom live on the neglected margins of society. One young photographer living in one such slum wants to create a platform for self-expression and art for his young neighbours. He wants to give them a sense of identity that takes them outside their impoverished surroundings. This is the journey in ‘Eugenio’s Close Up’.

Art on the Street | Sunday, June 28th
Director: Guta pacheco & Willem Dias (Brazil)

Sao Paulo is the largest city in western hemisphere with more than 20 million people. As the economic boom has swept through the city the consequences have not always been good ones. In ‘Art on the Street’ we delve into one neighbourhood consumed by drug trafficking. Julio and his fellow artists are trying to change the sense of despair that is endemic and is infecting the children living there. Using graffiti as a tool of public defiance in the face of drug dealers he sweeps children into his artistic world to give them both security and a sense of free expression.

Los estrenos podrán verse por livestream a través de Al Jazeera English – Witness, a las 2230 GMT el día del estreno.

Screenings will be on live streaming through Al Jazeera English – Witness at 2230 GMT during the day of the release.

Repetitions during the week of the release:

Sunday 2230 GMT
Monday 0930 GMT
Tuesday 0330 GMT
Wednesday 1630 GMT
Thursday 0530 GMT

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