28 Jul


by César Charlone, Sebastián Bednarik, Joaquim Castro / Uruguay, Brazil / 2023

20:00 / Sala Zitarrosa


Partido accompanies Fernando Haddad throughout his run for the presidency of the Republic of Brazil in 2018. The documentary presents an intimate account of the months that preceded the election of Jair Bolsonoro as President of Brazil.

Director: César Charlone, Sebastián Bednarik, Joaquim Castro / Producer: César Charlone/Sebastian Bednarik/Andrés Varela/Andrés Benedykt/Marcelo Nucci/Joaquim Castro / Production company: Coral Cine, Opy Filmes / Executive production: Sebastián Bednarik, Andrés Benedykt / Cinematography: César Charlone, Marcelo Nucci / Edition: Joaquim Castro / Sound: Pablo Fernández, Joaquim Castro / International sales: O2 Play / / Main cast: Fernando Haddad

Country: Uruguay, Brazil / Year: 2023 / Duration: 82

Awards and festivals:

Pre-premiere in Uruguay

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