27 Jul

On remembering

by Laura Gabay / Switzerland, France, Uruguay / 2023

21:30 / Sala Zitarrosa


After the coup in Uruguay in 1973, thousands of intellectuals and artists fled the country. My father was among them and went to Europe. After his death three years ago, I found Super 8 films and audio files that he had recorded. Through these archives, I started to build a new family history, trying to reveal and understand the silent pain of exile.

Director: Laura Gabay / Producer: Cécilia Cardoso, Laura Gabay, Morena Henke, Irene Muñoz,Davide Tisato En coproducción con Marie Jaouen, Eugenia Olascuaga Fierro, Valentina Baracco Pena / Production company: Ecran Mobile, Les soeurs Jaouen, Monarca Films / Cinematography: José Alejandro Gabay, Elisa Barbosa Riva, Laura Gabay / Sound: Vuk Vukmanovic, Fernando Manassero, Gaëtan Ricciuti / Mix: Vuk Vukmanovic / Music: Fernando Manassero

Country: Switzerland, France, Uruguay / Year: 2023 / Duration: 62

Awards and festivals:

Visións Du Réel. Pre-premiere in Uruguay

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