26 Jul


by José Pedro Charlo / Uruguay / 2023

20:00 / Sala Zitarrosa


The documentary proposes an immersion in the world of those “crazy shorties”. The protagonists are children who attend a public early childhood care center. This is her year of leaving the center when she turns three. The story is sustained in its language, its tests and experiments, its ways of communicating, its relationship with the environment, with music and other forms of expression. A documentary about the wonderful process of growth and its challenges located in a popular neighborhood and in a very particular year.

Director: José Pedro Charlo / Producer: Clara Charlo / Edition: Agustina Willat / Mix: Daniel Yafalian / Music: Daniel Yafalian

Country: Uruguay / Year: 2023 / Duration: 70

Awards and festivals:

Pre-premiere en Uruguay

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