Documentary Week 2018 Programming

The Documentary Week – DocMontevideo
from July 20 to 26

Zitarrosa Room – Solís Theater
Nelly Goitiño Auditorium – CCE

The Documentary Week is the exhibition space of DocMontevideo, the Documentary Meeting of Latin American Televisions whose tenth edition is celebrated between July 18 and July 27, 2018. Co-organized with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay through the ICAU and with the Montevideo City Hall via the Locations Office, the event gathers more than 400 international professionals each year.

The Documentary Week is the only activity open to all citizens and seeks to bring together the diverse recent production of the continent, which has been awarded at festivals around the world; and promote the exchange between creators and spectators in order to encourage critical audiences.

After a past edition in which we confirmed the good reception of the public (reaching more than 2000 spectators), and on the occasion of the 10 years of the DocMontevideo, this year the Documentary Week is extended: more films, more days and more rooms. From July 20 to 26 you can see eighteen documentary films with the presence of their creators in Sala Zitarrosa, Sala Zavala Muniz of the Solís Theater, Sala B of the Nelly Goitiño Auditorium and the CCE.

Following the maxim of bringing to Montevideo the best of the Latin American documentary of 2017 and 2018, fifteen films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Uruguay that have been awarded internationally are exhibited. In addition, three guest films from Canada, Switzerland and Spain will be screened, which will be premieres in Uruguay.

The programing

One more year, the Documentary Week brings unprecedented programming in the country with the best of the current Latin American documentary. An opportunity to get to know the most recent regional production, which is getting stronger and stronger on the international scene and which proposes an introspection towards the continent from different perspectives.

With a strong author component, the selection is marked by a majority of films directed by women (eleven), as well as several debut films of the emerging regional talent (nine) that is breaking into festivals around the world. Also highlighted in the program is a high presence of Brazilian films, which responds to the great growth -in quantity and quality- of documentary production in the neighboring country.

Among the highlights is “The Trial“, by the Brazilian director María Augusta Ramos, a look from behind the scenes of the impeachment in Brazil; “Heiress of the wind“, a personal film by the Nicaraguan Gloria Carrión that seeks answers from her parents, militants anti-Somocistas; “Theater of war” by the multidisciplinary artist Lola Arias, who with a very particular approach reflects on the effects of the war with the combatants of Argentina and England in the Malvinas; or the Uruguayan premiere of the directors Claudia Abend and Adriana Loeff (“Hit”), “The Prime of Life“, a tale of love, indifference and old age that will open La Semana del Documental.

The program also includes works of recognized trajectories. This line includes the Argentine “Tie your Plough to a Star” by filmmaker Carmen Guarini, a search for the utopia that pays homage to the recently deceased Fernando Birri, the so-called “father of the New Latin American Cinema”; and the Brazilian “In the intense now“, a revision to the revolutions of 68 directed by João Moreira Salles and mounted by Eduardo Escorel, both guests of the DocMontevideo that will be dictating the editing workshop.

Also, you can see several films that passed through the DocMontevideo in its development stage, and now return to complete the cycle on the screen of the Documentary Week. This is the case of “The best thing you can do with your life“, “The creator of universes“, “The union“, “We the stones” or the mentioned “The prime of life“.

In parallel, two films by one of the special guests of this edition of DocMontevideo, the prolific Swiss-Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler, are on display. Known for his connections between the experimental, the documentary, the narrative and the essay, with him we can see his latest feature film, “Becoming Animal” (released last March); and one of his most famous previous works, “Picture of Light“, a journey towards the capture of the northern lights.

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