The Documentary Week is the exhibition space of DocMontevideo.
A programme that brings together the best of recent Latin American documentary and invites to dialogue with its creators.
From July 20 to 26, in the tenth edition of DocMontevideo.



On the tenth anniversary of DocMontevideo, eight films from The Docuymentary Week participate for the Montevideo City Hall Award of Youngh Critic.
Endowed with 2,500 USD, the recognition will be granted by seven members who participate in the Young Critic project carried out by the Solís Theater, the National Institute of Performing Arts (INAE) and the National Youth Institute (INJU), in which since 2018, the Locations Office participates by training young people around film production and critic.
The films that aspire to the award are “The prime of life”, “Dawn”, “Baronesa”, “The Union”, “We the Stones”, “Elegy of a crime”, “Theater of war” and “The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Life”
The jury is composed by Iván Viana, Ihasa Tinoco, Rodrigo Guerra, Luisina Fungi, Santiago Barreiro, Mathías Fuentes and Leonor Courtoisie.

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