• Teatro Solís, sede principal de DocMontevideo.

  • Acto de apertura de DocMontevideo 2013.

  • Acto de apertura de DocMontevideo 2013 con directora Gisella Previtali (OFL-IM), subsecretario Edgardo Ortuño (MIEM), ministro Ricardo Ehrlich (MEC), directora Adriana González (ICAU-MEC) y director Luis G. Zaffaroni (DocM).

  • Taller de Escritura con Marta Andreu para los seleccionados al Pitching Documental.

  • Pitching Documental.

  • Meetings de Neogcios.

  • Taller de Escritura con Emma Davie (UK) para los seleccionados al Pitching Documental.

  • Tutores de la Hackathon DocMontevideo 2013: Dominique Willieme, Martin Viau y Hugues Sweeney de NFB (Canadá) junto a Alexander Knetig de ARTE (Francia).

  • Teleconferencia en "La semana del documental" con Lech Kowalski desde Polonia.

  • Taller de Escritura con Aldo Garay y Mariana Oliva para los seleccionados al Pitching Series.

  • Pablo Ratto (productor) y Nicolás Prividera (director) en la proyección de "Tierra de los padres" durante "La semana del documental".

  • I+doc con Monique Simard (NFB), Deborah Drisdell (NFB), Alexander Knetig (ARTE France) y Hugues Sweeney (NFB).

  • La co-montajista de "Elena", Marilia Moraes, durante su estudio de caso en el Workshop Documental.

  • José Rodríguez (Tribeca) y Bruni Burres (Sundance) en el Workshop Documental.

  • Participantes trabajando durante la Hackathon DocMontevideo 2013.

  • Guzmán García (director) junto a los protagonistas de "Todavía el amor" en la exhibición de "La semana del documental".Guzmán García (director) along with the main characters of "Love still" during the exhibition at "The documentary week".

  • El director Luis Ospina (Colombia) durante su master class en el Workshop Documental.

  • Alfonso Gastiaburo, Patricia Boero y Jean Garner (Al Jazeera English) en el Workshop Documental.

  • V Foro de las Televisoras Latinoamericanas.

  • Reunión anual de asociados a la red TAL (Televisión América Latina).

  • Entrega de los Premios TAL en la sala principal del Teatro Solís.

  • Workshop eTAL.

  • Premios TAL.



  • Adnaan Wasey

    Adnaan Wasey (United States) is the Executive Producer of POV Digital, the Webby Award-winning department that drives new storytelling initiatives for the PBS documentary series POV. Before joining POV, Adnaan was an editor, contributing to some the nation’s [...]

    + read more
  • Aldo Garay

    Aldo Garay (Uruguay) is a director. He is currently working as a film maker at the Uruguayan channel Tevé Ciudad. He has made dozens of one-off reports, series of reports and feature-length films for the cinema including The wait (2002), Near the [...]

    + read more
    Aldo Garay ponente DocMontevideo
  • Anahí María Lovato

    Anahí María Lovato (Argentina). She is Coordinator of Multimedia Content and Community Manager in the Multimedia Communication Direction, UNR. She made news production, computer graphics and interactive map in Documedia Calles Perdidas: el avance del narcotráfico en Rosario. [...]

    + read more
  • Bruni Burres

    Bruni Burres (United States) is Senior Consultant for the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program, a mentor and media expert with Greenhouse Film Centre and a freelance film producer and media consultant. Previously, she was the director of the Human [...]

    + read more
  • Fernando Irigaray

    Fernando Irigaray (Argentina). Director of the Master in Interactive Digital Communication and Multimedia Communication Director (UNR). Transmedia producer and audiovisual maker. He is also director and producer of TV programs and documentaries. He won the ”King of Spain” Award on the Digital [...]

    + read more
  • Gisela Moreno

    Gisela Moreno (Argentina). News producer in the Multimedia Communication Dorection of the National University of Rosario (UNR). Shee teaches the Seminar of Integration and Production at the School of Communication at UNR. She works as a web and [...]

    + read more
  • Hugues Sweeney

    Hugues Sweeney (Canada) has been an executive producer of interactive productions at the National Film Board of Canada since 2009. Previously he was head of the Bande à Part multimedia project and programming chief at Espace Musique. His [...]

    + read more
    Hugues Sweeney ponente DocMontevideo
  • Jean Garner

    Jean Garner (United States) is in charge of co-productions and acquisitions for the program Witness on the Al Jazeera channel in English, which since it started in 2006 has shown more than 500 documentaries all over the World. [...]

    + read more
    Jean Garner ponente DocMontevideo
  • José Rodríguez

    José Rodríguez (Puerto Rico). He is the Manager for Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute. A native of Puerto Rico, he grew up with a passion for movies that led him to Syracuse University (NY), where he [...]

    + read more
  • Mariana Oliva

    Mariana Oliva (Brazil) is a filmmaker and coordinator for co-productions and new international projects at TAL. She was one of the creators of the series Mi país, nuestro mundo, a co-production among nine Latin American countries. In the last year [...]

    + read more
    Mariana Oliva ponente DocMontevideo
  • Marta Andreu

    Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili [...]

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    Marta Andreu
  • Martin Viau

    Martin Viau (Canada) is head of technology and head of projects in the interactive production area at the NFB. He started there in 2006 as a DVD designer. In 2009 he joined the interactive production team and returned [...]

    + read more
  • Niels Pagh Andersen

    Niels Pagh Andersen (Denmark) has cut more than 250 films including the Oscar-nominated Nils Gaup’s Pathfinder; Pirjo Honkasalo’s The 3 rooms of Melancholia, Nahid Persson’s Prositution behind the veil, Jennifer Fox’s Flying – Confessions of free woman, Jan Troell’s Everlastning moments, and Joshua Oppenheimer’s The [...]

    + read more
  • Noé Mendelle (distance mentor)

    Noe Mendelle co-founded and manages the SDI, a research and production centre based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She directed more than 30 films, and ten years ago she concentrated her efforts on production. She works with French and Portuguese [...]

    + read more
    Noemi Mendelle ponente DocMontevideo
  • Ryan Harrington

    Ryan Harrington (United States). Director of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute, where he oversees year-round documentary funding and filmmaker support initiatives. Previously, he managed production at A&E IndieFilms, where he championed the films Murderball, Jesus Camp, [...]

    + read more

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