• Teatro Solís, sede principal de DocMontevideo.

    Solís Theatre of Montevideo.

  • Autoridades en la ceremonia de apertura en DocMontevideo.

    Authorities at the opening of DocMontevideo 2014.

  • Ceremonia de apertura de DocMontevideo 2014.
Luis González Zaffaroni (Director de DocMontevideo), Adriana González (Directora de ICAU), Prof. Ana Olivera (Intendenta de Montevideo).

    Opening ceremony of DocMontevideo 2014.
    Luis González Zaffaroni (Director of DocMontevideo), Adriana González (Director of ICAU), Ana Olivera (Governor of Montevideo's City Hall).

  • Pitching Documental de DocMontevideo 2014

    Documentary Pitching DocMontevideo 2014

  • Pitching Series en DocMontevideo 2014.

    Series Pitching at DocMontevideo 2014.

  • El Workshop de Tribeca trabaja con cinco proyectos uruguayos con potencial para presentarse al mercado norteamericano.

    The Tribeca Workshop works with five uruguayan projects with potential to enter the northamerican audiovisual market.

  • Edgardo Cozarinsky (ARG), abrió La Semana del Documental con "Carta a un padre".

    Edgardo Cozarinsky (ARG) opened the Documentary Week at DocMontevideo with "Carta a un padre".

  • Workshop Documental de DocMontevideo 2014.

    Documentary Workshop of DocMontevideo 2014.

  • Diálogo con Niels Pagh Andersen en la exhibición de The Act of Killing.

    Dialogue with Niels Pagh Andersen at the exhibition of The Act of Killing.

  • Presentación de la Hackathon DocMontevideo 2014.

    Presentation of the Hackathon DocMontevideo 2014.

  • Workshop eTAL en DocMontevideo.

    eTAL Workshop at DocMontevideo.

  • Exhibición de The Act of Killing con su montajista, Niels Pagh Andersen.

    Exhibition of The Act of Killing with its editor, Niels Pagh Andersen.

  • Presentación de Tribeca Film Institute, en el Workshop Documental de DocMontevideo.

    Presentation of Tribeca Film Institute by Opeyemi Olukemi.

  • Workshop Tribeca en DocMontevideo. Alexandra Hannibal (EEUU), de Tribeca Film Institute.

    Workshop Tribeca at DocMontevideo with Alexandra Hannibal (USA) from Tribeca Film Institute.

  • Ceremonia de clausura de DocMontevideo 2014.

    Closing ceremony of DocMontevideo 2014.

  • Jean Garner (Al Jazeera) presentó los proyectos seleccionados a Viewfinder América Latina 2014.

    Jean Garner (Al Jazeera English) presented the selected projects for Viewfinder Latin America 2014.

  • Ceremonia de los Premios TAL en el Teatro Solís de Montevideo.

    TAL Awards ceremony at the Solís Theater of Montevideo.

  • El Cuarteto del Amor en la ceremonia de los Premios TAL.

    El Cuarteto del Amor at the TAL Awards ceremony.



  • Adnaan Wasey

    Adnaan Wasey (United States) is the Executive Producer of POV Digital, the Webby Award-winning department that drives new storytelling initiatives for the PBS documentary series POV. Before joining POV, Adnaan was an editor, contributing to some the nation’s […]

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  • Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen

    Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen (Netherlands) is Head of the Industry office of IDFA since February 2007, overseeing the IDFA’s markets and IDFA’s training initiative IDFAcademy. She is a member of the selection committee of IDFA Bertha Fund. She got involved in […]

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  • Aldo Garay

    Aldo Garay (Uruguay) is a director. He is currently working as a film maker at the Uruguayan channel Tevé Ciudad. He has made dozens of one-off reports, series of reports and feature-length films for the cinema including The wait (2002), Near the […]

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    Aldo Garay ponente DocMontevideo
  • Alexandra Hannibal

    Alexandra Hannibal (United States) is Coordinator of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute. She received her undergraduate degree from NYU and worked for Lincoln Center before pursuing a career in documentaries. She is a graduate of the […]

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  • Anahí María Lovato

    Anahí María Lovato (Argentina). She is Coordinator of Multimedia Content and Community Manager in the Multimedia Communication Direction, UNR. She made news production, computer graphics and interactive map in Documedia Calles Perdidas: el avance del narcotráfico en Rosario. […]

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  • André Saddy

    André Saddy (Brazil), is a partner and Director of Marketing and Projects Canal Brasil since 1999. Is partner in Motiro pareja enterprise, associated to Cinespaço Group, which has 39 exhibition rooms. He worked from ’95 to ’99 in LC […]

    + read more
  • Andrea Pozzolo Enciso

    Andrea Pozzolo Enciso (Uruguay). Social Communication Technician, specialized in Executive Production. Format and Direction of “Un sabor me trajo hasta aquí” (2 seasons/23 episodes), documentary series on the history of gastronomy in Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Executive […]

    + read more
  • Andreína Pérez

    Andreína Pérez (Venezuela). Graduated in Arts and Cinema. Finished courses at Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, Escuela Suerior Internacional (IDEA). Course in Techniques and Strategies of International Negotiation at Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía (CNAC). Currently working at TELESUR […]

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  • Bruni Burres

    Bruni Burres (United States) is Senior Consultant for the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program, a mentor and media expert with Greenhouse Film Centre and a freelance film producer and media consultant. Previously, she was the director of the Human […]

    + read more
  • Cecilia González Spátola

    Cecilia González Spátola (Uruguay). BA in Communication specialized in Audiovisual Production and Management. Director of the documentary “Memoria del hielo.” Original idea and direction of the TV series “Historias invisibles” (21 chapters, TNU 2011-12/13). Format and Direction of “Un sabor […]

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  • Claudia Rodríguez Valencia

    Claudia Rodríguez Valencia (Colombia) is graduated in Social Communication, specialized in educative television by Pontifica Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, Colombia. Has designed Tv series for recognized producers and worked at the Ministry of Culture of Colombia as a consultant […]

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  • Daniel Fernández Melo

    Daniel Fernández Melo (Uruguay) is Head of DocMontevideo’s Market and Coordinator of the DocMontevideo Hackathon. He is professor of the Audiovisual Department of the Faculty of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic. He graduated in Communication Sciences […]

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  • Davi Pretto

    Davi Pretto (Brazil) His first feature “Castanha” had its premiere at 64th Berlinale – Forum. His second feature project “Até o Caminho” (Towards the Path) won the award for script development of Santander Cultural / PMPA / APTC-RS […]

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  • Edgardo Cozarinsky

    Edgardo Cozarinsky (Argentina). Writer and filmmaker. Among his books are: La novia de Odessa, El rufián moldavo, Maniobras nocturnas, Lejos de dónde, Dinero para fantasmas. Among his films: La Guerre d’un seul homme, Citizen Langlois, Ronda nocturna and […]

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  • Edison Cájas

    Edison Cájas (Chile) is a young filmmaker recently graduated from the School of Film and Television at the University of Chile, also has a degree in Philosophy from the same university. His short films have participated in all the […]

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  • Federico Peretti

    Federico Peretti (Argentina). He approached the filming industry fourteen years ago, editting numerous film and publicity projects. In 2004 he made Oscura Noche, his first short film that got numerous international awards. Séptimo Piso, his second, is chosen as one […]

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  • Fernando Irigaray

    Fernando Irigaray (Argentina). Director of the Master in Interactive Digital Communication and Multimedia Communication Director (UNR). Transmedia producer and audiovisual maker. He is also director and producer of TV programs and documentaries. He won the “King of Spain” Award on the Digital […]

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  • Gisela Moreno

    Gisela Moreno (Argentina). News producer in the Multimedia Communication Dorection of the National University of Rosario (UNR). Shee teaches the Seminar of Integration and Production at the School of Communication at UNR. She works as a web and […]

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  • Hugues Sweeney

    Hugues Sweeney (Canada) has been an executive producer of interactive productions at the National Film Board of Canada since 2009. Previously he was head of the Bande à Part multimedia project and programming chief at Espace Musique. His […]

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    Hugues Sweeney ponente DocMontevideo
  • Jean Garner

    Jean Garner (United States) is in charge of co-productions and acquisitions for the program Witness on the Al Jazeera channel in English, which since it started in 2006 has shown more than 500 documentaries all over the World. […]

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    Jean Garner ponente DocMontevideo
  • Jerson Jussef Parra

    Jerson Parra (Colombia). Social Communicator and journalist. General Producer of Señal Colombia. Has also been General Producer of the promotions area and producer of programmes that integrated the range of cultural actuality and cinema. Was Director of the […]

    + read more
  • Jorge Olmos

    Graduated in Political Sciences and Administration at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Investigating professor at UCV. Coordinator of production and consultant for the Vicepresident of contents at Telesur.

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  • Juan Álvarez Neme

    Juan Álvarez Neme (Uruguay). Nació en 1972, en Montevideo. Después de terminar sus estudios en la Escuela de Cine de Uruguay en 1999, produjo y filmó diversos institucionales y otros contenidos audiovisuales de forma independiente. Desarrolla su profesión […]

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  • Malu Viana

    Malu Viana (Brazil) has a master’s degree in education from the University of London (1989). Since 1995 she has been working in the audiovisual production field. She did the production management course at the National Film and Television […]

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  • Mariana Oliva

    Mariana Oliva (Brazil) is a filmmaker and coordinator for co-productions and new international projects at . She was one of the creators of the series Mi país, nuestro mundo, a co-production among nine Latin American countries. In the last year […]

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    Mariana Oliva ponente DocMontevideo
  • Marta Andreu

    Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili […]

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    Marta Andreu
  • Martha Orozco

    Martha Orozco (Mexico). Among her latest productions are, “Drought/Cuates de Australia” who awared Los Angeles FF 2012 “Die standing up” (Screenwiter) The last two were selected at IDFA and award Best Mexican Documentary in FICG.All her films got a […]

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  • Martin Viau

    Martin Viau (Canada) is head of technology and head of projects in the interactive production area at the NFB. He started there in 2006 as a DVD designer. In 2009 he joined the interactive production team and returned […]

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  • Matthias Heeder

    Matthias Heeder (Germany) is member of DOK Leipzig‘s selection board . Since 1979 he’s living as filmmaker and producer of documentaries (cinema&tv) in Hamburg/Germany. He is co-founder of Rhizomfilm and member of the EDN/European Documentary Network. He is working […]

    + read more
  • Micaela Solé

    MICAELA SOLE is a filmmaker since 1997. She studied in Uruguay, Cuba and Spain.  Since 1999 she works as a producer in Uruguayan and international projects. In 2007 she co-created CORDON FILMS in order to produce feature and […]

    + read more
  • Natalí Schejtman

    Natalí Schejtman (Argentina) has worked in the media since 2001. She has written about cinema, TV and new media for national and Latin American media. She has also been screenwriter and producer for educational TV series.  She was […]

    + read more
  • Niels Pagh Andersen

    Niels Pagh Andersen (Denmark) has cut more than 250 films including the Oscar-nominated Nils Gaup’s Pathfinder; Pirjo Honkasalo’s The 3 rooms of Melancholia, Nahid Persson’s Prositution behind the veil, Jennifer Fox’s Flying – Confessions of free woman, Jan Troell’s Everlastning moments, and Joshua Oppenheimer’s The […]

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  • Niorka López

    Niorka López (Venezuela). Licenced in Publicity and Tourism Administration. Currently working as Programming and Promotions Coordinator at Telesur.

    + read more
  • Opeyemi Olukemi

    Opeyemi Olukemi has managed the TFI New Media Fund since 2011 and has expanded the Digital Initiatives department to include TFI Interactive—a day-long immersion into the world of digital storytelling, Tribeca Sandbox—an interactive field report, and Tribeca Hacks—a […]

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  • Pablo Francischelli

    Pablo Francischelli (Brazil) began working in film as an editor. He directed the short documentary “Como Usted Vá a Cambiar el Mundo?” and “Chew On This”. In 2009, he directed two seasons of the series “Pelas Tabelas” for […]

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  • Paola Wink

    Paola Wink (Brazil) produced several short films and worked as executive producer of important film shows as “20 years of Takashi Miike” at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. His first feature film […]

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  • Patricia Boero

    Patricia Boero estudió cine en la Universidad de New South Wales en Sydney, Australia, donde trabajó en Film Australia y SBS TV. En Cuba fue corresponsal de la BBC y productora para CNN y TV Latina. En Estados […]

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  • Verónica Fiorito

    Verónica Fiorito (Argentina). She has served in recent years in Argentinian Public TV, first as Director of Canal Encuentro and then as Director of Pakapaka. As Executive Producer she produced the feature film Belgrano y Revolución, el Cruce de los […]

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  • Virginia Bogliolo

    Virginia Bogliolo (Uruguay). She graduated in Social Communication at Universidad de la República in 2000. Between 2001 and 2002 she attended many courses and workshops in film training. She teaches Production I at the Escuela de Cine del Uruguay […]

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