• Taller de Escritura del Pitching Documental con Koen Suidgeest (Holanda)

    Writing Workshop of the Documentary Pitching with Koen Suidgeest (Netherlands)

  • Autoridades en la ceremonia de apertura de DocMontevideo. Ignacio Hernaiz (Direrctor de la Oficina OEI-Mercosur en Ururguay), Adriana González (Directora de ICAU), Daniel Martínez (Intendente de Montevideo), Sylvia Bahiense Naves (Coordinadora de gestión estratégica, SAV, Brasil), Luis González Zaffaroni (Director de DocMontevideo), .

    Authorities at the opening of DocMontevideo 2015. Ignacio Hernaiz (Director of the OEI Mercosur Office in Uruguay), Adriana González (Director of ICAU), Daniel Martínez (Governor of Montevideo's City Hall), Sylvia Bahiense Naves (Strategic management coordinator, SAV, Brazil) Luis González Zaffaroni (Director of DocMontevideo).

  • Ceremonia de clausura de DocMontevideo 2015.

    Closing ceremony of DocMontevideo 2015.

  • DocLab UY en DocMontevideo. Leena Pasanen (Finalndia), de DOKLeipzig.

    DocLab UY at DocMontevideo. Leena Pasanen (Finalnd), from DOKLeipzig.

  • El DocLab UY trabaja con cinco proyectos uruguayos con potencial para presentarse al mercados del norte.

    The DocLab UY works with five uruguayan projects with potential to enter the northern audiovisual markets.

  • Presentación de la Hackathon DocMontevideo 2015.

    Presentation of the Hackathon DocMontevideo 2015.

  • Diálogo con Marcia Tambutti Allende luego de la exhibición de Allende mi abuelo Allende en el marco de La semana del Documental

    Dialogue with Marcia Tambutti Allende after the exhibition of Beyond my grandfather Allende in the Documentary Week

  • Marta Andreu en el Workshop Documental de DocMontevideo

    Marta Andreu at DocMontevideo's Documentary Workshop

  • Diálogo con Carlos Nader luego de la exhibición de La pasión de JL en La Semana del Documental

    Dialogue with Carlos Nader after the exhibition of JL's passion at the Documentary Week

  • Pitching Documental de DocMontevideo 2015.

    Documentary Pitching DocMontevideo 2015.

  • Pitching Series en DocMontevideo 2015.

    Series Pitching at DocMontevideo 2015.

  • Los Prolijos en la ceremonia de los Premios TAL.

    Los Prolijos at the TAL Awards ceremony.

  • Ceremonia de los Premios TAL en el Teatro Solís de Montevideo.

    TAL Awards ceremony at the Solís Theater of Montevideo.

  • Teatro Solís, sede principal de DocMontevideo.

    Solís Theatre, DocMontevideo's main venue.

  • Workshop Documental de DocMontevideo 2015.

    Documentary Workshop of DocMontevideo 2015.

  • Equipo de la Hackathon, trabajando en el desarrollo del prototypo.

    Hackathon team, working on the developement of the prototype.

  • Master class y Rough Cut Lab con Jordana Berg (Brasil)

    Master class and Rough Cut Lab with Jordana Berg (Brazil)

  • Kathleen Lingo (Estados Unidos) en la presentación de The New York Times Op-Docs

    Kathleen Lingo (Estados Unidos) at the presentation of The New York Times Op-Docs

  • Exhibición de "El hombre nuevo" en la Sala Zitarrosa, durante La semana del documental.

    Exhibition of "The new man" at Sala Zitarrosa, during The documentary week.

  • Meetings de negocios entre productores independientes y televisoras

    Business Meetings between independant producers and TV bradcasters

  • Taller de Entrenamiento para el Pitching Series a cargo de Hilton Lacerda (Brasil) y Álvaro Buela (Uruguay).

    Training for the Series Pitching with Hilton Lacerda (Brazil) and Álvaro Buela (Uruguay).

  • eTAL, reunión anual de asociados a la Red TAL en DocMontevideo

    eTAL, annual meeting of TAL Network's associates at DocMontevideo

Speakers and Tutors

  • alan-berliner-web
    Alan Berliner

    Alan Berliner (United States) is one of America’s most acclaimed independent filmmakers. His films First Cousin Once Removed (2013), Wide Awake (2006), The Sweetest Sound (2001), Nobody’s Business (1996), Intimate Stranger (1991), and The Family Album (1986), have […]

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  • andres-di-tella-web
    Andrés Di Tella

    Andrés Di Tella (Argentina) directed Montoneros, una historia (1995), Macedonio Fernández (1995), Prohibido (1997), La televisión y yo (2002), Fotografías (2007), El país del Diablo (2008) Hachazos (2011), ¡Volveremos a las montañas! (2012), Máquina de sueños (2013), El […]

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  • bruni-burres-web
    Bruni Burres

    Bruni Burres (United States) is Senior Consultant for the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program. For over 20 years, Bruni Burres has worked at the intersection of arts, culture and human rights as a festival director, a media educator, creative producer […]

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  • claudia-rodriguez-valencia-web
    Claudia Rodríguez Valencia

    Claudia Rodríguez Valencia (Colombia) is General Director of Preciosa Media. Social Communication graduate with an emphasis on Educational Communication, with professional studies in Colombia and Italy. Her specialization is in the design and development of educational and entertainment media, consulting […]

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  • daniel-fernandez-melo-web
    Daniel Fernández Melo

    Daniel Fernández Melo (Uruguay) is General Coordinator of DocMontevideo. He is professor of the Audiovisual Department of the Faculty of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic. He has participated as jury and decision maker in international cinema events […]

    + read more
  • elizabeth-mcintyre-web
    Elizabeth McIntyre

    Elizabeth McIntyre (United Kingdom) is the CEO and Festival Director of Sheffield Doc/Fest, one of the world’s leading documentary festivals. She began her career in production with credits such as the award winning The Lost Children of Berlin, moving […]

    + read more
  • emiliano-mazza-de-luca-web
    Emiliano Mazza De Luca

    Emiliano Mazza De Luca (Uruguay). Montevideo 1970. Director, Producer. In 2011 he created Passaparola, where he directed and produced the feature films: New Venice (2016, 80-52min), Crowds (2014, 65min), Life on Board (80min editing.) and Plano, Color y […]

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  • eryk-rocha-web
    Eryk Rocha

    Eryk Rocha (Brazil) directed in 2002 Rocha que Voa, his first feature film. In 2006 he directed his second feature, Intervalo Clandestino. In 2009 his film Pachamama was shown and awarded in many festivals. In 2011 he premiered his first fiction […]

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  • fabio-lima-web
    Fábio Lima

    Fábio Lima (Brazil). Executive Director of Digital Sofa, preferential iTunes films aggregator in Latin America, GooglePlay, Youtube and NOW for Transactional VOD model. Ex-director of Mobz, digital distributor. He was among the founding members of Rain Network, Digital […]

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  • giba-assis-brasil-web
    Giba Assis Brasil

    Giba Assis Brasil (Brazil) was born in Porto Alegre, 1957. He has a degree in Journalism. Partner of the production company Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre. Film professor at Unisinos. Editor of 18 feature films, as The […]

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  • jose-pedro-charlo-web
    José Pedro Charlo

    José Pedro Charlo Filipovich (Uruguay) is a director, producer and teacher. He directed the documentary films At five o’clock, Hector Weaver, The Circle and The Almanac. His documentaries have been screened at festivals, exhibitions and television broadcasters in America […]

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  • julieta-barbara-steinbrg-web
    Julieta Bárbara Steinberg

    Julieta Steinberg (Argentina) works as a screenwriter since 2004. She participated in film projects such as “Musica en Espera” and “35 and single”. Also in several TV projects like: Hermanos y Detectives, Guapas, Yo Soy Franky, etc. Currently […]

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  • kim-busch-web
    Kim Busch

    Kim Busch (Germany) has been working for DOK Leipzig since 2011 in different positions. Since 2014 she is working as a programme coordinator for the festival and cooperations around the world. She has a master’s degree in Media and […]

    + read more
  • maria-laura-ruggiero-web
    María Laura Ruggiero

    María Laura Ruggiero (Argentina). Filmmaker and storyteller specialized in Experience Design and transmedia storytelling. International speaker (Berlinale, BAFICI) and teacher, in the fields of film innovation and VR. Member of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School. NATPE Diversity Fellow and […]

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  • maria-teresa-osorio-web
    María Teresa Osorio Salazar

    María Teresa Osorio Salazar (Colombia). Artist and filmmaker, with experience managing television production, animation development and production and development of children’s series. She worked in Señal Colombia as Executive Producer and Aquisitions. From Preciosa Media it is dedicated to consulting […]

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  • mariana-oliva-web
    Mariana Oliva

    Mariana Oliva (Brazil), producer and director of documentaries. Degree in journalism from PUC-SP and Master in documentary filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh. She worked as coordinator of co-productions and special projects in the TAL network, where she developed nine […]

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  • marta-andreu-web
    Marta Andreu

    Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili […]

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  • martha-orozco-web
    Martha Orozco

    Martha Orozco (Mexico). Filmmaker. Human Rights documentarires. Her latest films are New Venice and Beyond my grandfather Allende (L’oeil D’or Cannes2015). Awarded by the Mexican Academy for the film Cuates de Australia. Directs the Department of Production at the […]

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  • martin-nahuel-rabaglia-web
    Martín Nahuel Rabaglia

    Martin Nahuel Rabaglia (Argentina) is an Information Engineer, Bass Player and Digital Storyteller that loves to create experiences to merge digital and real worlds. Works as Tech and Experiences Director at Genosha, an argentine digital agency and from there […]

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  • micaela-sole
    Micaela Solé

    Micaela Solé (Uruguay) is filmmaker since 1997. She studied in Uruguay, Cuba and Spain. Since 1999 she works as a producer on both Uruguayan and international projects. In 2007 she co-founded CORDON FILMS to produce both documentary and […]

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  • paula-gomes
    Paula Gomes

    Paula Gomes (Brazil) is director and screenwriter. Her new movie Jonas and the Circus without Tent, had its world premiere at IDFA, and won the TFI Latin America Arts Fund 2014, awarded by the Tribeca Film Institute (USA). The […]

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  • paula-vaccaro-web
    Paula Vaccaro

    Paula Vaccaro (Argentina-UK) has a career spanning more than two decades in media (radio, newspapers, digital platforms, TV and film), in 2009 she founded the production Pinball London, London, UK, where she worked with renowned directors like Sally […]

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  • paulina-portela-web
    Paulina Portela

    Paulina Portela (Argentina) is responsible for Obra Cine. She was born in Crespo in 1983. She directed the short film AMAINA (BAFICI 2010) and the feature film TAN CERCA COMO PUEDA (2012) awarded at the Mar del Plata […]

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  • raul-nino-zambrano-web
    Raul Niño Zambrano

    Raul Niño Zambrano (Netherlands) works since 2008 at the Program Department of IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. His expertise relates in particular to Latin American documentaries and shorts for what he has been invited to many […]

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  • rosario-suarez-web
    Rosario Suárez

    Rosario Suarez (Argentina) is designer of Image and Sound at the UBA. She started editing advertising for renowned directors and agencies in Buenos Aires. Two years later she began working in film. Since then she has edited over thirty feature films and […]

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  • sandro-fiorin-web
    Sandro Fiorin

    Sandro Fiorin (Brazil) founded in January 2006 FiGa Films in Los Angeles, along with his Cuban-American partner Alex Garcia, to discover and distribute Latin American cinema in North America, as well as to represent it worldwide.

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  • veronica-fiorito-web
    Verónica Fiorito

    Verónica Fiorito (Argentina) has a solid career in the field of producing and directing TV & Film, her training is consolidated with a degree in Audiovisual Production and Management. She has developed a career in cultural management becoming Chief […]

    + read more

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