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Alfonso Gatiaburo

Alfonso Gastiaburo (Argentina) Screenwriter and director. He founded La Conjura TV. He has participated in several projects of counter-information, making documentary films about human rights and social movements. Some of his work has been used as evidence of [...]

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alfonso gastiaburro
Agustín Acevedo Kanopa

Agustín Acevedo Kanopa (Uruguay) psychoanalyst, writer and critic. He writes weekly about films and music on La diaria. He is one of the founders of the virtual magazine Fósforo and has written on websites like Roumovie,com, La voz joven [...]

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Sergio de Cola

Sergio De Cola (Uruguay) is a director on the National Telecommunications Board of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining. He is an industrial engineer in the electronics field and is certified by the PMI as a project [...]

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Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown (United States). Gallery director of The Resonance Center, a non for profit artist co-op. Greatly influenced by early experimental cinema of the European Avante Garde from the 1920’s, Vincent’s first films were non-linear shorts made without [...]

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Marilia Moraes

After studying Cinema and Advertising at the Pontificia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro, Marília started her career as trailer editor in 2006 and soon after moved onto cinema editing. Marília has edited short films, video art, internet [...]

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Marilia Moraes ponente DocMontevideo
Guzmán García

Guzmán García (Uruguay) Film maker. He directed Love still (2012), a film that was premiered at IDFA. He co-wrote documentary film Maracaná (2012) and edited Mundialito (2010) and Cachila (2008), both of which where directed by Sebastián Bednarik. [...]

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Priscila Pereira da Silva

Priscila Pereira is a projects coordinator on Canal Futura’s Community Mobilization and Coordination scheme. She studied literature and Portuguese at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and specialized in anthropology and cognitive development at the FluminenseFederalUniversity. For [...]

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Aldo Garay

Aldo Garay (Uruguay) is a director. He is currently working as a film maker at the Uruguayan channel Tevé Ciudad. He has made dozens of one-off reports, series of reports and feature-length films for the cinema including The wait (2002), Near the [...]

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Mariana Oliva

Mariana Oliva (Brazil) is a filmmaker and coordinator for co-productions and new international projects at TAL. She was one of the creators of the series Mi país, nuestro mundo, a co-production among nine Latin American countries. In the last year [...]

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Patricia Boero

Patricia Boero (Uruguay) Is an international media consultant. She works executive producer of the Viewfinder Latin America series developed and broadcast by Al Jazeera English. Until 2011 she worked as director of International Programs at the Sundance Institute, [...]

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Bruni Burres

Bruni Burres in Senior Consultant for the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program, a mentor and media expert with Greenhouse Film Centre and a freelance film producer and media consultant. Previously, she was the director of the Human Rights Watch [...]

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Noé Mendelle

Noe Mendelle co-founded and manages the SDI, a research and production centre based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She directed more than 30 films, and ten years ago she concentrated her efforts on production. She works with French and Portuguese [...]

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Noemi Mendelle ponente DocMontevideo
Nicolás Prividera

Nicolás Prividera (Argentina) He graduated in Communication Sciences at Buenos Aires University (UBA) and in the National Film School (ENERC). His first movie was M (2007). It won the Best Latin American Film Award, the FIPRESCI Prize at [...]

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nicolas prividera web
Alexander Knetig

Alexander Knetig (France) is responsible for web projects at the European cultural channel ARTE France. In the last five years he has been involved in some of the channel’s web projects that have won the most prizes including [...]

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Emma Davie

Emma Davie (Scotland). Documentary filmmaker. She runs the Film Department at Edinburgh College of Art. She has co-directed a feature documentary I am Breathing for Film 4 which is travelling to festivals all over the world. Previous work [...]

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Luis Ospina

Luis Ospina (Colombia). Director, producer, scriptwriter, film editor, writer, university teacher, and movie critic. He made 9 feature films, 4 series and over 18 short films, including Agarrando pueblo (1977), Ojo y vista: peligra la vida del artista [...]

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Lech Kowalski

Lech Kowalski (England). Film director. Born in London to Polish parents who were displaced from their country during the Second World War, Kowalski’s family moved to the USA. He has directed 12 feature documentaries and developed web projects [...]

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Ryan Harrington

Ryan Harrington (United States). Director of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute, where he oversees year-round documentary funding and filmmaker support initiatives. Previously, he managed production at A&E IndieFilms, where he championed the films Murderball, Jesus Camp, [...]

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José Rodríguez

José Rodríguez (Puerto Rico). He is the Manager for Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute. A native of Puerto Rico, he grew up with a passion for movies that led him to Syracuse University (NY), where he [...]

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Martin Viau

Martin Viau (Canada) is head of technology and head of projects in the interactive production area at the NFB. He started there in 2006 as a DVD designer. In 2009 he joined the interactive production team and returned [...]

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Simon Kilmurry

Simon Kilmurry (Scotland). Executive Director of POV in United States. He served as chief operating officer of American Documentary for six years before assuming as executive director in 2006. He has played a key role in setting strategic [...]

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Orlando Senna

Orlando Senna (Brazil) is the president of TAL and a member of the Higher Council of the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema. He is one of the most outstanding theoreticians in the Brazilian cinema world. He has been general [...]

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Orlando Senna ponente DocMontevideo
Dominique Willieme

Dominique Willieme (France) is a producer of interactive projects at the National Film Board of Canada. She has been working on producing interactive contents since 2007. Prior to that she was a consultant for communications enterprises and an editor [...]

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Dominique Willieme ponente DocMontevideo
Hugues Sweeney

Hugues Sweeney (Canada) has been an executive producer of interactive productions at the National Film Board of Canada since 2009. Previously he was head of the Bande à Part multimedia project and programming chief at Espace Musique. His [...]

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Hugues Sweeney ponente DocMontevideo
Monique Simard

Monique Simard (Canada) has been the general director of the NFB French program since 2008. She set up and developed the interactive productions unit. From 1998 to 2008 she was a member of the team at Producciones Virage, [...]

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Monique Simard ponente DocMontevideo
Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili [...]

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Marta Andreu
Jean Garner

Jean Garner (United States) is in charge of co-productions and acquisitions for the program Witness on the Al Jazeera channel in English, which since it started in 2006 has shown more than 500 documentaries all over the World. [...]

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