Ícono película

The Other One

by Francisco Bermejo / Chile / 2020

Two men live in isolation in a shack by the sea. While one spends the day diving and hunting, the other just wants to spend his time reading. They are both struggling to keep the peace, but something makes us suspect that these two men are really just one, deeply disturbed. One day, one of them expels the other from the house. But loneliness gives way to madness and ends up pleading with the other to return. Better crazy than alone.

Director: Francisco Bermejo / Production company: Juntos Films / Executive production: Francisco Hervé, Moisés Sepúlveda y Daniela Raviola / Cinematography: Francisco Bermejo / Edition: Javiera Velozo / Sound: Claudio Vargas

Country: Chile / Year: 2020

Awards and festivals:

Visión du Réel – Jury Award Burning Lights. Pitching DocMontevideo 2015.

Ícono película

Q&A with the director


Francisco Bermejo

He is a partner and director of the cultural platform Vamos pa ́ Chile, an entity associated with the enhancement of intangible cultural heritage. “The Other One” is his first documentary feature film as director. As a photographer he has developed series about popular cultural heritage.

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