Ícono película


by Simón Uribe / Colombia / 2019

Deep in southern Colombia, a concrete bridge lies abandoned in the middle of a dense forest. It crashes against a mountain, and such is the end of a road heading nowhere. The bridge epitomizes the madness of a century-old engineering fantasy aimed at subduing the geography of the Andean-Amazon piedmont. As time goes by, the promises of modernity fizzle while the bridge becomes the backdrop of absurd situations. Workers, engineers and tourists wander through the illusory theater of infrastructure. All of them seem stuck in time, until an unexpected disaster occurs.

Director: Simón Uribe / Producer: Joaquín Uribe / Production company: Viceversa Cine / Executive production: Marcela Lizcano / Edition: Mateo Rudas, Gustavo Vasco / Sound: Juan Pablo Patiño / International sales: Joaquín Uribe +57 3192105146 joaquinuribem@gmail.com / Marcela Lizcano - Viceversa Cine +57 300 7337185 marcela@viceversacine.com

Country: Colombia / Year: 2019

Awards and festivals:

IDFA, FICCI, DOK Fest Munich, Docs Barcelona

Web: https://suspensiondoc.com/

Ícono película

Q&A with the director


Simón Uribe

Simón Uribe

Simón Uribe es geógrafo, profesor e investigador. Paralelo a su carrera académica, ha dirigido los cortos Trampolín de la muerte (2014) y La guerra de los Cárdenas y los Valdeblánquez (2006). Suspensión es su primer largo documental.

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