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One for Us

/ Uruguay / 2019

For forty years, a petite woman faced giants.
More than forty years ago, Belela Herrera dedicated her life to saving the lives of others. The
persecuted politicians, those displaced by civil wars, refugees are their concern and
Her story is also that of a woman who invented herself and twisted the destiny reserved for

/ Producer: Yvonnne Ruocco, Matilde Michanié / Production company: Guazú Media, Matilde Michanié / Cinematography: Germán Luongo, Soledad Castro Lazaroff / Edition: Cecilia Almeida, Magdalena Schinca, Ximena Franco / Sound: Pablo de Vargas, Gabriel Guerrero, Lucía Iglesias / Music: Fernando Manuel Diéguez / International sales: Guazú Media: guazumedia@gmail.com +59829156551

Country: Uruguay / Year: 2019 / Duration: 85

Ícono película

Q&A with the director


Soledad Castro Lazaroff

Soledad Castro Lazaroff (Uruguay). Filmmaker and writer; film critic. Graduated from the Uruguayan Film School. In 2011 she directed the documentary Falta y Resto 30 years, The Legend. In 2016 she premiered in Canal Encuentro a series called Zero Drama about actors with disabilities, and published her book Poems to clean up the house. One of Us (Una de nosotras) is her first documentary feature film as director.

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