Ícono película


by Moara Passoni / Brasil, Estados Unidos / 2020

In Clara’s life, the personal and political are intertwined. She lives with her parents in the poor outskirts of São Paulo that are being taken over by organized crime. As her mother becomes an important congresswoman in Brasilia, her family moves to the Federal District. There as Clara feels her mother’s life is increasingly imperiled, she descends into a downward spiral of self-destruction in which suffering has a life force. The less she eats, the more power and energy Clara feels she has. Starving herself, Clara plunges into a routine based on calculations, repetition, and ritual: she ceases to menstruate and begins to experience an ecstasy in controlling time. She attempts to devise a geometry of hunger, an impossible theorem where her calculations of destruction at once incite liberation. At the age of 15, with 37 heartbeats per minute and weighing 29 kilos on a body of 1,64 m, Clara is hospitalized.

Director: Moara Passoni / Producer: Petra Costa / Production company: Buscavida Filmes / Sound: Cecile Chagnaud

Country: Brasil, Estados Unidos / Year: 2020

Awards and festivals:

CPH:DOX, Visión du Réel, Biografilm Film Festival.

Web: https://www.instagram.com/extase_filme/


21 Jul

Q&A with the director and editor


Duration (approx): 40 minutes


Moara Passoni

Moara Passoni is a Brazilian filmmaker based in NYC, where she’s an MFA candidate in Screenwriting Directing at Columbia University. Moara co-wrote and associate produced the Academy Awards Nominee documentary “The Edge of Democracy”,  for which she was nominated for best narrative for both Critic Choices Awards Documentary Awards and International Documentary Association. Before joining Columbia University, she worked as assistant director for the acclaimed experimental filmmaker Kiko Goiffman and did her first non-narrative short film TILDEN’S DREAM (2009). She currently has two shorts in post-production: SECOND SKIN and MY MOTHER IS A COW. ÊXTASE is her first non-fiction feature film that premiered in the main competition of CPH:DOX 2020.

Fernando Epstein

Producer, editor and teacher since 2000. He produced and edited 25 WATTS and WHISKY directed by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, GIGANTE directed by Adrián Biniez among other titles. His last work as a producer is MONOS directed by Alejandro Landes. His last work as film editor is the documentary “Ecstasy” directed by Moara Passoni, in which he also debuted as a co-writer.

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