How to participate

How to take part?

In this Hybrid edition, we will have online and in-person activities.

In online format we will have the traditional DocMontevideo Market and Training activities: Documentary Pitching, Pitching Series, Meetings, Co-Production Market, Rough Cut Lab, Labs and the Documentary Seminar.

On-site, we will have the Documentary Week screenings and specific training and exchange activities.

As in 2020 and 2021 we will have accreditations for the online Market and Training activities (Seminars and Labs).

The in-person screenings of Documentary Week will be free access for DocMontevideo online accreditation holders at the Zitarrosa Hall and those programmed at the Cinematheque will have the cost of a movie ticket.

For other in-person training activities we will be announcing the registration modalities on a case by case basis.

Online SEMINAR: Offers access to the master classes, for those interested in learning about the creative processes and reflection on documentary filmmaking from the perspective of great creators. It also allows access as observers to the online pitching of series and feature films. Those accredited to the online seminar will receive the market catalog with the selected projects and the contacts of their teams. Cost: USD35- (in advance) / USD50

In the 2022 edition we will have labs and their registrations will be announced together with the launching of each call.

The activities with call for proposals have a particular cost per selected project and offer the following accreditations to their selected representatives:

Documentary Pitching  (*) 250 USD (1 project, 2 representatives)
Series Pitching 200 USD (1 project, 2 representatives)
Meetings 150 USD  (1 project, 2 representatives)
Co-production Market 100 USD  (1 project, 2 representatives)
RCL selected film 180 USD  (1 project, 3 representatives)

(*) The pre-registration to the Documentary Pitching has a cost of USD35- which offers an accreditation to the Online Seminar for one of the representatives of the team and in case of being selected the value of the pre-registration is discounted from the total cost of the accreditation to the Documentary Pitching.

Interested in participating with a delegation, contact

Interested in participating as Players in the market, contact


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