Specific training and exchange activities will be carried out in person, focusing especially on national production and on generating meeting and celebration spaces.


After two years of virtuality, we meet again to talk and collectively reflect on documentary filmmaking in Uruguay.

We invite you to participate in two talks between filmmakers to learn about their perspective and experience as creators and continue enriching the documentary network.

They will be in person and free of charge in the CCE Auditorium.

The capacity is limited, so you have to complete the following form

Talk between Magdalena Schinca and Guillermo Madeiro – EOU

Date: July 23 | Hours: 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (UTC -3) | Modality: face-to-face | Venue: CCE Auditorium

Magdalena Schinca, editor of DELIA, and Guillermo Madeiro, editor of BOSCO, move a bar chat between two colleagues who esteem each other to a space with an audience. Preserving the intimacy and tone of a bar conversation, they will share experiences related to the editing process of their respective films. Unpublished scenes and materials from the assembly phase will be exhibited.

Magdalena Schinca

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1988. Graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of the Republic (Udelar). She works as an editor, especially in documentary film. Among his works are: “Opera prima” by Marcos Banina, “The intention of the Hummingbird” by Sergio De León, “One of us” by Soledad Castro, “Delia” by Victoria Pena, “Ese Soplo” by Valentina Baracco and ” Snow bloomed in stars” by Sergio De León.

Guillermo Madeiro

Uruguay, 1984. Montajista y director. Dirigió con Federico Borgia El campeón del mundo (2019). Como montajista ha trabajado en documentales como Bosco, El campeón del mundo, La libertad es una palabra grande, Alter, Vida a bordo, Nueva Venecia, Espíritu inquieto, Tierra de niños, Historia de invierno, El retrato de mi padre, El Anhelo del alma, Carne, Carmín, Tres hermanas, Dizer Adeus.


We are a group of professionals whose objective is to promote training in assembly. The idea of grouping together arose in 2014, when Docmontevideo inaugurated the Rough Cut Lab. Since then we have generated various training activities. In these meetings we seek to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, strengthen the links between assemblers and promote mutual help regarding the challenges presented by the profession.

Talk between Sergio De León and Analía Pollio

Date: July 23 | Hours: 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (UTC -3) | Modality: face-to-face | Venue: CCE Auditorium

In this meeting with Sergio and Analía, long-standing life partners and dear colleagues, we will talk about the creative process in the development of a documentary film. We will investigate the different stages of this process, the various ways of approaching reality depending on the theme, but also on our own circumstances and that of our protagonists.
Starting from the experience shared by both in “La intention del hummingbird” (directed by Sergio, photographed by Analía and premiered in 2019 at Doc Montevideo), we will delve into the role of a cinematographer in a documentary film and about how that role changes when we become directors/photographers.
At that point we will stop at the film that Analía is developing, Victor; and in the process that Sergio did during the filming of his latest film, Nieves flourished in stars, created with her neighbor Nieves in times of pandemic. On this occasion, Sergio becomes a photographer/director, moved by the need to leave a record of those days of confinement.

Sergio De León

(Ismael Cortinas, Flores, 1971) With his production company Vislumbre he has produced and directed the documentary “La intention del Colibrí”, winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Detour Festival in 2020 and Best Uruguayan Documentary 2021 by the Uruguayan Film Critics Association . It was selected at the Trieste Latin American Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Festival, DocMontevideo Documentary Week, Llamale H, AtlantiDoc, Festival Asterisco and BioBio. For more than 20 years he has worked as assistant director and production director, working among other directors with Aldo Garay, Beatriz Flores Silva, Agustín Banchero, Álvaro Brechner, Agustín Toscano, César Charlone, Daniel Hendler and Manolo Nieto. He was a teacher at the EICTV, in several faculties in Uruguay and today he is a teacher at the Workshop for the Realization of the Degree in Languages ​​and Audiovisual Media of Fine Arts at the University of the Republic. He is currently developing his first fictional film, “Always return.”

Analía Pollio

Some of my works as DOP: Amarillo. Dir: Eduardo Lamas. The swimmer. Dir: Gabriela Guillermo. The intention of the hummingbird. Dir: Sergio DeLeon. Mateina. Dir: Joaquín Peñagaricano and Pablo Abdala. golden weddings Dir: Lorenzo Tocco. Belmonte. Dir: Federico Veiroj. The engineer. Director: Diego Arsuaga. Documentary series “In transit” produced by Taxi films.

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