Realization LAB II

Realization LAB II

THE REALIZATION LABORATORY II is an activity of DocMontevideo, aimed at filmmakers and the public interested in getting closer to the universe of documentary creation.

Realization LAB II

The Realization Laboratory II is a two-day program of activities, aimed at filmmakers, with the aim of reflecting on documentary creation, in this case to talk about the film newspaper. It consists of two sessions that will be carried out through zoom with a quota of up to 35 participants, in which the process and role of the director can be deepened, based on the work and the approach of the invited creator.
The activity will take place on July 27 and 28.

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The laboratory will be conducted in Spanish and there will be no translation into other languages.


Andrés Di Tella

Andrés Di Tella is a filmmaker, writer and curator. He directed La television and me, Photographs, Hacks, 327 notebooks and Private fiction, among others. He also published two non-fiction books: Hacks and Notebooks. His work includes installations, performances and video art pieces. As curator, he was the founder of BAFICI and the Princeton Documentary Festival. He was distinguished with the Guggenheim Scholarship.

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July 27 and 28: LAB Realization II “Diaries, notes, notebooks”

Time: 15:00hs tu 18:00hs (UTC-3) | Modality: Conference via Zoom

Diaries, notes, notebooks
The notebook, the diary, the letter, the sketch, the working papers. Provisional, unfinished, circumstantial forms that converge in one of the most vital currents of contemporary cinema -and art-. The notebook can be a working method but also an artistic form in itself. A cinematographic language in potential mode.
The presentation includes the projection of unpublished materials by Andrés Di Tella in a state of work in progress.

CALL for the Realization Laboratory II:

Eligibility: Filmmakers and the general public interested in approaching the world of documentary filmmaking may apply to the Laboratory.

Registration cost for the Realization Lab II: The cost to register for the Realization Lab is USD 30. It is a condition to be previously accredited in DocMontevideo (Seminar pass, Industry pass or Industry + pass). For more information about DocMontevideo’s accreditations click here.

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