Impact Distribution LAB

Impact Distribution LAB

The IMPACT DISTRIBUTION LABORATORY is aimed at those interested in developing an impact strategy to broaden the audiences of their film promoting a transformation in society.


The Impact Distribution LAB is a two-day program of activities, aimed at filmmakers who want to position their films beyond the screens and work on the real impacts of the topics discussed with members of civil society. It consists of two sessions that will be carried out through zoom with a quota of up to 35 participants. The activity will take place on July 16 and 17.

Registrations are open

The Laboratory will be in Portuguese-Spanish (Portuñol) and there will be no translation, it is a requirement to participate to understand Portuñol.

Rossana Giesteira

She has been in the market for 23 years working in communication and project development for large companies in the telecommunications, media and services sectors. Since 2015 she works as an impact producer for audiovisual projects by Brazilian filmmakers and distributors. In 2019 she joins the team at Good Pitch Brasil, the world’s largest networking platform for distributing documentary impact as Outreach director.

Estêvão Ciavatta 

Estêvão Ciavatta is a screenwriter, director and film producer renowned for the award winnings documentaries NELSON SARGENTO and PROGRAMA CASÉ. For HBO, he created, directed and produced the series PREAMAR and SANTOS DUMONT, the last one released in 70 countries. Also, Ciavatta is founding partner of Pindorama Filmes, the first Brazilian carbon neutral company in cinema/TV industry and a reference in social and environmental issues.

Impact distribution laboratory:

The documentary at the service of causes: commitment and audience building.


July 16: Methodology and references for the construction of an impact campaign.

Time: 16h00-19h00 (UTC-3) | Modality: Conference via Zoom

In the first session of the Laboratory, impact producer Rossana Giesteira will share her experiences and work methodologies with the public for the development and conduct of an impact campaign. It will do so through real cases of film campaigns, passing through concepts, learnings and challenges of impact distribution and the profession of impact producer.


July 17: Analysis of the ongoing campaign “Amazonas Sociedad Anonima”

Time: 16h00-19h00 (UTC-3) | Modality: Conference via Zoom

In the second session, the understanding of impact distribution processes in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic will be deepened, with Estêvão Ciavatta, filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, who will present the strategies behind the ongoing impact campaign from his movie Amazonia Sociedad Anónima, released in the midst of the pandemic.

Registrations are open

CALL for the Impact Distribution Laboratory:

Eligibility: Filmmakers interested in developing impact strategies to expand the audience of their films may apply to the Laboratory

Registration cost for the Impact Distribution Lab is USD30-. It is a precondition to have accreditation to DocMontevideo (Seminar, Industry or Industry +). In case you are not accredited, in the response to your request the links will be sent to you to select one of the 3 modalities (Seminar cost USD35-, Industry cost USD50-, Industry + cost USD65-). Here you can find the different accreditation models in DocMontevideo and that includes each one of them.

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