Desde DocMontevideo invitamos a referentes de la industria documental a moderar mesas de intercambio con realizadores, directores de festivales y players de mercado.


From July 6 to 17, DocMontevideo offers dialogue tables with the aim of exchanging and reflecting on documentary filmmaking and the organization of festivals, drawing collaboration bridges and thus strengthening the network.

The activity will take place through DocMontevideo’s Facebook Live.

We will have the presence of the following festivals, markets and organizations, moderating the dialogue tables:


MONDAY, JULY 6 (11am-12pm UTC-3) | Dialogues with IDFA – IDFA Strategies to resist the pandemic


Three Latin American filmmakers will share their experiences during the pandemic. Juliana Fanjul (Mexico) and Natalia Solórzano (Costa Rica) found the health crisis with their newly released films, forcing them to rethink their distribution plan. Meanwhile, they decided to document their own experience. To the

At the same time, in Brazil, Paula Gomes and her colleagues from Plano 3 Filmes have embarked on a new project together with some of the participants of their previous films. His proposal is to draw a portrait of a confined youth.

Raul Nino Zambrano,
programador senior IDFA

María Campaña Ramia,
programadora asociada IDFA

Juliana Fanjul
Natalia Solórzano (Costa Rica)
Paula Gomes (Brasil)




TUESDAY, JULY 7 (11h-12h UTC-3) | Dialogues with Conecta – How to enhance sustainability from the documentary in our workspaces and events.


Current status of policies related to the environment, gender equity, and decentralization in the audiovisual field in Chile. Examples of sustainability in daily practice at Conecta and La Ventana Cine, the first Chilean audiovisual company to be recognized as Company B.



– Paula Ossandón,
Directora de Comunicaciones CCDoc

– Paola Castillo,
Directora Ejecutiva CCDoc
– Carola Fuentes, Directora de La Ventana Cine.



WEDNESDAY 8 JULY (11am-12pm UTC-3) | Sundance Institute – Chicken & Egg – Rethinking the distribution and exhibition of the documentary from confinement


A co-presentation by the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Chicken & Egg Pictures.

Bruni Burres, Senior Consultant Sundance Institute
Lucila Moctezuma, Directora de Programas, Chicken & Egg Pictures



– Maite Alberdi (Chile), El Agente Topo
Anabel Rodriguez (Venezuela/Austria), Erase una vez en Venezuela
Loira Limbal (Estados Unidos), Through the Night
Carlos Gutiérrez (Estados Unidos/México), Director Ejecutivo Cinema Tropical




THURSDAY JULY 9 | NYT Op-Docs Working With Op-Docs

Learn more about collaborating with our team and what we are looking for by scheduling our award-winning short documentary series for the New York Times.

New York Times Op-Docs: Started by the New York Times opinion section in 2011, Op-Docs is a series of short, interactive and virtual reality documentaries. Each film is produced with broad creative freedom by renowned and emerging filmmakers, and premieres on the Times online platforms.

Regina Sobel,
Supervising Editor, The New York Times Op-Docs


FRIDAY JULY 10 | Dialogues with the TAL Network

The role of the documentary on public television, organized by TAL in DocMontevideo.

Nicolás Shonfeld, Director Ejecutivo de la Red TAL.



Elena Vilardell, Secretaria técnica y Ejecutiva, Unidad Técnica Ibermedia.
Claudia Triana de Vargas, Directora Proimágenes Colombia.
Roberto Blatt, Director del Instituto de Cine y Audiovisual del Uruguay.
Pierre-Emile Vandoorne Romero, Director (DAFO) del Ministerio de Cultura de Perú. 


Iván Trujillo, Director General, TV UNAM. Ciudad de México.
Diana Marcela Diáz Soto, Líder de proyectos estratégicos de Capital Sistema de Comunicación Pública Colombia
Enrique Macías, Coordinador general TV Ciudad.



MONDAY JULY 13 (11h-12h UTC-3) | DOCSP


The aesthetic diversity of the Brazilian documentary in the first operas of three directors.
The differences in styles, approaches and social spaces mark the first feature films by Jô Sefarty, Moara Passoni and Tali Yankelevich, three directors from the same generation of Brazilian filmmakers, who address determining but not deterministic circumstances of modes of subjectivation of adolescents and young people, in those that the concrete life of daily life in certain spaces is impregnated with imaginations and interiors.

Malila Ohki, productora ejecutiva DOCSP
Cleber Eduardo, curador DOCSP.

Moara Passoni, directora de Extasis
Tali Yankelevich, directora de Mi querido supermercado
Juliana Serfaty, directora de Un film de verano



TUESDAY, JULY 14 (11h-12h UTC-3) | Building Bridges


The objective of this talk is to talk about collaboration between festivals and documentary film forums in the Ibero-American region, in the mobility of creators, stimulating the development of projects and the training of emerging filmmakers.

Inti Cordera Director Ejecutivo DOCSMX.


Paula Ossandón (Chile doc Conecta)
Claudia Rodríguez (Preciosa Media)
David Baute (Miradas Doc)



WEDNESDAY JULY 15 (11h-12h UTC-3) | Dialogues with When East Meet West – All the secrets of WHEN EAST MEETS WEST


Every year when East Meets West brings together 500 film professionals from over 40 countries, and runs a program with various activities, such as the Co-Production Forum for developing projects, this is IT – work in progress section for features, First Cut Lab – workshop for films in the editing phase, Last Stop Trieste – work in progress section for creative documents, and Cold Open – TV series laboratory for producers. Find out how the selection process works, who are the international decision makers and what are the secret plans for future editions!

Alessandro Gropplero, 
Director WEMW.

Nuno Godolphin



THURSDAY JULY 16 (11h-12h UTC-3) | Dialogues with Miradas Doc – Connecting documentary filmmakers from the south.


The MiradasDoc Festival is held in the Canary Islands, an international meeting point for documentary professionals who look to the South. The Africa-Latin America Co-Production Forum “AFROLATAM” is held at the. Its priority objectives are to promote the development of documentaries between Latin America and Africa, foster collaboration among its professionals and promote openness to new international markets.

Alejandro Krawietz (director ejecutivo de Miradasdoc)
David Baute (director artístico de Miradasdoc)

FRIDAY JULY 17 (11h-12h UTC-3) | TAL-Ibermedia dialogues
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