Series Pitching

Series Pitching

The Series Pitching is geared to generating possibilities for financing series projects in Latin America that are seeking to complete their budgets through international acquisitions or co-productions.

The Pitching Series will take place during DocMontevideo 2019 from August 3 to August 9.

The call is closed. The selected projects will be announced at the end of May.

Mentor: Verónica Fiorito

Verónica Fiorito

Verónica Fiorito (Argentina) has a solid career in the field of producing and directing TV & Film, her training is consolidated with a degree in Audiovisual Production and Management. She has developed a career in cultural management becoming Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. She directed and took part in the team that designed and launched the Pakapaka channel, the signal dedicated to children and Canal Encuentro.

July: Distance Tutoring

The producers of the selected projects will participate in distance tutoring that will serve as the basis for their work in Montevideo.

3, 4 and 5 August: Writing and Pitching Workshop

Hours: 10:00 to 18:30 | Venue: Cabildo Room, NH Hotel

The project producers will take part in a workshop geared to giving advice about markets and training for Pitching mentored by Verónica Fiorito.

6 August: Series Pitching

Hours: 14:30 a 18:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

Each of the producers will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives and decision makers from television companies. The panel has seven minutes to make its response, raise doubts and ask questions.

8 August: Meetings with representatives from television channels and decision makers

Hours: 9:30 a 13:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between project producers and decision makers will be arranged.

9 August: Award ceremony

Hours: 20:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

During the closing ceremony, the prizes for the projects in the Documentary Pitching will be awarded.



Between Birds and Drums

by Nicolas Gómez


Music, Social Issues

The union between marginalized cultures would be the seed of an immortal rhythm

Director: Nicolas Gómez / Producer: Diana Ramos / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Diana Ramos / Production company: Imaginaria Cine / Country: Colombia / Genre: Music, Social Issues / Format: HD / Language: Spanish


by Rosalía Alonso


Music, Culture, Current Affairs

8 episodes


Rosalía, an amateur dancer, goes through the current tango scene seeking out the mark of a new generation that is transforming this genre.

Director: Rosalía Alonso / Producer: Valentina Baracco, Eugenia Olascuaga / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Valentina Baracco / Production company: Monarca Films / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Music, Culture, Current Affairs / Duration: 45' / Episodes: 8 / Format: 2K / Language: Spanish

Cartographies of the Body

by Leonardo Barcelos


Creative Documentary, Culture, Youth

13 episodes


Cartographies of the Body presents characters who use technology, science and art to transform themselves. Today the body is a construction and affirmation of identity. By having easy access to aesthetic, technological, functional and conceptual changes, the subject becomes, more and more, an author of himself. The interviews are recorded in a game of mirrors and projections, where the characters act, dialogue and tell their life stories.

Director: Leonardo Barcelos / Producer: Andre Hallak / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Andre Hallak / Production company: Tandera Filmes e Produções / Country: Brazil / Genre: Creative Documentary, Culture, Youth / Duration: 25' / Episodes: 13 / Format: 4K / Language: Portuguese


by José Luciano García


Biographies, Culture, Creative Documentary

10 episodes


The series deals with contemporary Latin American architecture from the life and work of internationally recognized architects, both for the exceptionality of their work and unique perspective of the profession, as well as for their particular charisma.

Director: José Luciano García / Producer: Andrea Paola Suarez / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Andrea Paola Suarez / Production company: Jaque Content / Country: Argentina / Genre: Biographies, Culture, Creative Documentary / Duration: 30' / Episodes: 10 / Format: Ultra HD / Language: Spanish

Creative Territory

by Leonardo Hernández García


Creative Documentary, Culture, Current Affairs

14 episodes


Creative Territory is a documentary miniseries that intimately portrays artists from different regions of Mexico as well as their life experiences, cultural heritage and creative process in the development of artistic pieces. In 14 chapters we will present the artistic process that involves carrying out a work and the personal history behind it.

Director: Leonardo Hernández García / Producer: Alejandra Cacho / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alejandra Cacho Country: Mexico / Genre: Creative Documentary, Culture, Current Affairs / Duration: 40' / Episodes: 14 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

Horn Addict 2

by Juan Pablo Sallato / Juan Ignacio Sabatini


Culture, Current Affairs, Social Issues

12 episodes


Latin America has changed. The emergence of a new social and cultural agenda and its responses from the people has mobilized the continent towards extremes. This second season of Addicted to the Horn will look for a critic point of view about a continent between two poles; everything leaded by the daily intimacy of a
character that is still a witness of movement: THE TAXI DRIVER.

Director: Juan Pablo Sallato / Juan Ignacio Sabatini / Producer: Juan Pablo Sallato / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Juan Pablo Sallato / Production company: Villano Producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Culture, Current Affairs, Social Issues / Duration: 40' / Episodes: 12 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

Mother Dough

by Mercedes Córdova

Argentina, Chile, Italy, France, UK, USA, Turkey

Culture, Social issues, Human Rights

4 episodes


Bread is a food as old as the history of humankind. From the first leavened doughs to the invention of the yeast in the contemporary world, bread has been the focus of conquests and revolutions. Mother Dough is a documentary that unravels the traces of bread, the history of patriarchy and the role of women as organizer of domestic life through history.

Director: Mercedes Córdova / Producer: Valeria Forster / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Mercedes Córdova / Production company: Brava Cine / Country: Argentina, Chile, Italy, France, UK, USA, Turkey / Genre: Culture, Social issues, Human Rights / Duration: 30' / Episodes: 4 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Turkish

One more child

by Gustavo Fabián Alonso


Creative Documentary, Current Affairs, Educational

8 episodes


The main point of ONE MORE CHILD is the respect for boys and girls who are different from the rest. The stories, narrated by different illustrators, have inclusion as their central content, highlighting the ideas of diversity and integration. Each story presents a determined childhood problem, and it’s constructed by the artist that carries it out.
8 anthology episodes – 8 different artists and only one subject: Inclusion

Director: Gustavo Fabián Alonso / Producer: Noemi Fuhrer / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Noemi Fuhrer / Production company: Noemi Fuhrer / Country: Argentina / Genre: Creative Documentary, Current Affairs, Educational / Duration: 24' / Episodes: 8 / Format: HD / Language: Spanish

Standing Tall

by Miguel Soffia / Michelle Carrere


Social issues, Current affairs, Human Rights

6 episodes


Six people, in six countries in Latin America, who are both witnesses and protagonists of armed violence, environmental destruction, precarious work, gender inequality, migration and climate change – the region’s six main social issues. All of them will decide to stop being victims of their environment and instead become the main characters in charge of their own destinies. To achieve that, they will have to be happy, despite it all.

Director: Miguel Soffia / Michelle Carrere / Producer: Miguel Soffia / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Miguel Soffia / Production companies: We are South / / Country: Chile / Genre: Social issues, Current affairs, Human Rights / Duration: 28' / Episodes: 6 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

We, divine

by Mari Cobra


Social Issues, Biographies

10 episodes


We are going meet 10 inspiring women from different Latin America countries and follow their journeys and their complex paths in relation to body. We’ll follow their life-stories, where mistakes and personal drama lead to learning and pave the way to maturity.They run away from beauty and behavior patterns, so they face big challenges to breach boundaries and break taboos.

Director: Mari Cobra / Producer: Mari Cobra / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Mari Cobra / Production company: Cobra Filmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Social Issues, Biographies / Duration: 30' / Episodes: 10 / Format: Digital / Language: Portuguese, Spanish

Young blood

by Juan Luis Tamayo


Human Rights, Youth, Politics

8 episodes


YOUNG BLOOD is an international documentary television series that explains the crude social phenomenon that our continent is currently experiencing: “Juvenicide”, the artful and systematic death of young people through organized crime. A reality which has been hidden and silenced by the spectacularization of violence and criminalization in the media.

Director: Juan Luis Tamayo / Producer: Paulina Ferretti / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Paulina Ferretti / Production company: Tercermundo Producciones / Country: Chile / Genre: Human Rights, Youth, Politics / Duration: 42` / Episodes: 8 / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

2019 Series Pitching AWARDS

DOCSP Award: Selection of one project for the Co-production Meetings of DOCSP (includes 3 hotel nights in São Paulo and accreditation) for Young Blood, by José Luis Tamayo.


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