Series Pitching

Series Pitching

The Series Pitching is geared to generating possibilities for financing series projects in Latin America that are seeking to complete their budgets through international acquisitions or co-productions.


A piece of peace

by Jacobo Alban / Beltrán Perez


human rights, social issues, history

8 episodes


60 years of war has fractured Colombia into a thousand of scattered and confused fragments. A Piece of Peace illustrates 8 testimonies of survivors of the conflict who, from their pain, history and hopes, summon us to resist the ravages of violence and fear.

Director: Jacobo Alban / Beltrán Perez / Producer: Carlos Zerpa / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Beltrán Perez Carlos Zerpa Jacobo Albán / Production companies: Ejercito Comunicacional de Liberación / Lardux Films / Country: COLOMBIA / VENEZUELA / FRANCIA / Genre: human rights, social issues, history / Duration: 3:20´ / Episodes: 8 / Language: Español / Spanish

Antarctic Mission

by Rafael Valdeavellano


science & tech, environment, current affairs

8 episodes


Antarctic Mission is a documentary series about a group of scientists, men and women who are willing to leave everything to travel to the end of the world to look under the ice for the keys to the future of humanity.

Director: Rafael Valdeavellano / Producer: Juan Ramírez / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: María Carolina Fuentes Juan Ramírez / Production companies: La Ventana Cine / Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion / Country: CHILE / ALEMANIA / Genre: science & tech, environment, current affairs / Duration: 30´ / Episodes: 8 / Language: Español - Ingles / Spanish - English

Cantada de Mina

by Eliza Capai


Current Issues, Music, Social issues

10 episodes


“Cantada de Mina” is a television series whose main objective is to highlight the narrative strategies present in the songs of Latin American women artists who present a feminist discourse in their works.

Director: Eliza Capai / Producer: Pablo Francischelli / Caio Jobim / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Pablo Francischelli Eliza Capai Caio Jobim / Production company: Doblechapa Cinematografia / Country: BRASIL / Genre: Current Issues, Music, Social issues / Duration: 26´ / Episodes: 10 / Language: Portugués - Español / Portuguese - Spanish

Feminist constellations

by Daniela Abdam


Human Rights, Current Issues, Social ssues

4 episodes


An inside view of diverse feminist and popular experiences which will help us understand, apart from their stories of struggle, their concrete practices, their main challenges, the alliances and their forms of micro-politics construction. Through the outline of a regional sociocultural map we will unveil the work that the organizations construct day by day in different places such as neighborhoods, the countryside, prisons, the street, classrooms

Director: Daniela Abdam / Producer: Magalí Barbatto / Ariel Lutzker / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Magali Barbatto / Production company: LA BÁSICA / Country: ARGENTINA / Genre: Human Rights, Current Issues, Social ssues / Duration: 13´ / Episodes: 4 / Language: Español/ Spanish


by Bruno Rostan


Social Issues, Culture, Politics

8 episodes


In Kickabout, we reflect the power exerted specifically in soccer, society, politics, and religion in every country.

Director: Bruno Rostan / Producer: Pablo Aenlle / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Pablo Aenlle / Production company: Aenlle Erro Pablo Andres / Country: URUGUAY / Genre: Social Issues, Culture, Politics / Duration: 24´ / Episodes: 8 / Language: Spanish

Life Paths

by Ainara Aparici


Biographies, Current Affairs, Human Rights

7 episodes


After living for several years in Chile and having abruptly ended her marriage in the middle of the social outbreak, Ainara (35) prepares her backpack for an adventure in Latin America. A human kaleidoscope of stories, places and people, that will allow us to discover new ways of relating and facing the world in which we live today.

Director: Ainara Aparici / Producer: Daniela Camino / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Daniela Camino / Production company: Mimbre producciones / Country: CHILE / Genre: Biographies, Current Affairs, Human Rights / Duration: 45´ / Episodes: 7 / Language: Español / Spanish


by Leandro Barneche


Music, Culture, Biographies

8 episodes


Luthiers proposes a journey through the lives of eight instrument makers, immersing ourselves in the different cultures, roots and passions of these creators who have worked with artists such as Mark Knopfler, Leonard Cohen and Paco de Lucía. Eight characters who share a passion for their work and their love for music. Luthiers is, in short, an exciting journey through what distinguishes us as humans: the ability to create.

Director: Leandro Barneche / Producer: Esteban Schoeder / Federika Odriozola / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Federika Odriozola - Leandro Berneche / Production company: La Suma / Country: URUGUAY / Genre: Music, Culture, Biographies / Duration: 46´ / Episodes: 8 / Language: Spanish - English

Nature of Color

by Francisco Bahia


Medio ambiente, Cultura, Temas actuales

7 episodes


The color industry, one of the most polluting on the planet, paints everything around with petroleum products: houses, clothes, and even the food we eat. The doc series Nature of color discusses the impact of this industry and presents, in 7 episodes, the creation of 7 natural colors, which paint stories of hope and conflict in Latin America. With an original and appealing approach, the series rescues cultural tradition and environment.

Director: Francisco Bahia / Producer: Alice Riff / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Francisco Bahia / Production company: Sendero Filmes / Country: BRASIL / Genre: Medio ambiente, Cultura, Temas actuales / Duration: 26´ / Episodes: 7 / Language: Portugués - Español / Portuguese - Spanish

Río Tercero

by Martín Mauregui / Agustina Comedi


Politics, History, Human Rights

7 episodes


On November 3th, 1995, a military arsenal explodes at Rio Tercero. The government claims it’s been an accident. Three fictional characters will take action. The widow of one of the victims, an independent journalist and a general disgusted by corruption will lead the story through the search of true: it was not an accident. The president is responsible.

Director: Martín Mauregui / Agustina Comedi / Producer: Alejandro Israel / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alejandro Israel / Production company: Ajimolido Films / Country: ARGENTINA / Genre: Politics, History, Human Rights / Duration: 52´ / Episodes: 7 / Language: Español / Spanish

The dance of the leftovers

by Angel Linares / Emilio Aguilar


Política, Temas actuales, Temas sociales

6 episodes


Ramón Guerra is arrested on charges of being the leader of a gang of kidnappers. The fact reveals his true identity: Raúl Escobar, former FPMR member wanted by Interpol in more than 190 countries and one of the most wanted by the Chilean justice. The event forces to his 3 other comrades to escape, also former Chilean guerrilla, involved in emblematic events, and who like him, had led an “ordinary” life for 20 years in Mexico.

Director: Angel Linares / Emilio Aguilar / Producer: Miguel Angel Sánchez / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Angel Linares - Miguel Angel Sánchez / Production company: Cinematográfica Libres / Country: MEXICO / CHILE / Genre: Política, Temas actuales, Temas sociales / Duration: 60´ / Episodes: 6 / Language: Español / Spanish

Distance Tutoring | During July

The project producers will take part in a workshop geared to giving advice about markets and training for Pitching, with a 18 hour duration.

Mentor: Verónica Fiorito

Verónica Fiorito

Verónica Fiorito (Argentina) has a solid career in the field of producing and directing TV & Film, her training is consolidated with a degree in Audiovisual Production and Management. She has developed a career in cultural management becoming Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina. She directed and took part in the team that designed and launched the Pakapaka channel, the signal dedicated to children and Canal Encuentro.

Series Pitching | July 24th

Each of the producers will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives and decision makers from television companies. The panel has seven minutes to make its response, raise doubts and ask questions.

Meetings with decision makers | July 27th, 28th, 29th

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between project producers and decision makers will be arranged.

Award ceremony | July 30th


The call is open, deadline: MAY 30th. Good luck!

Register your project here.

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