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Speakers and tutors


Aldo Garay

Aldo Garay (Uruguay) is a film and television director. He has directed four documentary feature films and one fiction piece. He has been part of the jury of several contests and film festivals. His filmography includes The new man (2015), with which he won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale, The Wedding (2011), The Circle (2008) co-directed with José Pedro Charlo, Near the Clouds (2006), best Uruguayan documentary in 2006, The Wait (2002), My Gringa, an unfinished portrait (1998).


Alessandro Gropplero

Alessandro Gropplero (Italy). Graduated in Communication Studies at the Trieste University, in 2007 he was appointed head of international relations of the FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA AUDIOVISUAL FUND and in this capacity he has developed and managed a variety of international events, such as “WHEN EAST MEETS WEST”, “TIES THAT BIND Asia Europe Producers Workshop” and “RE-ACT”. He is an EAVE graduate, board member of CINE-REGIO and member of the EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY.


Ângela Patricia Reiniger

Ângela Patricia Reiniger (Brazil). Journalist. Since 2004 she is the producer and the director of the Programa Especial , weekly TV show on TV Brazil. It is about the social inclusion of people with disabilities. Ângela has also produced and /or directed TV shows for TV Futura, TV Cultura, Multishow and GNT. She wrote and directed as well the award-winning documentary Três Irmãos de Sangue, which was shown in Brazil and abroad.


Ávaro Buela

Ávaro Buela (Uruguay) is a filmmaker and teacher. He made the feature films “Una forma de bailar” (1997) and “Alma Mater” (2005), the creative documentaries “La deriva” (2008) and “El Proyecto de Beti y el Hombre Árbol” (2014) and short “Limbo” (2013). He was a journalist and editor of El País Cultural. He is a teacher and professor at the Universidad ORT Uruguay. He has been jury of festivals and funds in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.


Bruni Burres

Bruni Burres (United States) is Senior Consultant for the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Program, a mentor and media expert with Greenhouse Film Centre and a freelance film producer and media consultant. Previously, she was the director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which she also co-founded. In partnership with the International Center for Transitional Justice she produced the documentary The Siege (2011), which explores the lasting cultural and political impact of the 1985 siege of the Palace of Justice in Colombia. For the past 20 years she has been working at the intersection between human rights and arts and culture as a curator, producer, and consultant.


Carlos Nader

Carlos Nader is a moving image essayist, intertwining different languages that range from classic documentary to visual art. Among his films are “Trovoada”, best short at Videokunstpreis (Germany, 1998), “Screen”, best short at the Havana Festival (Cuba, 2012), and Pan-Cinema Permanent, Everyman, Jl´s Passion, choosen best documentaries at It´s All True (São Paulo, 2008, 2014, 2015)


Daniel Carranza

Daniel Carranza (Uruguay) is co-founder of DATA Uruguay, a civil society organization that works in the creation of tools and advocates for Open Data and Open Government locally and regionally. Consultant in digital tools and media for multilaterals, government, civil society and business. Specialized in Open Government and eGovernment. Organization of American States Open Government Fellow.


Daniel Fernández Melo

Daniel Fernández Melo (Uruguay) is General Coordinator of DocMontevideo. He is professor of the Audiovisual Department of the Faculty of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic. He has participated as jury and decision maker in international cinema events in Costa Rica and Argentina. He graduated in Communication Sciences and is currently pursuing a Masters in Information and Communication focused on the production of interactive audiovisual content.


Enriqueta Cabrera Cuarón

Enriqueta Cabrera Cuarón (Mexico). Journalist, writer and analyst of national and international issues. Degree in Social Anthropology and a BA in Journalism. She has collaborated with major media such as El Universal, CNN, Radio France Internationale and Radio Sweden. Author of the books “The governors”, “No oil”, “Challenges of migration” and “Media at the time of democracy.” She served as Consul General of Mexico in Paris and Monaco.


Federico Consiglieri

Federico Consiglieri (Argentina) holds a degree in journalism and he is currently the General Producer of Untref Media, the production content company of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. He started as a TV reporter in Canal (a) and throughout his career he has worked as a Production Manager and Executive Producer for different contents in several companies and broadcasters such as Promofilm, Endemol, Canal 9, Telefe and Canal 13.


Fernando Irigaray

Fernando Irigaray (Argentina). Director of the Master in Interactive Digital Communication and Multimedia Communication Direction (UNR). Transmedia producer and audiovisual maker. He is also director and producer of TV programs and documentaries. He won the “King of Spain” Award on the Digital Journalism Category, 2013. BA of Social Communication (UNR). MSc in New Technologies of Information and Communication (UNED – Spain). PhD Candidate in Social Communication (UNR).


Hilton Lacerda

Hilton Lacerda (Brazil), screenwriter and director. He excelled as writer for the films: Amarelo Manga (2002), Árido Movie (2005), Baixio das Bestas (2006), A Festa da Menina (2008), FilmeFobia (2009), Estamos Juntos (2011) and Febre do Rato (2011), among others. On TV he participated as writer and director of several series: Expresso Brasil, Nordeste Feito a Mão, Indústria Cultural, Sampop, Mestres de Ofício, Mestres da Literatura, Poetas do Repente, Teimosia da Imaginação, Assombrações do Recife Antigo, etc. His first feature film, Tatuagem (2013), was awarded at several international festivals. Today is dedicated to the development of documentary and fiction series projects for television.


Ignacio Javier Hernaiz

Ignacio Javier Hernaiz (Argentina). Director of the OEI Mercosur Office in Uruguay. Regional Coordinator of the Ibero-American Institute for Education in HumanRights. Hernaiz has been dedicated to education, developing teaching activities, and political-institutional management in various areas of public policy. He directed State Corporation, under the Ministry of Education of Argentina, which includes TV networks (Encuentro and PakaPaka) and the national educational web portal.


Isabel Wschebor Pellegrino

Isabel Wschebor Pellegrino (Uruguay). Historian with MA in Latin American Studies from the University of the Republic (UR). She has worked in organizing of image archives of the Municipal Center of Photography, also in archives linked to the recent past, in addition to coordinating the preservation laboratory of the UR. She has published a number of articles on topics such as human rights, preservation of image, recent past history , etc.


Jean Garner

Jean Garner (United States) is in charge of co-productions and acquisitions for the program Witness on the Al Jazeera channel in English, which since it started in 2006 has shown more than 500 documentaries all over the World. Garner is regional head for the whole area from the Arctic Circle down to Argentina. She has worked for several broadcasters including ABC News, World News Tonight and Nightline.


Jordana Berg

Jordana Berg (Brazil) graduated as a visual designer, began to work in the audiovisual area in 1985, on the television and then as a freelance editor, since 1990. Edited the last 12 films from the director Eduardo Coutinho, in a partnership since 1995 until his death in 2014 and many other film directors in Brazil. Worked as an editor in France in the years of 1993/94. Even though edits also features films and trailers, is very much specialized in documentaries.


Julia Miraglia

Julia Miraglia (Argentina). At present, she is the Head of the Transmedia department of Untref Media, the production company of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. She has produced and developed content for many tv series and films, both documentary and fiction: Pueblos originarios, Un buen plan, Argentina abraza a Chile, Agricultura familiar (Canal Encuentro), Algo habran hecho, por la historia Argentina (Telefe)


Kathleen Lingo

Kathleen Lingo (United States) is the coordinating producer of The New York Time’s Op-Doc series. Before joining The Times in 2013, she worked as a freelance producer, camera person and editor. Last year, she won an Emmy as part of the team for “A Short History of the Highrise” produced by The New York Times and the National Film Board of Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago.


Koen Suidgeest

Koen Suidgeest (Netherlands) is a documentary director, writer and photographer. A graduate of the Film Department of the University of the Creative Arts in England. With his documentary Casting (2006) he became the first Dutch filmmaker to be nominated for a Spanish Academy Award (Goya). His multiple award-winning Karla’s Arrival (2011) was selected for more than 40 film festivals, broadcast in 14 countries, and won him widespread international recognition. While working on new projects, Koen teaches university, serves on film festival juries, and undertakes film and photography assignments which bring him to all corners of the world.

leena pasanen

Leena Pasanen

Leena Pasanen (Finland). Finnish News Agency: journalist 1988-1993. Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reporter, political commentator, subeditor, TV presenter 1993–1998. Head of Documentaries 1998–2000. Head of Programmes, 2000 – 2005, Finland. European Documentary Network: Director 2005-2008, Copenhagen, Denmark.Finnish Institute/Finnish Embassy: director, cultural attaché 2011-1014, Budapest, Hungary. DOK Leipzig: Managing and Artistic Director 2015 – Leipzig.


Luana Lobo

Luana Lobo (Brazil) is the hybrid distribution director of Maria Farinha Filmes. With a degree in Film, a specialization course at the University of Arts in London and a Master’s degree from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Luana’s curriculum includes companies such as 20th Century Fox International and Lionsgate. She’s the executive producer of movies like Drops of Joy and Territory of Play,


Malu Viana

Malu Viana (Brazil) has a master’s degree in education from the University of London (1989). Since 1995 she has been working in the audiovisual production field. She did the production management course at the National Film and Television School (2000) in England. She has produced more than 300 audiovisual pieces including films, documentaries, the series “Oscar Niemeyer – O Arquiteto do Século”, “Os Brasileiros” and “Os Filhos do Sol”, and has received three nominations for the Emmy awards. She is a founding member of Red Televisión América Latina (TAL), a non profit-making organization whose aim is to promote the sharing of audiovisual and cultural material in Latin America –


Marcia Tambutti Allende

Marcia Tambutti (Chile). Director of Beyond my grandfather Allende, awarded best documentary in Cannes 2015. Lives in Chile since 2007, collaborates with the Salvador Allende Foundation (co-producer and curator of the app for Ipad Allende, voices 40 years after the coup d’état) and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity in outreach & policy issues. Studied biology at UNAM, and a M.Sc. at Imperial College and the Natural History Museum, London


Marcos Nisti

Marcos Nisti (Brazil) has a Law degree, with an MBA in Economics of the Public Sector from FIPE/USP. He was one of the creators of Project Terra brand, a pioneer in the concept of fair trade in Brazil. Nowadays, he is CEO of Alana Institute, a member of Greenpeace Counsel, GIFE and partner of Maria Farinha Filmes.


Mariana Oliva

Mariana Oliva (Brazil), producer and director of documentaries. Degree in journalism from PUC-SP and Master in documentary filmmaking from the University of Edinburgh. She worked as coordinator of co-productions and special projects in the TAL network, where she developed nine international co-productions with television channels from 20 countries. She was curator of Documentários de Invenção series for Canal Curta! and Miradas for Canal Brasil. She worked on the articulation, production and distribution of the Why Poverty project in Latin America, broadcasted in over 60 TV channels. She is coordinator of international relations and DocMontevideo, and tutor for series projects. Now, with her production house, Zeza Films, is producing the feature documentary Terra Rasgada and developing feature documentary Tenha Um Bom Dia, IDFA Bertha Fund award.


Mariana Viñoles

Mariana Viñoles (Uruguay). Born in Melo, she grows and travels to the capital. In Montevideo graduated from the U.T.U. in Social Communication and in 2001 she travels to Belgium. Graduated from the Leuven’s School of Film I.A.D. in 2005. Between 2005 and 2015 she directs five documentary films. Her stories are universal, but always told from a particular voice. Her latest film, “The world of Carolina”, premieres in Montevideo in July 2015.


Marie-Pier Gauthier

Marie-Pier Gauthier (Canada) is Head of production in the National Film Board of Canada’s interactive studio. She has a hand in all the projects coming out of this true narrative laboratory: web-based documentaries (Do Not Track, Primal), interactive installations (Megaphone, McLaren Wall to Wall), interactive essays (Interactive Haiku) and games used for storytelling (Way to go and mobile app The Cancer of Time


Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. She is the academic coordinator of the master’s in creation documentary course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She teaches port-graduate documentary film courses at the Universidad Rovira y Virgili in Tarragona. In 2004-2005 she coordinated a Spanish documentary cinema retrospective for Cinéma du Réel. She analyses documentary scripts for the Centre de Desenvolupament Audiovisual. In 2004 she founded Estudi Playtime in order to devote her time to producing creation documentaries. She has a degree in audiovisual communication and a master’s in creation documentary from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


Martin Viau

Martin Viau (Canada) is Lead of Technologies National Film Board of Canada’s french interactive studio. His mandate involves manipulating/analyzing new programming languages​​ and to stay abreast of developing technologies as well as potential technology partners. He’s also responsible of the broadcasting of any interactive experience produced by the studio. Storytelling through Virtual Reality is, according to him, the future.


Micaela Solé

Micaela Solé (Uruguay) is a filmmaker since 1997. She studied in Uruguay, Cuba and Spain. Since 1999 she works as a producer in Uruguayan and international projects. In 2007 she co-created CORDON FILMS in order to produce feature and documentary films, usually in coproduction.


Monica Maruri

Monica Maruri (Ecuador) is a journalist and educated in Family Counseling , Therapy and Systemic Intervention and a Masters in New Technologies applied to education. He began his career as a producer, director and TV host several TV channels . He served as a consultant Master in Communication for UNICEF and Dean of the Faculty of Communication at the UEES , qualitative research . Directs educational tv Ecuador.


Paola Castillo

Paola Castillo (Chile). Director and producer of documentaries in Errante Producciones. Executive Director of Chiledoc. She directed “Genoveva” (2014) and “74m2” (2012), and she produced the award-winning documentaries “El Salvavidas” (2011), “El Gran Circo Pobre de Timoteo” (2013) and “Allende mi abuelo Allende” (2015), best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival. Filmmaker graduated from the EICTV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.


Patricia Boero

Patricia Boero (Uruguay) studied film at the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia, where she worked at Film Australia and SBS TV. In Cuba, she was a correspondent for BBC radio and producer for CNN and TV Latina. In the U.S. she was director of International Programs at the Sundance Institute and Executive Director of Latino Public Broadcasting. Based in Uruguay, she was recently one of the producers of the Al Jazeera Viewfinder Latin America series.


Paula Gomes

Paula Gomes (Brazil) is part of the Brazilian production company Plano 3 Filmes. Among her films, it stands out the short Pornographico, which won 17 awards at festivals. Her documentary Jonas and the Backyard´s Circus, supported by TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund 2014, will be released in the coming months. Currently, Paula is producing the feature film Son of Ox and the documentary Memento Mori, winner of four awards at DocMontevideo 2014.


Paula Schargorodsky

Paula Schargorodsky (Argentia) is a documentary filmmaker and transmedia producer. BA in Political Science and Cinematography. Among her projects stands out the Op-Doc 35 and single, released at NYTimes with over 3 million views; 35 y soltera (Feature Film) and Get over it (Transmedia). She has received numerous grants & funds including Tribeca Film Institute Fund; Power to the Pixel- Arte International Prize; DocMontevideo-NFB Prize; and Ibermedia Grant


Raul Niño Zambrano

Raul Niño Zambrano (Netherlands) works since 2008 at the Program Department of IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. His expertise relates in particular to Latin American documentaries and shorts for what he has been invited to many festivals and events as a jury or tutor. He is also the curator of IDFA’s Student Documentary Competition. Other fields of interest include data visualization and multimodal metaphor.


Ruben D’Audia

Ruben D’Audia (Argentina) holds a degree in Educational Sciences graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA. He was part of Canal Encuentro since 2006, holding the position of Coordinator of Institutional Relations. From March 2011 he serves as General Manager of S. E., an institution that is responsible for the Encuentro, Pakapaka and Deportv signals, in addition to the Ministry of Education’s website.


Sahada Luedy

Sahada Luedy (Brazil). She has a degree in psychology, master’s degree in communication, image and information bay the Fluminense Federal University. She worked in TV Aratu, in TV Manchete, and TVE Bahia. She produced and directed documentary series for television. She was Director of Operations of the Institute of Educational Broadcasting in Bahia (IRDEB) and adviser to the FAZCULTURA, responsible for audiovisual content. Today, she is advisor to the general direction of EBC / TVBRASIL.


Sarah Wolozin

Sarah Wolozin (United States) is director of the MIT Open Documentary Lab. Before coming to MIT, she produced documentaries for a wide variety of media outlets. She started experimenting with the web back in 1996 when she produced an 8-week interactive web series based on a comic book character. She has sat on juries for Sundance New Frontier, Tribeca New Media Fund, World Press Photo among others. She presents regularly on digital documentary storytelling.


Thiago Thobias

Thiago Thobias (Brazil) is lawyer and Director of Content and Institutional Relations of Associação de Comunicação Educativa Roquette Pinto – Acerp. In the last years, he worked in the Ministry of Education of Brazil where he was Special Assistant to the Minister and Director of policies for rural education, indigenous, racial and ethnic relations. In the Senate he was parliamentary secretary to the President of the Commission on Human Rights.


Tomás Astudillo

Tomás Astudillo (Ecuador) is a director, producer and cinematographer. His first short film “Solid Ocean” was released in 2012. He has worked in photography crew in several films and is the producer of “Panama” by Javier Izquierdo (feature film in developement stage) and “Beyond a Top”. He studied cinematography (BA, INSAS, Brussels, 2009) and creative documentary (MA, Grenoble 3, 2010).

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