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Documentary week

Documentary Week is a DocMontevideo space for showing films. Every day a new film will be presented by its director or team member and shown. At the end of each film showing is held a participative dialogue between the film makers and members of the audience.

Carolina's World

19:30 HS / Cinemateca Uruguaya - Sala Pocitos

Mariana Viñoles / Uruguay / 2015 / 72'


In everyday life, around a table, Mariana knows Carolina. The days and months pass, the seasons change, as we witness a life story and an emotional bond that is strengthened over time

Director: Mariana Viñoles / Producer: Stefano Tononi / Production company: Cronopio film / International sales: Stefano Tononi

Country: Uruguay / Year: 2015 / Duration: 72' / Format: H264, DCP


After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Mariana Viñoles

Mariana Viñoles (Uruguay). Born in Melo, she grows and travels to the capital. In Montevideo graduated from the U.T.U. in Social Communication and in 2001 she travels to Belgium. Graduated from the Leuven’s School of Film I.A.D. in 2005. Between 2005 and 2015 she directs five documentary films. Her stories are universal, but always told from a particular voice. Her latest film, “The world of Carolina”, premieres in Montevideo in July 2015.

Beyond my grandfather Allende

19:30 HS / Cinemateca Uruguaya - Sala Pocitos (Case Study)

Marcia Tambutti Allende / Chile / 2015 / 98'


35 years after the coup d’état that overthrew her grandfather, Salvador Allende, Marcia believes that it’s time to recover the family memories and images of their daily life, snatched away by Chile’s dictatorship and buried under Allende’s political transcendence, exile and family pain. Using a warm yet sharp eye, Marcia tries to decipher the familiar silence sustained during decades by three generations of a wounded family.

Director: Marcia Tambutti Allende / Producer: Paola Castillo / Script: Paola Castillo - Bruni Burres - Valeria Vargas - Marcia Tambuttu Allende / Production company: Errante (Chile) - Martfilms (Mexico) - Fragua Cine (Mexico) / Executive production: Paola Castillo - Martha Orozco / Associate production: Bruni Burres - Juan Manuel Sepúlveda / Cinematography: David Bravo - Eduardo Cruz Coke - Daniel Dávila / Edition: Titi Viera Gallo - Coti Donoso / Sound: Cristián Larrea - Juan Pablo Manríquez - Roberto Espinoza / Music: Leonardo Heiblum - Jacobo Lieberman / International sales: Paola Castillo

Country: Chile / Year: 2015 / Duration: 98' / Format: DCP - HD - Blu ray - Apple Pro Res - other digital formats

Awards and festivals:

Awards: Golden Eye Award. Best Documentary Cannes International Film Festival. 2015. Festivals: Official Selection at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight.


After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Marcia Tambutti Allende

Marcia Tambutti (Chile). Director of Beyond my grandfather Allende, awarded best documentary in Cannes 2015. Lives in Chile since 2007, collaborates with the Salvador Allende Foundation (co-producer and curator of the app for Ipad Allende, voices 40 years after the coup d’état) and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity in outreach & policy issues. Studied biology at UNAM, and a M.Sc. at Imperial College and the Natural History Museum, London


Paola Castillo

Paola Castillo (Chile). Director and producer of documentaries in Errante Producciones. Executive Director of Chiledoc. She directed “Genoveva” (2014) and “74m2” (2012), and she produced the award-winning documentaries “El Salvavidas” (2011), “El Gran Circo Pobre de Timoteo” (2013) and “Allende mi abuelo Allende” (2015), best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival. Filmmaker graduated from the EICTV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

Moments of Campaign

19:30 HS / Cinemateca Uruguaya - Sala Pocitos (Latin-american premiere)

Tomás Astudillo / Ecuador / 2015 / 52'


Tomas Astudillo followed the Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa during the 42 days of campaigning that preceded his re-election as head of the country for the third consecutive time. The “mise en scène” with a political agenda is the real story of this film, which is also a meditation via direct cinema on a collective neurosis: the tenacious belief in the right man.

Director: Tomás Astudillo / Producer: Tomás Astudillo, Marcia Alvarado, RTVECUADOR / Production company: Ostinato Cine / International sales: Tomás Astudillo

Country: Ecuador / Year: 2015 / Duration: 52' / Format: DCP, BLURAY

Awards and festivals:

Awards: Postproduction award at DOCBUENOSAIRES FORUM Festivals: Visions du Réel, Switzerland, 2015 (World Premiere) Edoc, Ecuador, 2015


After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Tomás Astudillo

Tomás Astudillo (Ecuador) is a director, producer and cinematographer. His first short film “Solid Ocean” was released in 2012. He has worked in photography crew in several films and is the producer of “Panama” by Javier Izquierdo (feature film in developement stage) and “Beyond a Top”. He studied cinematography (BA, INSAS, Brussels, 2009) and creative documentary (MA, Grenoble 3, 2010).

The new man

21:00 HS / Sala Zitarrosa (Pre-release)

Aldo Garay / Uruguay-Chile / 2015 / 79'


Stephania is a transvestite born in Nicaragua. As a boy, he was adopted by a couple of Uruguayan leftist activists in the midst of the Sandinista revolution. At the moment, Stephania earns her living watching parked cars in Montevideo. The film follows Stephania in her journey to rediscover her home country, where she was once a son, a brother and a boy who taught literacy and where she now wants to be accepted as the woman she is.

Director: Aldo Garay / Producer: Micaela Solé-Jennifer Walton / Production company: Cordón Films (Uruguay), Lupe Films (Chile) / International sales: Micaela Solé

Country: Uruguay-Chile / Year: 2015 / Duration: 79' / Format: HD and DCP

Awards and festivals:

Awards: Teddy Award for best LGTB documentary at the Berlin Festival. Festivals: Berlin, Tolouse, Boston, Seattle, Asterisco, Calgary, Croacia, among others


After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Aldo Garay

Aldo Garay (Uruguay) is a film and television director. He has directed four documentary feature films and one fiction piece. He has been part of the jury of several contests and film festivals. His filmography includes The new man (2015), with which he won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale, The Wedding (2011), The Circle (2008) co-directed with José Pedro Charlo, Near the Clouds (2006), best Uruguayan documentary in 2006, The Wait (2002), My Gringa, an unfinished portrait (1998).


Micaela Solé

Micaela Solé (Uruguay) is a filmmaker since 1997. She studied in Uruguay, Cuba and Spain. Since 1999 she works as a producer in Uruguayan and international projects. In 2007 she co-created CORDON FILMS in order to produce feature and documentary films, usually in coproduction.

Last Conversations

20:30 HS / Sala Zavala Muniz (Case study)

Eduardo Coutinho / Brasil / 2015 / 87'


Based on conversations between young Brazilian students and filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho shortly before his death (in February 2014), the film seeks to understand how today’s teenagers think, dream, and live. The material was edited by Jordana Berg, Coutinho’s partner since “Santo Forte” (2000), and the documentary was completed by João Moreira Salles.

Director: Eduardo Coutinho / Producer: João Moreira Salles / Production company: VIDEOFILMES / International sales: VIDEOFILMES

Country: Brasil / Year: 2015 / Duration: 87' / Format: Bluray

After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Jordana Berg

Jordana Berg (Brazil) graduated as a visual designer, began to work in the audiovisual area in 1985, on the television and then as a freelance editor, since 1990. Edited the last 12 films from the director Eduardo Coutinho, in a partnership since 1995 until his death in 2014 and many other film directors in Brazil. Worked as an editor in France in the years of 1993/94. Even though edits also features films and trailers, is very much specialized in documentaries.

JL´s Passion

20:30 HS / Sala Zavala Muniz

Carlos Nader / Brazil / 2015 / 82'


In January 1990, the artist José Leonilson starts registering an intimate journal. His views on events that shook Brazil permeate his confessions. The records of this artist in tune with modern life did not intend, at first, anything more than register the harmony that existed between his life and his peculiar and work. However, J.L. suffers the unexpected blow of the discovery that he himself is HIV positive.

Director: Carlos Nader / Producer: Kátia Nascimento / Flavio Botelho / Production company: Já Filmes S/S LTDA / Itaú Cultural

Country: Brazil / Year: 2015 / Duration: 82' / Format: Bluray

Awards and festivals:

Awards: Best Brazilian Feature or Medium-Length Film (Official Jury), É Tudo Verdade Festival, 2015 / Best Brazilian Feature or Medium-Length Film Brazilian Competition, ABRACCINE AWARD (Brazilian Association of Film Critics), É Tudo Verdade Festival, 2015 Festivals: É Tudo Verdade / It´s All True, 2015

After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Carlos Nader

Carlos Nader is a moving image essayist, intertwining different languages that range from classic documentary to visual art. Among his films are “Trovoada”, best short at Videokunstpreis (Germany, 1998), “Screen”, best short at the Havana Festival (Cuba, 2012), and Pan-Cinema Permanent, Everyman, Jl´s Passion, choosen best documentaries at It´s All True (São Paulo, 2008, 2014, 2015)