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The Forum of Latin American TV Channels is an initiative to make available information on different experiences in the development of legal frameworks to regulate television, and it is geared to programming to foster cultural integration in diversity.

Orlando Senna – Forum Moderator, President of TAL (Televisión América Latina)
Orlando Senna initiated and directed the TV Brazil project in 2007.
He was Secretary for Audiovisuals at the Ministry of Culture of Brazil (2003-2006).
He created and promoted DOCTV Iberoamérica, a collective initiative by Hispanic-American TV channels to produce documentaries. In the 1990s he was director of the cinema course at the Cinema and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He has an extensive filmography as script writer, director and producer.
His work includes the script for “Iremos a Beirut” (1998), he scripted and directed “Sabor a mí” (1992), he co-wrote “Ópera do malandro (1986)” jointly with Chico Buarque, and he has directed many other films including “Iracema, uma Transa Amazônica” (1981).