Tickets and venues

Find out how and where to see the films that are part of the programming of the Documentary Week 2018


Exhibitions Sala Zitarrosa: 150 UY $. You can buy the tickets on tickAntel or at the box-office.
Exhibitions Hall B Auditorium Nelly Goitiño, Zavala Muniz Teatro Solís, CCE: free admission

DocMontevideo Acreditees

Those accredited to the different DocMontevideo activities have free access to the Documentary Week exhibitions (*)
Accreditations: Documentary Seminar, Photography
LAB, Sound LAB, Realization LAB, Rough Cut Lab, Meetings, Documentary Pitching, Series Pitching and accredited to the CCE Workshop: The process of creating a documentary.

(*) Subject to availability of places.

The pickup of accreditations can be done from Friday, July 20 to Friday, July 27.
21 to 22 July, from 2:30 pm in Sala Zitarrosa
July 23 to 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Delmira Agustini Room of the Solís Theater


This year, the Documentary Week increases the number of rooms. With the Sala Zitarrosa as the main hall, we will also have functions in Sala B of the Nelly Goitiño Auditorium, Sala Zavala Muniz of the Solís Theater and the CCE Auditorium.

Sala ZItarrosa: Avda 18 de julio 1012

Sala B Nelly Goitiño Auditorio: Avda 18 de julio 930

Sala Zavala Muniz, Solís Theatre: Buenos Aires esquina Reconquista

CCE: Rincón 629

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