Documentary Week 2018 Schedule

July 20July 21July 22July 23July 24July 25July 26
The Prime of Life, Claudia Abend, Adriana Loeff (Uruguay). Sala Zitarrosa. 19:00 hs.Dawn, Carmen Torres (Colombia, Spain). Sala Zitarrosa. 15:00 hs.The Creator of Universes, Mercedes Dominioni (Uruguay). Sala Zitarrosa. 15:00 hs. Alberto García-Alix. The shadow line, Nicolás Combarro García (Spain). CCE. 19:00 hs. Tie your Plough to a Star, Carmen Guarini (Argentina). Sala Zitarrosa. 19:00 hs.Gambling, Gods and LSD, Peter Mettler (Canada, Switzerland). CCE. 20:15 hs. I still am, Javier Corcuera (PerU, SPAIN). Sala B, Nelly Goitiño Auditorium. 18:35 hs.
Heiress of the Wind, Gloria Carrión Fonseca (Nicaragua). Sala Zitarrosa. 21:15 hs.Baronesa, Juliana Antunes (Brazil). Sala Zitarrosa. 17:00 hs.The Best Thing You Can Do with Your Life, Zita Erffa (Mexico, Germany). Sala Zitarrosa. 17:00 hs.In the intense now/strong>, João Moreira Salles (Brazil). Sala Zavala Muniz. 20:00 hs.We the Stones, Álvaro Torres Crespo (Costa Rica, Mexico). Sala B Auditorio Nelly Goitiño. 19:30 hs.Theatre of War, Lola Arias (Argentina, Spain, Germany). Sala Zitarrosa. 19:00 hs.
Piripkura, Mariana Oliva, Renata Terra, Bruno Jorge (Brazil). Sala Zitarrosa. 20:00 hs.The Trial, Maria Augusta Ramos (Brazil, Germany, Netherlands). Sala Zitarrosa. 19:30 hs.Picture of Light, Peter Mettler (Canada, Switzerland). Sala B, Nelly Goitiño Auditorium. 20:30 hs.Elegy of a Crime, Cristiano Burlan (Brazil). Sala Zitarrosa. 21:00 hs.Case Study: Becoming animal, Peter Mettler, Emma Davie (Switzerland, United Kingdom). Sala Zitarrosa. 21:15 hs.
The Union, Lorena Giachino (Chile). Sala B Auditorio Nelly Goitiño. 21:30 hs.

Documentary Week is the exhibition space of DocMontevideo.
In 2018, 19 films were shown between July 20 and 26 in Sala Zitarrosa, Room B – Nelly Goitiño Auditorium, Solís Theater and CCE.

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