5 Aug

Story of my name

21:00 HS / Sala B


After a fire destructed my house, I return to the places where I grew up looking for childhood recollections. In this journey appears the memory of a photo for Karin Eitel, a young woman, tortured and detained during the dictatorship, to whom I owe my name. A story that my parents never told me, brings me closer to Karin. In the background, the memory of a childhood in Chile, a country that reconstructed its democracy omitting its own history.

Director: Karin Cuyul / Producer: Josephine Schroeder & Karin Cuyul, Dominga Sotomayor, Ana Alice de Morais / Production company: Cinestación, 3 Moinhos, Pequén Producciones / Executive production: Joséphine Schroeder, Ana Alice de Morais / Cinematography: Felipe Bello / Edition: Nicolás Tabilo / Sound: Roberto Collío / Music: Los Prehistöricos / International sales: Joséphine Schroeder - Pequén Producciones

Country: Chile, Brasil / Year: 2019 / Duration: 78'

Awards and festivals:

Awards: Special Mention, Bright Future Competition International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019. Festivals: Festival Internacional de Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


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