23 Jul

Picture of Light

20:30 HS / Sala B, Nelly Goitiño Auditorium


Picture of Light takes the approach of a poetical essay documenting the search for a natural wonder: the mysterious Aurora Borealis. Its incorporeal lights and colours pouring from the sky lure a small film team of six to Canada’s arctic. After strenuous and complicated technical preparations (among other things, the camera had to be protected against temperatures dropping to minus 40˚ Celsius) and with 50 pounds of batteries in their luggage, they set out on a 3000-mile train journey through practically uninhabited snowy landscapes to the end of the civilized world – Churchill, Manitoba.

Director: Peter Mettler / Producer: Andreas Züst, Peter Mettler, A. Gill / Production company: Grimthorpe Film Inc., Andreas Züst / Cinematography: Peter Mettler / Edition: Peter Mettler, Mike Munn / Sound: Leon Johnson, Gaston Kyriaz / Mix: Hans Kuenzi / Music: Jim O’Rourke

Country: Canada, Switzerland / Year: 1994 / Duration: 83'

Awards and festivals:

Best Film, Photography and Script. Hot Docs Toronto. LA Sarraz Prize. Festival of Locarno. Prize for the Excellence of the Arts. Ministry of Culture Switzerland. Excellence price. Yamagata International Documentary Festival, Japan. Exhibited in Rotterdam, Sydney, Locarno, Toronto, Hof, Sundance, Yamagata.

Free admission

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