23 Jul

In the intense now

20:00 HS / Zavala Muniz Room, Solís Theatre


Filmed after the discovery of film material recorded in China in 1966 during the early stages of the Cultural Revolution, “In the Intense Now” speaks of the ephemeral nature of the most intense moments. The scenes shot in that country are combined with archival images of the 1968 events in France, Czechoslovakia and Brazil. Maintaining the tradition of film rehearsal and narrated in the first person, in addition to reflecting on images, the documentary seeks to analyze who films them, why they do it and what their political context is. What can be said about Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro or Beijing looking at the images of that period?

Director: João Moreira Salles / Producer: João Moreira Salles / Production company: Videofilmes / Edition: Eduardo Escorel

Country: Brazil / Year: 2017 / Duration: 127´

Awards and festivals:

Best SCAM Film and Best Soundtrack at Cinéma du Réel Festival, Berlin Film Festival, BAFICI, É Tudo Verdade, EDOC Festival, DocAviv Film Festival


Free admission

After the exhibition, open dialog with:

João Moreira Salles

João Moreira Salles (Brazil) was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962. Founder of VideoFilmes, where he has produced and directed several documentaries that have been awarded worldwide, including “América” (1989), Blues (1990), Nelson Freire (2003), Entreatos (2004) and “Santiago” (2007), which was recognized as Best Film in Cinéma du Réel, Miami Film Festival and Alba Film Festival and Best Documentary of the Year by the Brazilian Film Academy. His last film “No intenso agora” (2017), was launched at Berlinale. Since 2006 he has published the monthly magazine ‘piauí’ which is devoted to long-form journalism.

Eduardo Escorel

Eduardo Escorel (Brazil). Director: “1937-45 Images of the Estado Novo” (2016); “Paulo Moura – Brazilian Soul” (2013); “The time and the place” (2012). Author: Adivinhadores de água (Water diviners, 2005). Academic coordinator and teacher of Fundação Getúlio Vargas’s MBA on Documentary Film; Film critic: Piauí magazine’s site; Editor: Terra em transe (1967), Cabra marcado para morrer (1984), Santiago (2006), No intenso agora (2017).

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