24 Jul

Elegy of a Crime

21:00 HS / Sala Zitarrosa


Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, February 24, 2011. Isabel Burlan da Silva, director’s mother, is murdered by her companion. “Elegy of a Crime” concludes the “Trilogy of Mourning”, that approaches the tragic story of the family. In front of impunity, the film immerses in a vertiginous journey to rebuild Isabel’s image and life.

Director: Cristiano Burlan / Producer: Henrique Zanoni, Cristiano Burlan / Production company: Bela Filmes / Executive production: Priscila Portella / Cinematography: Renato Maia, Henrique Zanoni / Edition: Renato Maia, Cristiano Burlan / Sound: Emily Hozokawa

Country: Brazil / Year: 2018 / Duration: 92' / Format: Digital

Awards and festivals:

Awards: ABD-SP Award – Best Documentary / EDT Award- Best Edition. Festivals: It’s All True – International Documentary Film Festival. The project took part in the DOCSP Lab.


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After the exhibition, open dialog with:

Cristiano Burlan

Cristiano Burlan (Brazil) is a film and theater director. In 2005, he founded the company Bela Filmes in São Paulo. Most of his filmography participated in important festivals, such as Havana Film Festival, Malaga Festival, It’s All True, among others. His documentary “Killed My Brother” was the winner of the “It’s All True 2013”, winning the award for the best film by the critics and jury.

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