For the sixth consecutive year Hospeda Cultura and DocMontevideo join forces to welcome foreign participants.

Hospeda Cultura is an initiative of Fora do Eixo and the Cono Sur Cultural Circuit that seeks, through the model of solidary accommodation, to enable the participation of artists and cultural actors in festivals, events, presentations, tours, etc., while promoting the cultural exchange of knowledge and experiences.




You can join this campaign and offer your home as a solidary lodging point to receive documentary filmmakers from all over Latin America who come to participate in the different activities of workshops, seminars, meetings and exhibitions of DocMontevideo.
DocMontevideo will take place between July 31 and August 9. The time of lodging of the participants varies according to the activity in which they participate, and will always be adjusted to your availability.

With your participation you will be helping the filmmakers to reduce the cost of their participation in DocMontevideo (and in many cases, to make it possible), and you will have the chance to share experiences with artists and professionals from the region.

Those who participate as hosts will receive two free passes for more than 15 films of La Semana del Documental, and can access a discount of 50% in the case you want to participate in the Documentary Seminar.

To participate, you only have to complete the Hospeda Cultura registration form.

If you are attending DocMontevideo and you are looking for Cultural Hosting, please complete this form.

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