Rough cut lab

Rough cut lab

ROUGH CUT LAB is an activity that takes place at DocMontevideo aimed to editors with the focus of reflecting on the assembly process and the role of editor, from the analysis of two documentaries in postproduction.


The editing workshop, Rough Cut Lab, its a training program for 2 documentary films in post-production and a maximum of 30 observer editors. The RCL 2019 will take place during DocMontevideo between 5th-7th August.

Applications for editors Here.

Mentor: Ana Pfaff

Ana Pfaff

Ana Pfaff (Barcelona). Editor, director and experimental filmmaker. Co-founder of the Dostopos project, a collective focused on the production of content that relates images and music in formats such as video clips or video projection, using the practice of found footage or animated collage. In her filmography as an editor are: Hamada (2018), Els dies que vindran (2018), Ainhoha: Yo no soy esa (2018), Con el viento (2017) Trinta Lumes (2017), Estiu:1993 (2017). Niñato (2016), Remine (2014). In fiction she has worked on projects such as La Inquilina directed by Mar Coll, Els tres porquets directed by Albert Serra and in advertising she has directed for brands such as Wallapop, ING Direct, Stradivarius or Pans & Company.

August 5th: Analysis of the 1st film

Time: 15:00 – 18:00 | Local: Sala B, Auditorio Nelly Goitiño.

Screening and analysis by Ana Pfaff.

August 6th : Master Class | Ana Pfaff

Time: 9:30 – 13:00 | Local: Sala Zavala Muniz, Teatro Solís.

August 6th: Analysis of the 1st film

Time: 15:00 – 18:00 | Local: Sala B, Auditorio Nelly Goitiño.

Screening and analysis by Ana Pfaff.

August 7th: Dialogue between editors

Time: 10:00 a 13:00 | Local: Centro Cultural de España.

Dialogue between Ana Pfaff and the editors participants of the RCL.

Applications Here.


2018 Selected Projects


by Alice Riff

Brazil / 80'

“Elections” is a documentary that follows public school students in their election process for representing the students at their school.

Director: Alice Riff / Producer: Heverton Lima / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alice Riff, Heverton Lima / Production companies: Studio Riff / Paideia Filmes / Country: Brazil / Duration: 80' / Format: HD

Awards and festivals:
- Edital Videocamp - Doc Impacto / DocSP


by Maria Silvia Esteve

Argentina / 106'

In a helpless attempt to reconstruct her mother’s life, Silvia’s daughter tries to give meaning to a story tainted with violence and denial, as she experiments with the blurry images of her parents and the inconsistent reminiscences of her sisters.

Director: Maria Silvia Esteve / Producer: Gonzalo Moreno, Maria Silvia Esteve / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Maria Silvia Esteve / Production company: Wabi-Sabi / Country: Argentina / Duration: 106'

Awards and festivals:
BAL -BAFICI 2017. DocLisboa Arché 2017. FIDBA DOCLAB: WIP 2017. FEMCINE8 - WIP. Coral Prize for Postproduction at the 39th Festival de La Habana. Walla Collective Award for the Best Work in Progress - Arché. Aural Award. Kiné Images Award. Assembly Advisory Award. FNA Award for the Best Argentine Project. Digital Sofa Distribution Award. Post-production Image Award, LaHaye Post. Sound Postproduction Award, Sonotambo.

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