Photography LAB

Two days to reflect on narrative, ethics, aesthetics and technique in the use of the camera in fiction and documentary films.



The photography workshop is a two-day program of activities aimed at professionals and advanced photography students, who seeks to reflect on the documentary narrative from the perspective of the camera, as well as to delve into the technical elements of photography work; dictated by the Brazilian Heloisa Passos. This space also seeks to promote the construction of international networks for professionals.

This LAB has the support of Musitelli

The inscriptions will be confirmed as they are received, within a period of 48 hours until reaching a maximum of 30 participants. People enrolled in the Photography LAB will have access to the Documentary Seminar and the Documentary Week screenings.

Costs: Advance registrations have a cost of USD150- and offer access to all seminars and screenings. In Uruguay, members of ASOPROD, CADU, EOU, GREMIO CINE, UTU, UDELAR, ECU, UM have a promotional cost of USD 100-. In case of companies with 3 or more participants or associations from other countries, please consult benefits with the organization. If you are already enrolled in the Documentary Seminar and do not participate in another workshop, registration is free. If you are already enrolled in another payed workshop of the DocMontevideo 2018, the registration for the PHOTOGRAPHY LAB has a cost of USD 50-.

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Heloisa Passos

Heloisa Passos (Brazil) is director, producer and award winning cinematographer. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. As DOP she has worked in several feature, shorts and tv programmes, such as “Viajo porque preciso, volto porque te amo”, “Cinco vezes Chico: o velho e sua gente”, “Mulher do pai”, “Como esquecer” or “Manda bala”. Her DOP work has been awarded in different festivals, including Excellence in Cinematography award at Sundance Film Festival for “Manda Bala”, Best Director of Photography at Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (2009 and 2016), Gramado Film Festivala (2002 and 2008) or Rainbow Film Festival (2011).  “Construindo Pontes”, her first feature film as director, premiered in IDFA 2017.



Hours: 9: 30-13: 00 | Venue: Zavala Muniz Room, Solís Theatre (Activity that is part of the program of the Documentary Seminar).

We started the photo lab thinking the documentary from the perspective of photography together with Heloisa Passos. Using sequences of films in which she worked as a photographer, cameraman and director, Heloisa will share experiences, reflections and discoveries in relation to film and the particular space occupied by the camera in the history, aesthetics and human relationships of a film.

“I took a few years to understand, or better assume, that the camera is the extension of my body. She observes, she hears, but she also agrees, she speaks, she welcomes, she struggles, she suffers, she enjoys. That’s the camera that came into me, that’s my camera, she breathes with me. ” – Heloisa Passos

A must-see session for all those who once had that feeling to be behind the lens.


Hours: 9: 30-13:00 14:30-18:00 | Venue: Aula 1, Cultural Center of Spain (restricted activity for a maximum of 30 participants registered to the workshop).

In this workshop, the elements of a digital camera, types of lenses, methods of exposure, color temperature will be addressed by the Brazilian director of photography. The use of the photometer, the spotmeter and the colorimeter. The waveform monitor: waveform and histogram.

Camera tests made on different films will be used with the Sony a7s II and the Arri Alexa Mini to exemplify questions about exposure, latitude and texture.

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