CCE workshop: Documentary Creation

Why approach a movie through real characters, photographs or memories? In some cases we have a valuable file, an interesting character, an event, an unrepeatable interview… but, how to build a story?

The process of creating a documentary film

by Javier Corcuera, director (PE)

The workshop imparts different forms and methods of work when facing a documentary film. From different experiences, we understand the processes from the original idea to the final cut of a film that works with reality.

An initiative by: Centro Cultural de España – Cooperación Española


Date: Saturday 28
Hours: 10: 30-13: 30 and 15: 00-18: 00 | Venue: Classroom 1 of the CCE
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Javier Corcuera

Javier Corcuera (Peru) made himself known with his first feature film “The Back of the World”, a film that gathers three stories about human rights violations in the US, Turkey and Peru. The film won the International Critics Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival. His latest film “Sigo Siendo” (kachkaniraqmi) won the Lima Film Festival and won eighteen international awards.

Course syllabus

What is the documentary?
Why tell a story from reality?
Types of documentaries / the creation documentary or non-fiction films
Fiction tools / documentary tools
The idea, the device to tell it
Freedom of gender / freedom of the author
The documentary producer / the fiction producer
The research and documentation work
With whom to work the documentation? With whom to face the script?
Pre-script interviews / character selection
The work with the characters / their incorporation into the script
The places / locations
Writing the script in the documentary / differences with fiction
How to approach a character?
Types of interviews / direction of an interview
The planning The unrepeatable sequences
Does the script disappear?
The viewings / the structure / the true writing of the script
The documentary editor / the fiction editor
The incorporation of new sequences / new shoots
The final assembly / the final version
How to know if it is the movie we wanted to make?
Documentary films do not end when they are finished.

Registrations and costs

The inscriptions to the course will be confirmed as they are received in a term of 48hrs until the quota is exhausted.
For people not accredited to DocMontevideo, the cost of the seminar is $ UY 1,000. The accreditation includes a subscription to see all the films of the Documentary Week.

Those accredited to the DocMontevideo who do not participate in any of the LABs, may request free entry for this course, making the request by e-mail to:
If you are already enrolled in another LAB of DocMontevideo, the extra cost for this course is USD25- if the payment is from abroad and $ UY750- if the payment is in Uruguay.

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