TAL network associates annual meeting

TAL network associates annual meeting

In 2010 the first meeting of the television channels that are members of the TAL network was held at DocMontevideo. The aim was to strengthen the network, present new lines of work and improve cooperation among these television channels. Since then there have been annual meetings at DocMontevideo. This event has become consolidated as a space for discussion and for setting up international co-production projects among the public cultural television channels in the network.

TAL profile

TAL Television Latin America is an association of more than 200 TV channels. The common link between all partners is seeking to strengthen the public interest television and the promotion of cultural, social and economic integration of Latin America. TAL develops cooperative actions such as exchange programs, production of new content, training of professionals tv.


Thursday 8th August  – 15:00 a 18:30 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

Friday 9th August – 9:30 a 13:00 | 15:00 a 18:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater


Thursday 8th August – 22:00 | Venue: Zavala Muniz, Solís Theater




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