TAL Awards

TAL Awards

The TAL Awards aim to recognize and promote excellence and quality in the production of content being made public and cultural television continent. The main objective of this action is to strengthen the link between broadcasters that make up our network and create a space that allows us to know and recognize, along with the Latin American audience what we are producing today.

TAL AWards

The TAL Awards are a gala awards for the best productions made by and cultural public television stations in Latin America. Its main objective is internationally position the work of Latin American channels and strengthen the bond of the same society.

2019 Ceremony

The ceremony will take place on the Thursday 8th of August at the Zavala Muniz Room of the Solís Theatre at 10pm.


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2018 Winners and Finalists

Best Documentary Series

Winner: Colombia Bio | Colciencias (Colombia)

Nuestra Lucha Libre (Our Wrestling)
| Canal 22 (Mexico)
Guardianes de la Lengua (Keepers of the Languaje) | Canal Encuentro (Argentina)
Instinto Natural (Natural Instinct) | DeporTV (Argentina)
Flow Importado, Ritmo Pegado (Imported Flow, Catchy Rhythm) | Telemedellin (Colombia)
Habitar Habitat  | Sesctv (Brazil)
Patrulla Médica (Medicine Patroll) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Oficios del fin del mundo (Jobs of the End of the World) | ConstruirTV (Argentina)

Best Documentary Feature

Winner: Mexicanos de bronce (Bronze Mexicans) | Canal 22 (Mexico)

Salsa, aguante y Rock N ́Roll. Superlitio 20 años (Salsa, “aguante” and Rock N Roll. Superlitio 20 years) | Canal Trece (Colombia)
Ciudades a contraluz (Backlit Cities) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Seiamake | Tele Caribe (Colombia)
Gilberto Mendes e a música nova (Gilberto Mendes and the New Music) | Sesctv (Brazil)

Best Fiction Series

Winner: Fábricas (Factories) | AbraTV – UNICEN (Argentina)

Melchor Ocampo. Una vida (Melchor Ocampo. A lifetime) | Canal 22 (Mexico)
Relatos de mujeres (Women’s Stories) | Canal Once (Mexico)
Déjala morir, Niña Emilia (Let it die, Niña Emilia) | Telecaribe (Colombia)
Entre o céu e a terra (Between Sky and Land) | TVBrasil (Brazil)

Best Fiction Film

Winner: 1817 – A revolução esquecida (1817 – The Forgotten Revolution) | TVEscola (Brazil)

Best Microprogram

Winner: Interferencias (Interferences) | Canal 22 (Mexico)

El periodincha (The Journalist/fan) | Deportv (Argentina)
Un relato de (A Story Of) | Telemedellin (Colombia)
Protagonistas (Protagonists) | TV Universidad (Argentina)
En foco – Especial Juan Pablo Zaramella (In focus – Juan Pablo Zaramella special) | CINE.AR (Argentina)

Best Content For Children

Winner: Meu Amigãozão (My good friend) | TV Brasil (Brazil)

Pichintún – Camilo, un niño ciego ( Pichintún – Camilo, a blind kid)
| CNTV (Chile)
Robotia | Pakapaka (Argentina)
Guillermina y Candelario (Guillermina and Candelario) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Amazon – Guerreiros da Amazônia (Amazon – Amazonian Warriors) | TV Escola (Brazil)

Best Youth Content

Winner: Misterios Submarinos (Underwater Misteries) | PakaPaka (Argentina)

Labels | Telepacífico (Colombia)
El amor en los tiempos del match (Love in the Time of Match) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Canal da História (History Channel) | Canal Futura (Brazil)
Susurro y altavoz (Whisper and Loudspeaker) | Canal Encuentro (Argentina)

BEST Content of Science and Technology

Winner: Fórmulas de Cambio (Change Formulas) | Colciencias (Colombia)

Científicos Todo Terreno (All Terrain Scientists)
| TECtv (Argentina)
Islas de México (Islands of Mexico) | Canal Once (Mexico)
Ciencia en esencia (Science in essence) | Canal IPe (Peru)
Expresso Futuro (Future Express) | Canal Futura (Brazil)

Best Educational Content

Winner: ¿Qué inventa? (What are you inventing?) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)

Mundo Hacker (Hacker World)
| Canal Trece (Colombia)
Canal da História (History Channel) | Canal Futura (Brazil)
1817 – A revolução esquecida (1817 – The Forgotten Revolution) | TV Escola (Brazil)
De Facto (In Fact) | AbraTV – UNICEN (Argentina)

Best Production of Social Relevance

Winner: De donde vengo yo (Where I Come From) | Telepacífico (Colombia)

Historias debidas (Due stories) | Encuentro (Argentina)
Diálogos Possíveis – Direitos Humanos e Criminalidade (Possible Dialogues – Human Rights and Criminality) | TV Assembleia de Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Memoria viva (Linving Memory) | TVEs (El Salvador)
Párpado (Eyelid) | TV Ciudad (Uruguay)

Best Production with a Latin American Perspective

Winner: En el nombre del pueblo (in the Name of the People) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)

Historias de Papel (Paper Stories) | AbraTV (Argentina)
Migrantes (Migrants) | Canal Encuentro (Argentina)
Embajadores del Pacífico (Pacific Ambassadors) | Telepacífico (Colombia)
Lo mágico de México (The Magic of Mexico) | Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes (Mexico)

Best Journalistic Content

Winner: Fractal | Canal Trece (Colombia)

Medio Ambiente. El combustible del capitalismo (Environment. The fuel of capitalism)
| teleSUR (Latin America and Caribe)
La Raíz Doble (The Double Root) | Canal 22 (Mexico)
Justicia y Justicia (Justice and Justice) | Canal Judicial (Mexico)
Toquin Tec | TECtv (Argentina)

Best Musical Content

Winner: La Tonga | Señal Colombia (Colombia)

Memoria Tropical (Tropical Memory)
| TV Ciudad (Uruguay)
Costa Rica Suena Así (Costa Rica Sounds Like This) | Canal Trece – Sinart (Costa Rica)
Encuentro en la Cúpula (Encuentro at the Dome) | Canal Encuentro (Argentina)
Nuestra Aventura Musical (Our Musical Adventure) | Canal 22 (Mexico)

Best Set Program (cultural, cooking, services, interviews, debate)

Winner: Los argumentistas (The argumentists) | Telepacífico (Colombia)

¿Qué ha pasado? (What Has Happened?)
| Telemedellín (Colombia)
Después vemos (We’ll See Later) | TV Ciudad (Uruguay)
#CALLE 11 | Canal Once (Mexico)
¡Música, maestro! (Music, maestro!) | Canal 22 (Mexico)

Best Transmedia Production

Winner: Chico na ilha dos Jurubebas (Chico on the island of Jurubebas) | TVEscola (Brazil)

Paseo de los reyes (Walk of the kings)
| TeleCaribe (Colombia)
Paciente (Patient) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
SiClistas (YesClists) | Telemedellín (Colombia)
Misterios de la historia (Misteries of History) | teleSUR (Latin America and Caribe)

Great Highlight: ideas that transform

Winner: CINE.AR PLAY – la plataforma VOD gratuita del INCAA y ARSAT (CINE.AR PLAY – INCAA and ARSAT’s free VOD platform) | CINE.AR (Argentina)

Mi Señal (My Signal) | Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Franja AFRO (AFRO Strip) | Telepacíco (Colombia)
Estação Plural (Plural Station) | TV Brasil (Brasil)
Festivales por la convivencia (Festivals for coexistence) | TV Ciudad (Uruguay)
Hora do Enem (Enem time) | TV Escola (Brasil)
Amate (Love yourself) | Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes (México)

The TAL Awards are co-organized by TAL and DocMontevideo.

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