TAL network associates annual meeting

In 2010 the first meeting of the television channels that are members of the TAL network was held at DocMontevideo. The aim was to strengthen the network, present new lines of work and improve cooperation among these television channels. Since then there have been annual meetings at DocMontevideo. This event has become consolidated as a space for discussion and for setting up international co-production projects among the public cultural television channels in the network.


TAL Awards

The TAL Awards aim to recognize and promote excellence and quality in the production of content being made public and cultural television continent. The main objective of this action is to strengthen the link between broadcasters that make up our network and create a space that allows us to know and recognize, along with the Latin American audience what we are producing today.


Event agenda

Networking at DocMontevideo. Relaxed spaces for meeting where participants can create and enhance opportunities for exchange and co-production in Latin America.

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