Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching

Documentary Pitching involves a training path for 12 participants with projects from Latin America. The aim is to boost their creative possibilities and provide opportunities for obtaining finance and positioning their products in the international market.

2018 Documentary Pitching selected projects


Arid Zone

by Fernanda Pessoa

Brazil, United States

Social Issues, Culture, Politics


How is it to live in US’ most conservative city? In 2001, Brazilian director Fernanda Pessoa was 15 years old and experienced being a foreign exchange student for one year in Mesa, Arizona, considered U.S.A’s most conservative city. 15 years later – and two months before Donald Trump’s election – she’s back to try to understand the conservative ideas regarding topics like the Mexican border, the cowboy lifestyle, religiosity and patriotism.

Director: Fernanda Pessoa / Producer: Antônio Junior / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Fernanda Pessoa / Production company: Grafo Audiovisual / Country: Brazil, United States / Genre: Social Issues, Culture, Politics / Duration: 79' / Format: Digital / Language: Portuguese, English

Awards and festivals:
Doculab CineConstruye - Guadalajara/Mexico (Cinecolor award)

Back Home

by Nisha Platzer

Canada, Brazil, Cuba

Creation Documentary


A sister follows her intuition, collecting stories of her brother through his community of close friends. With unique handmade film visuals, she finds healing in the process.

Director: Nisha Platzer / Producer: Matheus Mello / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Nisha Platzer / Production company: Melodious Image / Country: Canada, Brazil, Cuba / Genre: Creation Documentary / Duration: 70' / Format: HD, 4K, 16mm, Super8mm / Language: English

Awards and festivals:
- Nuevas Miradas, 2017- Cuba (pitching and networking platform) * IDFAcademy award to attend the IDFA festival in November 2018 and participate in the workshop and pitching. - Cineworks Film Society Pitch - Vancouver, 2017. - 'Lightpress' Grant - Interbay Cinema Society to scan 16mm files (value of $ 900 USD). - Pitching Workshop with Doug Blush (winner of the Academy Award) -DOC BC, Vancouver, 2018.

Foreign Soldier

by Pedro Rossi, José Joffily


Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues


Foreign Soldier brings the narrative of a single character lived by three different “actors”: Aspirant, Combatant and Veteran. Over them is the desire to be a warrior, to engage in an armed conflict. To the three of them we cast the same doubt: What leads a young man to leave his homeland and fight in wars that belong to people other than his own?

Director: Pedro Rossi, José Joffily / Producer: Isabel Joffily / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Isabel Joffily, Pedro Rossi, José Joffily / Production company: Coevos Filmes / Country: Brazil / Genre: Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues / Duration: 86' / Format: Digital / Language: Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Arabic, English

Awards and festivals:
FSA/ Ancine, Brazil


by Jose Felipe Varón


Social Issues, Culture, Creation Documentary


Yilmar is a young Afro-descendant boxer from Cali. Every day after practice,he leaves his gloves and becomes the gardener for the cementery of his neighborhood: Siloé, in Cali, where his alcoholic mother and sibilings live.Yilmar does not fear death, he fears defeat and oblivion His life unfolds between contrasts: on the one hand, the violence of the quadrilateral, on the other, the peace that evokes the atmosphere of the death of the cemetery.

Director: Jose Felipe Varón / Producer: Maria Paula Hernández / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Maria Paula Hernández, Jose Felipe Varón / Production company: Madlove S.A.S / Country: Colombia / Genre: Social Issues, Culture, Creation Documentary / Duration: 70' / Format: HD / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
• Project Incubator of the Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico, 2015). • MiradasDoc Market, Festival and Documentary Film Market of Guía de Isora (Spain, 2015). • BAQLAB, International Film Festival of Barranquilla (Colombia, 2016) - honorable mention for the work developed during the pitch.

Land of children

by Carolina Campo Lupo, Marcos Campo Lupo


Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues


Far from the city, in a small village, a group of children live under the care of an NGO. Their parents are not there, and their days move between games and talks, childhood discoveries and strategies to resist the challenges life puts in front of them. Rescuing a bird or cleaning their houses’ garden become a big odyssey to these heroes.

Director: Carolina Campo Lupo, Marcos Campo Lupo / Producer: Carolina Campo Lupo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Carolina Campo Lupo, Marcos Campo Lupo / Production company: Pájaro Dorado / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary, Human Rights, Social Issues / Duration: 80' / Format: 4K / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
Film Development Fund for development, FEFCA scholarship, FONA award for the production of documentary feature films and the Montevideo Filma fund for the start of filming. Documentary project development workshop of DocsBarcelona. Walden Residence. Pitching Looks Doc (Cannary Islands International Distribution Award).


One border season

by Ileana Dell'Unti


Creation Documentary, Biography


After fifteen years I came back to the border. I discovered I am a stranger in my homeland. I am lost, I’ve lost my origins. I need to find them, if I want to have a future. I’ve been told, that the present is the frontier between past and future, and rituals are the only way to hold it. I sense, present is where the answers are. One border season is a film made of rituals, a trip to my origins.

Director: Ileana Dell'Unti / Producer: Marcel Czombos / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Ileana Dell'Unti / Production company: Koldra / Country: Argentina / Genre: Creation Documentary, Biography / Duration: 65' / Format: HD / Language: Spanish. Guaraní. Yopará

Soul of the desert

by Mónica Taboada Tapia


Creation Documentary, Social Issues, Culture


This project is a character-driven feature film about Georgina, a member of the indigenous Colombian tribe called the Wayúu who is also a transgender. After decades of exile away from her homeland, she embarks on a journey back to find her family. Walking across the desert to find them, she meets members of the Wayúu people who the tribe’s challenges is caused by corruption in Colombia, Venezuela’s crisis and a coal mine stealing their water.

Director: Mónica Taboada Tapia / Producer: Mónica Taboada Tapia / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Mónica Taboada Tapia / Production company: Guerrero Films / Country: Colombia / Genre: Creation Documentary, Social Issues, Culture / Duration: 75' / Format: 4k / Language: Wayuunaiki, Spanish

Awards and festivals:
Selected by The New York Times Op-Docs, Pulitzer Center and Tribeca Film Institute International Pitch 2017 - Its interactive component 'Proyecto Ka'i' won the 2017 Mincultura Expanded Documentary Scholarship. - DocSP Market Selection. São Paulo, Brazil, 2017. -Project Selected by Good Pitch Colombia, Barranquilla, November 2017 and April 2018.


That breath

by Valentina Baracco


Creation Documentary, Social Issues


My grandfather Fernando, at the age of 88, wants us to make a film about him, and he asks for my help to make it happen. “That breath” is an intimate portrait of the relationship between a grandfather and a granddaughter, how they coexist and say goodbye, in the process of making this film which is a desperate attempt to catch time.

Director: Valentina Baracco / Producer: Andrés D'Avenia, Valentina Baracco y Eugenia Olascuaga / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Andrés D'Avenia, Valentina Baracco, Magdalena Schinca / Production company: Monarca Films / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary, Social Issues / Duration: 75' / Format: HD 1920x1080 25fps. / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
Cinema Developement Fund - production 2018 (ICAU), Montevideo Filma Fund - shooting start 2018 (Locaciones Montevideanas). Workshop Development of Projects with Cristian Pauls, AtlantiDoc 2015. Theoretical-practical Workshop of Realization with Naomi Kawase, Master's in Film-Essay of the EICTV San Antonio de los Baños, 2016. Seminar of Documentary Script with Ignacio Agüero, AtlantiDoc 2016. Impact Production Workshop, Paula Vaccaro, DocMontevideo 2017. SANFIC Industry 2017, V Santiago Lab, mentor Consuelo Castillo, 13º SANFIC (Chile). EAVE Puentes Workshop Uruguay 2017.


The borrowed dream

by Alicia Cano


Creation Documentary, Current Affairs, Biography

70' episodes

Esta es la historia de mi relación con un pueblo italiano, hoy devorado por un bosque, donde viven 14 personas. Es también la historia de la relación de mi abuelo con este lugar, que no pisó pero que conoce como la palma de su mano, y de algunos de los pobladores, que pasan sus días cuidando ovejas y visitando a sus muertos. Es una historia sobre el origen y sobre un sueño nuevo, nacido de un sueño prestado.

Director: Alicia Cano / Producer: Agustina Chiarino / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Alicia Cano / Production company: Mutante Cine / Country: Uruguay / Genre: Creation Documentary, Current Affairs, Biography / Episodes: 70' / Format: 4k / Language: Spanish, Italian

Awards and festivals:
ICAU Production Fund

The Clamp Game

by Magdalena Cernadas


Creation Documentary, Politics


As of the finding of films shot by my grandfather who was a military man family stories unknown to me until then came up.That personal research which started from the figure of my grandfather who was one of the three Commanders-in-Chief who started the coup d’etat in Argentina in 1966 led me to discover secrets and contradictions within my family group and at the same time illuminated the political context of which my family was irretrievably part

Director: Magdalena Cernadas / Producer: Paula Zyngierman / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Magdalena Cernadas / Production company: Maravillacine / Country: Argentina / Genre: Creation Documentary, Politics / Duration: 80' / Format: HD / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
FNA 2017 Creation Fund

The sky is red

by Francina Carbonell, Nicolás Tabilo


Social Issues, Politics, Human Rights


In 2010, there was a fire in one of the most overcrowded from Chile. 81 prisoners died locked. A machine processes the images from the judicial folder of the case. Far from objectiveness, the archives seem suspicious and meaningless. But there are other images that the machine can not even analyze; a dark labyrinthine world, full of towels, blankets and a noise that does not stop. What year are we? Who are these people? Where are they?

Director: Francina Carbonell, Nicolás Tabilo / Producer: Nicolás Tabilo / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Nicolás Tabilo, Francina Carbonell / Production company: Inventario Cine / Country: Chile / Genre: Social Issues, Politics, Human Rights / Duration: 80' / Format: 4K/ Mini DV / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
Audiovisual Fund of Chile, selection to SANFIC LAB, selection in CHILEDOC CONECTA (obtaining a director's pass to attend the IDFA Academy 2018), pre-selection by the DOHA Film Institute.

Things we shouldn´t do

by Bruno Santamaría


Social Issues, Youth, Human Rights


The island of El Roblito in Nayarit Mexico, surrounded by jungles and an open sea, appears to be inhabited only by children. El Roblito seems like a pure and idyllic place that lacks adult supervision – until the children’s actions slowly reveal signs of the adults’ repressive behavior and the negative influences that loom over their childhood.

Director: Bruno Santamaría / Producer: Bruno Santamaría / Commercial contact for DocMontevideo: Bruno Santamaría, Abril López / Production company: Ojo de Vaca Productora / Country: México / Genre: Social Issues, Youth, Human Rights / Duration: 75' / Format: 4k / Language: Spanish

Awards and festivals:
Scholarship to develop the FONCA project - Young creators (Mexico). Award for Project Development IMCINE (Mexico, 2016). Funds for production of the project: Fund for the Cinematographic Production of Quality - FOPROCINE (Mexico, 2017). Latin American Film Fund Tribeca (United States, 2018). Pitching workshops: DOCSMX (Mexico, 2017). Good Pitch Colombia. (Colombia, 2018)

The Documentary Pitching will take place during DocMontevideo 2019 from July 31st to August 9th.

The call is closed. The selected projects will be announced at the end of May.

Mentor: Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu

Marta Andreu (Spain) is the academic coordinator of DocMontevideo. In 2004 she founded Estudi Playtime in order to devote her time to producing creation documentaries. Her last production “Amanecer” was awarded as best Colombian film at FICCI. In 2017 she founded Walden a documentary training residence. In 2004-2005 she coordinated a Spanish documentary cinema retrospective for Cinéma du Réel. She analyses documentary scripts for the Centre de Desenvolupament Audiovisual.  She has a degree in audiovisual communication and a master’s in creation documentary from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

31 July to 3 August: Writing Workshop

Hours: 10:00 to 18:30 | Venue: CRA, Cultural Center of Spain

The aim of this workshop is to scrutinize and revise the proposals so each one will emerge in its best possible version. In these five days of immersion in writing there will ben an analysis of the narrative construction of each project and in-depth work on the relation between the materials that make them up and the impulse that determines what the writer wants to say.

4, 5 and 6 August: Training for Pitching

22 and 23 July | Hours: 10:00 to 18:30 | Venue: CRA, Cultural Center of Spain
24 July | Hours: 10:00 to 13:00 | Venue: CRA, Cultural Center of Spain
24 July | Hours: 14:30 to 18:00 | Venue: Zavala Muniz Room, Solís Theater

Prior to the Pitching, the participants will train their presentations under the guidance of the writing tutors so as to identify the key points of their projects and the best ways of putting them forward.

7 August: Documentary Pitching

Hours: 9:30 to 13:00 | Venue: Zavala Muniz Room, Solís Theater

Each of the 10 participants will have seven minutes to present his project to a panel of representatives from television channels and decision makers. The panel has seven minutes to give a response, raise doubts and ask questions.

8 August: Meetings with representatives from TV channels and decision makers

Hours: 9:30 to 13:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

Based on the Pitching, market meetings between the participants and the decision makers will be arranged.

9 August: Award ceremony

Hours: 20:00 | Venue: Delmira Agustini Room, Solís Theater

During the closing ceremony, the prizes for the projects in the Documentary Pitching will be awarded.


IDFA award for the most promising project: For the Director of the project. Support for the flight ticket up to € 900, 5 night of hotel, IDFA Forum pass (to assist the pitchings), IDFA Festival pass (to acces the film program), support of the festival for the activity schedule and meetings with decision makers. In the case that the producer attends IDFA, he or she will be offered with the IDFA Festival pass.
Winner: Things we shouldn´t do, by Bruno Santamaría

DokLeipzig Award: Selection of one project for DokLeipzig’s Co-production Meetings. Includes: Support of € 1.000 for travel expenses for the invited team, 4 hotel nights and acreditation.
Winner: The Clamp Game, by Magdalena Cernadas

DOCSMX Award: Selection of one project for the DOCSMX 2018 Pitching  (includes hotel and acreditation).
Winner: Land of children, by Carolina Campo Lupo and Marcos Campo Lupo

MiradasDoc Award: Selection of one project for the MiradasDoc Pitching at Canary Islands (includes hotel, acreditation and 500 € support for the flight ticket).
Winner: Soul of the desert, by Mónica Taboada Tapia

WEMW Award: When East Meets West will offer to one project representative industry accreditation and 4 night accommodation in Trieste. The invited producer or director will have the chance to attend the full WEMW programme, meet key European decision makers and network with more than 450 film professionals from more than 40 different countries.
Winner:The borrowed dream, by Alicia Cano

ChileDoc Conecta Award: Accreditation for the third international documentary industry meeting ChileDoc Conecta; selection in the industry activities of the event; and a grant of USD 400 to support the purchase of tickets, accommodation or food for the representative.
Winner: Arid Zone, by Fernanda Pessoa

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